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Books and Docs PDF Free Anonymous Download

GEET dynamic fuel exhaust recycling device

Heribert Illig’s Theory of Missing History 614–911

Big Bang Hubble Fix

A Jurassic Lack of Imagination

Electron Gone update 2

Extinction Rebellion

European Defence Union – never a mention by UK media?

Books and Docs PDF Download
Downloads for your tablet always being updated as books and docs become available

State Crime by Proxy

5G History and Mystery

Prescription Drugs Ineffective and Dangerous

Arctic Meltdown-1817
Arctic ice was melting in 1817

The Transistor: who really invented it?

The Torture of Julian Assange

NHS – RIP: Price List for NHS Treatments
We didn’t see this one coming.

Motionless Free Energy – Transformers PDF
Transformers waste energy – is this the answer? Maybe

“Eric Dollard is crazy”?
Poor old Eric never gets any peace.

How J.P. Morgan Destroyed Nikola Tesla!
Not 100% about this one.

The Electric Telegraph and Telluric Energy
I started this page in 2018 but there have been so many additions in 2019 that I decided to include it here. It has history and ideas found nowhere else. A project under construction.

Nuclear Hoax:Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate

Electron Frequency
For some time now I’ve been asking people who should know “what is the frequency of an electron”? What follows is information I’ve found online connected hopefully to an answer…

Loose Contact Devices
A completely new way of looking at the evolution of our technology. The neglected and largely unknown first radio transmissions, the coherer-wireless detector, technology that became the crystal diode the transistor even the memristor and much more. They are all interconnected and no one noticed.
You don’t get stuff like this at college.

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