Patents Grab Disappearance Murder

UK keeps three times as many patents secret as the US


UK patents are being declared state secrets more than three times as often as those filed in the US, according to information released to New Scientist.

secret patents

An average of nine secrecy orders were imposed for every 10,000 patents filed in the UK since 2003, compared with less than three per 10,000 filed in the US, figures released for the first time by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) reveal.

The difference is surprising because the US government spends far more of its overall R&D budget on military research than does the UK. In 2009, the Pentagon spent $80 billion (0.16 per cent of GDP), or 57 per cent of the US public research budget, on defence R&D – against the Ministry of Defence’s $3.4 billion (0.56 per cent of GDP), or 9 per cent of overall UK R&D funding.
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Full patent data released by UK IPO (online spreadsheet)
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dissapearPlasma Battery Inventors Disappearing Regularly
Alternative Energy

I received this from an MIT alumni of mine and since I personally met Gene Mallove, I have to take this quite seriously. I hope you do too.

In 1998 an American named Stanley Meyer, (probably Ohio’s most famous inventor) was poisoned and died clutching his throat outside a restaurant in his hometown of Grove City just moments after he jumped up from the table and shouted “They’ve poisoned me – I am going to die!” Stan had invented and demonstrated many times for the media and hundreds of people, his now-famous dune buggy with an internal combustion engine that ran only on water. Stan had found a practical and cheap way to produce hydrogen on demand. He was offered millions by Arab investors (well-documented) and
declined their offers. The Pentagon had officials meet with Meyer and there were agreements made to fund a research and production facility. Within two months however, Stan was dead at age 45.
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$500,000 Reward Offered For Exact Whereabouts of Dimitri Petronov – Russian Plasma Battery Inventordimitri
Russian scientist has been missing almost a year. His friends and family fear the worst after he demonstrated a battery that powered his entire house for more than a year without a single recharge.
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