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Morley Martin Biogenesis

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Spontaneous Generation see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spontaneous_generation
Biogenesis see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biogenesis
Abiogenesis see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenesis

and the Experiments of Dr. Charles W. Littlefield & Wilhelm Reich

rexresearch.com: To the great consternation of the scientific world, Morley Martin succeeded in creating organic life forms in inert Precambrian azoic rock! He proved that there is no death, only latency, and that life is not special to this planet but is a spontaneous universal phenomenon. Dr. Littlefield demonstrated life-forming activity in the mineral realm, with life actually emerging from ‘dead’ rock! While crystallizing inorganic substances, he described many organic forms imprinted into ‘inert’ substances. Includes documentation on Andrew Crosse’s extraordinary experiments where spider-like insects were created from ‘inert’ volcanic pumice, after being treated with galvanic currents. Learn of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s ground-breaking bion experiments — the creation of living, pulsating energy from heat-sterilized substances! Also contains a brief description of disease diagnosis through crystallized blood spots.
Read it all at: http://www.rexresearch.com/martin/martin.htm

The Morley Martin Experiments

Ivan_T._SandersonBiologist-geologist [writer] Ivan T. Sanderson was among the scientists interested in ufology who believe that before we seek to understand extraterrestrial life, we should try and better understand terrestrial life. That modern science is woefully derelict in this sphere, is evident from the incident he cites on page 99 of Uninvited Visitors:
“A scientist in Germany was assigned after World War II to make certain surveys of the deep salt mines in Bavaria, where the Nazis had stashed art and other treasures that they had plundered from museums and collections all over Europe. This man, a biologist in its widest sense, happened to become interested in the salt itself, which was laid down under some overwarm sea about 200 million years ago. He took samples and analyzed them, and one of the things that startled him was that living things turned up in the resultant solutions. Naturally, he assumed that these were the product of contamination during the taking of the samples, or later in his laboratory, since all air is choked with such living things as spores and bacteria.

“However, he refined his techniques with every conceivable precaution, and still the living things appeared, until finally he was forced to the conclusion that they were resuscitated generations of creatures that had lived in the ancient sea and become fossilized along with the salt, to rest for millions of years before being ‘brought back to life.’ This bizarre experiment was subsequently tested by others, starting from scratch and using both their own and the original methods. Always the same answer.” Uninvited Visitors Ivan T. Sanderson

Limestone and subterranean salt, oil, coal and slate deposits are all produced out of living processes. Then why not the totality of the matter of which the earth itself consists? To the objection that azoic rocks have never been found to contain fossils, there is the work of British biochemist Morley Martin as an answer. Under conditions of total sterility he proved in the 1930s that animal forms exist in and can be awakened from azoic rocks. Such devastating findings wreak havoc upon the neurotic security of those whose whole world conception rests upon the opposite. Like Steiner, Reich, Drown, Abrams, Velikovsky and other genuine scientists, Morley Martin has been the victim of obscurantism.

Recognizing the epoch-making nature of Morley Martin’s discoveries, the late Meade Layne compiled an introductory brochure on the English biochemist’s work, and published it in July 1950 under the imprimatur of Borderland Sciences Research Association. It was entitled The Morley Martin Experiments and the Experiments of Dr. Charles w. Littlefield.

Morley Martin, by a series of manipulations in total sterility, caused to emerge in microscopic miniature, vertebrate forms such as we know, together with others which no longer exist. Morley Martin’s vigorous condensations and chemical transmutations reproduced these creatures, in his own words, “in the way they probably came out from the fire-mist or the gas of our nebula.” Under the microscope, trusted witnesses reported seeing vertebrates take shape within the protoplasm, with the outlines of limbs and claws following, then the heads and eyes. One crustacean developed its legs and then walked off the field of the microscope.

When Morley Martin died in 1938, he had published only one small brochure, The Reincarnation of Animal and Plant Life from Protoplasm Isolated from the Mineral Kingdom, which appeared in 1934. Renown awaits the enterprising young biochemist who treads this same pathway today, for the lesson of all such work as Morley Martin’s experiments, those of Dr. Littlefield and the earlier Andrew Crosse is that the opposite of life is not death, but latency. Biogenesis is not the mystery that obscurantist high priests of official science would have their fellow humans believe.

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Dr. Charles W. Littlefield
Thanks to: http://www.keelynet.com/news/070113b.html

Charles Wentworth Littlefield



Saline for the Cure

kookscience.com: “I can bring the dead back to life.”

“DISCOVERS THE SECRET OF LIFE: Indiana Physician Asserts It is Volatile Magnetism, Which Exists in the Air.”, Boston Daily Globe (Boston, Mass.): 9, 29 September 1902
“SAYS DEAD MAY LIVE – Amazing Claims of an Indiana Physician – HE OFFERS PROOF OF HIS THEORY”, Nashua Telegraph (Nashua, New Hampshire): 7, 11 October 1902
“BRINGS DEAD TO LIFE – An American Doctor’s Claim – Dr. Littlefield of Virginia claims to have discovered a Saline Powder Which Quickly Restores Animation”, Christchurch Star (Christchurch, New Zealand) (7541): 4, 25 October 1902
“Brings Dead to Life: A WONDERFUL SALINE POWDER”, Bruce Herald (Bruce, New Zealand) 39 (93), 2 December 1902
Doctor Discovers Secret of Life and Death, weirdlectures.com — orig. 1902, source unnamed

Archebiosis by Design

[Archebiosis: The origination of living matter from non-living. See Abiogenesis.] https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Archebiosis

“Ammonia, alcohol, and distilled water added to a quantity of salt…”

A selection of newspaper reports on Littlefield’s claims to have created life in his laboratory:

“INDIANA DOCTOR HAS CREATED LIFE? – With a Combination of Salt, Water, Alcohol and Ammonia He Has Developed Germs.”, The Day (New London, Connecticut): 1, 25 July 1903
“The Secret of Life”, Ohinemuri Gazette (Ohinemuri, New Zealand) (1170): 2, 23 November 1903
“MAKES CRAB IN LABORATORY – Scientist Says He Has Also Produced Fish From Minerals—All Very Small”, Stillwater County Democrat (Stillwater, Montana), 29 August 1914

A more critical survey of the claims:

Tingley, Charles Edward (30 September 1905), “Littlefield and the Artificial Creation of Life”, Scientific American 93 (13): 263

Subject: Resurrection salt Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:27 pm

It seems that some very brilliant scientist replicated the stone artificially and managed to revive the dead with it.

It’s very curious that his medicine was multiplied in potency by simply diluting it in water and recrystallizing it multiple times. This is a VERY good sign for the the morning dew sea salt path,especially the quick path done by repeated distillation. bounce

PostSubject: Re: Resurrection salt Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:24 pm
Here is the link of his book: http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uc1.$b29072;view=1up;seq=107

Im especially interested in his other work – 12 revitalized salts.
If you noticed most of his writings are psychographed. Passed down from higher intelligence.

There is a company hat sells desalinized sea water (-NaCl). It contains 103 minerals + gold and precious metals. It gives strength and makes your nails grow fast. Concentrating it to obtain the salts would give the perfect matertia prima (rather pricy) to mix with gold. The process is secret but it may be done by an osmosis coumn – essential piece of equipment on ocean journeys…
I looked into all that I can find about Mr. Littlefield – not only that he brought dead animals back to life but he also created organisms like crabs in his lab. Salt+EtOH+NH3. However the revitalized salts are recrystalized many times – depending on their kabbalistic value. A remearkable character!

The Digging Dog

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