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Aether Breakthroughs of Dr. N.A. Kozyrev
Kozyrev made a study of time, thought to be impossible by mainstream.

GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World
Suppression of inventions

Debunked Science:
Phrenology and the new Conservative character divination

Energy Suppression: Nuclear
It appears that even in the nuclear sphere we have been robbed of the best alternative for energy production. Again an example of the conspiracy to perpetuate the use of fossil fuel for wealth and power.

The case against science is that it’s untrue
Read what the editors of science journals have to say.

Loose Contact Devices
The neglected and mostly unknown first radio transmissions, the coherer-wireless detector technology that became the transistor and much else. Everything is connected. You don’t get this at college.

Venusian Weapon of Scientific Slaying
The rise of Carl Sagan, the invention of climate change and the martyrdom of Immanuel Velikovsky – scientific antisemitism, astronomers become insane – it’s all here – just one small bit of the history of “The Velikovsky Affair” that changed science for ever.

Walter Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator
Russell is hard going, but once you start to get your head around what he is saying it all starts to become clear. What electricity is all about, Tesla said his work should be locked away for a thousand years until mankind is able to understand it.

Jupiter: Rings NASA and Remote Viewing
Remote viewers (including myself) were there before NASA

Electron: 1 – Questions that need answers
I have included this page because although it’s old, it has been updated more times than any other. Maybe you have some answers?

What is a particle?
I thought maybe someone would like to know?

Electron: 4 – Quantum Electronics
Electronics before the electron – all of our modern electronics are developments of technology that existed before the discovery of the electron – you may be surprised.

Eclipses anomalies and…
About, more or less, how science becomes confused when it comes to multidisciplinary subjects.

Just some of numerous non-polluting free energy devices that science says are impossible.

Computers 5: Quantum Computing
Or, how to make a quantum computer without actually making a quantum computer.

How science is trying to kill us all whilst omitting the phrase “killing them”.

Electrical Fortean Phenomena

Forbidden Science: Konstantin Meyl and Nikola Tesla
Konstantin Meyl is one of a handful of researchers who is able to duplicate the work of Nikola Tesla. This in fact is not true as mobile phones emit Tesla’s longitudinal waves that science continues to tell us is impossible and that Tesla was a madman. Confusing?

I know that ghosts are real because I saw one and I had a perfectly normal conversation with another.

Isaac Newton: Rail Guns and Three Laws of Motion
Newton’s laws are just theories and they are 300+ years old.

Isaac Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation
Reblogged from Malagabay

Patents Grab Disappearance Murder
There is no shortage of new good ideas, it’s just that governments keep suppressing them.

Physics: Aristotle’s Logical Fallacy of Affirming the Consequent
Confirming an assumption by observing a consequence of the assumption.

Relativity Debunking: The Wrecking Ball?
It may turn out that the wrecking ball is as hard to swing as was Einstein’s relativity.

Royal Raymond Rife under the Microscope and WikiLies
Like a string of other geniuses, Rife was stitched-up to suppress his work.

Space Tourism and Radiation
Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate

Spontaneous Life: 1 Andrew Crosse and Acari
This page and the following two are about people who did research into High Strangeness.

Spontaneous Life: 2 Morley Martin

Spontaneous Life: 3 Dr. Charles W. Littlefield Resurrection

The Impossible Dinosaurs – Megafauna and Attenuated Gravity
Dates back to the early days of the Internet and adds credence to what many are saying today – that life on Earth originated elsewhere or it may be due to an expanding Earth.

The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom
Reblogged from Jon Rappoport

UFO Documentary
You may not have seen this one?

UK State Crime By Proxy: Corporate Influence on State Sanctioned Social Harm
Reblogged UK politics

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