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In this country all a man need to do is to attain a little eminence and immediately he begins to talk. Usually his eminence is financial, and the greater this eminence the more he talks and the further his voice reaches. I don’t blame the rich people for talking; many of them don’t know what else to do with themselves. The fault is with these who listen. If no one would listen no harm would he done. But the American people are willing to listen to any one who has attained prominence. The main fact is that we’ve heard a man’s name a great many times; that makes us ready to accept whatever he says. … We listen to the one who talks the most and loudest. — Charles Proteus Steinmetz

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Tesla radio astronomy
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ImprimirI would not be so irritated by the Tesla debunkers, the history revisers and pseudo-sceptic debunkers if they did a little genuine research. I mean real research where they take a look at what was said at the time rather than using second and third hand revisions. One of the leading exponents of this twaddle seems to be Thomas H White, his name appears at the bottom of all Wiki pages on the subject of radio/wireless as a reference; he is a major source for the debunkers and sceptics. The old chestnut ‘who invented radio’ raises its head and can be easily put to rest by Googling “four tuned circuits” a Tesla patent used in every transmitter and receiver for the past hundred + years.

Tesla’s tuned circuits: Editor, Electrical Experimenter, May 1919 “The limited activity of pure Hertz wave transmission and reception is here clearly explained, besides showing definitely that in spite of themselves, the radio engineers of today are employing the original Tesla tuned oscillatory system.” It’s all about tuning and resonance.
A Marconi coherer circuit for transmitter and receiver that is tuned by Nikola Tesla’s patented “Four Tuned Circuits” The 1943 court case said: “Tesla thus anticipated the following features of the Marconi patent: A charging circuit in the transmitter for causing oscillations of the desired frequency, coupled, through a transformer, with the open antenna circuit, and the synchronization of the two circuits by the proper disposition of the inductance in either the closed or the antenna circuit or both. By this and the added disclosure of the two (tuned)-circuit arrangement in the receiver with similar adjustment, he (Tesla) anticipated the four circuit tuned combination of Marconi.


If we go to we read: However, the heart of radio transmission is based upon four tuned circuits (two) for transmitting and (two) receiving. It is Tesla’s original concept demonstrated in his famous lecture at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in 1893. The four circuits, used in two pairs, are still a fundamental part of all radio and television equipment. “Questions to T H White: Shouldn’t Nikola Tesla be considered the “inventor of radio”, given that in 1943 the United States Supreme Court overturned all of Guglielmo Marconi’s patents and proclaimed Tesla “the true inventor”?
White says: Gut Reaction: Are you joking??? In no way, shape or form can this guy be considered the “inventor of radio”. Furthermore, contrary to what you might have read, the U.S. Supreme Court never said that he was — not in 1943, not in any other year. If fact, if anything Tesla’s “contribution” was to confuse and slow radio development, due to his misunderstanding of the physics involved. Fortunately, at the time few people were listening to his misguided and exaggerated “true wireless” ramblings.”

This is the straw man manoeuvre where White misdirects the questioner with something that no one has ever claimed. The court case was not about who invented radio but about Marconi’s theft of Tesla’s patents and those of other researchers. Tesla’s four-tuned circuits (two coils on the receiving side and two on the transmitting side), secured by U.S. patents #645,576 and #649,621) were the basis of the U.S. Supreme Court decision (Case #369 decided June 21, 1943), they overturned Marconi’s basic patent on the invention of radio. See Wireless/Radio Skulduggery

Cornell-law-schoolWhat does Cornell University Law School have to say about the case?:
“Tesla thus anticipated the following features of the Marconi patent: A charging circuit in the transmitter for causing oscillations of the desired frequency, coupled, through a transformer, with the open antenna circuit, and the synchronization of the two circuits by the proper disposition of the inductance in either the closed or the antenna circuit or both. By this and the added disclosure of the two (tuned)-circuit arrangement in the receiver with similar adjustment, he (Tesla) anticipated the four circuit tuned combination of Marconi. A feature of the Marconi combination not shown by Tesla was the use of a variable inductance as a means of adjusting the tuning the antenna circuit of transmitter and receiver. This was developed by Lodge after Tesla’s patent but before the Marconi patent in suit…”

At Thomas H White’s webpage: titled ‘Alternator-Transmitter Development (1891-1922)’ there is not a mention of Nikola Tesla and his work is given-over to others. However the tells us on its ‘Fessenden and the Early History of Radio Science’ page: “As early as 1890, Tesla built high-frequency alternating current (AC) generators. One, which had 384 poles, produced a 10 kHz output. He later produced frequencies as high as 20 kHz.”
It took me about five minutes to find the, unmentioned by White, Tesla’s 1891 patent US 447921 A, ‘alternating electric current generator’ where Tesla says: “I have recognized and demonstrated in practice that it is of great advantage, on many accounts, to employ in such systems generators capable of producing a very much greater number of alternations per second-say fifteen thousand per second or many more.” White then tells us: “In fact, if anything Tesla’s “contribution” was to confuse and slow radio development, due to his misunderstanding of the physics involved.”
I am driven to ask, where does White do his research and why do Wiki editors use his information?

Tesla was not a supporter of J.J. Thomson’s electron and said so, even though it is today claimed that the electron is the source of all electrical technology; the true historical situation is something of the reverse.

Charles P Steinmetz

Another dissenter was Charles P Steinmetz, known as the engineering wizard in GE’s engineering community  and who, according to Wiki was the best thing since sliced bread. He was a contemporary of Tesla and like Tesla said he did not believe that the electron existed; he said it was a childish idea.
As did, amazingly, J.J. Thomson himself, who is described as the discoverer of the electron. They and others believed that electric current traveled in fields outside of the conductor and that electrons were not the cause of electric current. Now, if we look at the Wiki page ‘Speed of electricity’ it says virtually the same thing as Tesla et al, we find: Wiki: “Because of collisions between electrons and atoms, the drift velocity of electrons in a conductor is on the order of *millimetres per second*. However, the speed at which a change of current at one point in the material causes changes in currents in other parts of the material, the velocity of propagation, is typically about 75% of light speed.[122] This occurs because electrical signals propagate as a *wave*, with the velocity dependent on the dielectric constant of the material.”
This has since been changed and now it says: The electric field starts at the conductor, and propagates through space at the velocity of light (which depends on the material it is traveling through).

in college they teach you why things can’t be done. I never went to college, so I do it.             –Charles Proteus Steinmetz

We have the top electronics men of the day denying the electron? If we go to we find, cited from Lord Rayleigh, The Life of Sir J. J. Thomson (1943), p. 199.
“The electron: may it never be of any use to anybody!”
A popular toast or slogan at J. J. Thompson’s Cavendish Laboratory in the first years of the 1900s, as quoted in Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Volume 35 (1951), p. 251.

We are now driven to ask why the claimed discoverer of the electron would make such a toast if the electron was so important to electronics? The answer is that our electronic technology was well established and understood, although in its infancy, well before the discovery of the electron – it was not a requirement. What we have today is a minaturised version of the original. Further, the discovery of the electron has done nothing to advance electronics in the years since. The electron was used solely and exclusively to construct the new science of particle physics. Physicists have no interest in technology.


The academics would have us believe that electrons are like the usual tired old billiard balls in a tube and a push at one end gives an instantaneous push on the ball at the other end. But electrons are not balls and they are not in a tube. They are not in a line as academics like to think of things – linear. They don’t touch each other as we are told as they possess a negative charge that repels other electrons.

We are bound to ask what it was that was streaming through JJ Thomson’s famous cathode ray tube? It certainly was not electrons as he himself remarked. He said the effect was due to gas in the tube. But later when vacuum tubes were in full production it transpired that they were much more efficient with a hard vacuum and so it was not the gas. We see that Tesla, Stienmetz and Thomson’s objections are still valid and unresolved to this day and this is why T H White and physicists in general are driven to lie about Nikola Tesla. See Television History

The whole mass of any body is just the mass of ether surrounding the body which is carried along by the Faraday tubes associated with the atoms of the body. In fact, all mass is mass of the ether; all momentum, momentum of the ether; and all kinetic energy, kinetic energy of the ether, This view, it should be said, requires the density of the ether to be immensely greater than that of any known substance.
Joseph John Thomson

For even more info on this subject see tv_pioneers

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    1. Hi Partha
      I can’t find anything wrong with that.
      I’m surprised that Quora allowed you to put it on their website. I stopped using Quora long ago because they were attacking my operating system, so you can see why I’m surprised. What I do think is that they don’t understand it and treat it as science.
      I’ve made a copy if that’s OK.


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        Latest News.
        Quora collapsed my answer, as asking to reformat. As expected
        I couldn’t have put my answer any better than this. All the images I drawn myself for clarity.
        So it’s dominated by academia brainwashed.


      2. Sorry to hear that Partha
        If you want a copy?
        As I recall my “Moon in their Eyes” did quite well on Quora. Is it still there?
        There was some kind of twisted system they used. If enough people banded together they could put you at the bottom of the page.
        After I stopped using Quora they Emailed me and had the cheek to ask me to come back.
        Get yourself a website and be your own boss.
        I’ve been looking at setting-up a server. I got all the bits and pieces together and then thought about the hard work, as I’ve never done it before. It’s Ubuntu 18.04 Server Edition.
        Anyway good luck


  1. Please send me the link about “Moon in their Eyes”. I couldn’t find anything like that on Quora.

    Nice to hear about your server. So your websites is being hosted on your own server?


    1. It may be on my own server when I get around to loading it. I have to be in the right mood for something like that.
      You have a good day.
      I hope you build a magnifying transmitter and supply all of India? with cheap electricity. Once it’s out of the bag no one can put it back.


      1. .
        I am more interested in experiment stuff like TMT and other unexplored fields of electricity. I don;t have resources to supply electricity to whole India, neither any government will agree upon this. I need to brush up my electrical theories more with experiments. Once I get something working and engineerable, I will put it in internet for free at multiple places. Let it go viral. Let the skeptics and physicists chew the crap out of it.


    1. Hi again Partha and thanks for searching.
      Yes that’s the one it had a lot of hits and it seems they never took it down. I wanted the references so thanks again.

      The following page may be interesting to you if you haven’t already read it, it certainly interested me:
      I think it was an American student who wrote something similar but he’s the only one I could find. You can find his paper on my “books and docs PDF” page. I found him when I was about half way through writing the page.


  2. Physicists often scold criticize Tesla for being a poor theoretician and mathematicians.

    Well I wan to ask for you opinion that was Tesla really so poor in Mathematics?


  3. Anothoer misguiding article I found claiming Radiant Energy is “energy in the form of electromagnetic waves”.
    This is how physicist apply slow poison.

    Radiant energy is from aether and is longitudinal. They are produced using DC impulses.

    Seems academia connects everything to EM waves as for them wireless is married to EM.

    Eric Dollard recently demonstrated TMT with 20:1 scaled down version. It doesn’t emit any EM radiation.
    These physicists will continue to chew EM for everything. That’s why 5G has arrived now to kill.


    1. “Maxwell’s work in electromagnetism became known as the “second great unification in physics,” after Isaac Newton‘s unification of terrestrial and celestial mechanics, as Maxwell’s equations demonstrated that electricity, magnetism, and light are all manifestations of the electromagnetic field.”

      These people don’t even use Maxwell’s theory they use Heaviside’s.
      “In 1879, David Edward Hughes discovered that a telephone receiver connected to a microphone of his design would generate a signal wirelessly if a spark was generated. Using more rigorous scientific techniques than Hughes, Heinrich Hertz verified Maxwell’s theory experimentally between 1886 and 1888.”
      David Hughes was debunked by members of the Royal Society no less because they did not understand what was being transmitted; nothing changes.
      Heinrich Hertz did not verify Maxwell’s work and it was Tesla who told him so.


  4. <>

    Well what do White meant by misunderstanding of physics by Tesla? I see such lines many times bout Tesla.


    1. He was talking about “modern physics” versus 19th century physics. What White does not say is that all our electrical technology is based on 19th century physics. Modern physics from Einstein to quantum is not engineerable and therefore pretty useless to anyone but a physicist.


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