Large Hadron Collider Scam

con-CERN has a bronze of Shiva the Lord of the Dance, dancing on ignorance.

Just like all the particle accelerators that preceded it the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a development of the cathode ray tube. The cathode ray tube was originally developed by William Crookes, an amateur physicist and occultist. He was building on the ideas of another amateur physicist named Michael Faraday. see Cathode Ray Tube  Not long after Crookes achievements the cathode ray tube or as it was called, the Crookes Tube and all the prior development was consigned to physicist J.J.  Thomson et al. who used it to ‘invent’ the electron and particle physics. Electron Particles were a whim of the extreme  idealistic materialism of particle physicists. It’s much easier for someone who has these ideals ‘imposed’, to work with billiard balls than it is with waves and fields. And so it was that the hugely technologically successful wave and aether theories of the previous generations of researchers had to go and make way for the technologically sterile billiard balls and marbles. It eventually became evident that these so called particles were in fact waves produced by fields and so physicists agreed on a duality compromise, a particle/wave nature for particles.  Science later decided to stick to the billiard ball anyway and the accelerator path and developed ever lager accelerators culminating in the LHC. The latest consensus on particles is any of the above that fits the math.

It’s just history repeating itself: “And Eddington recalled that as the meeting was dispersing, Ludwig Silberstei (the author of one of the early books on relativity), came up to him and said,’ Professor Eddington, you must be one of three persons in the world who understands general relativity’. On Eddington demuring to this statement, Silberstein responded, ‘Don’t be modest Eddington’. And Eddington’s reply was, ‘On the contrary, I am trying to think who the third person is!'” Reference

Eddington was an Einstein publicist who persuaded the press that he was a genius and everyone of course believed it because it was in the newspapers. Scientists reluctantly went along with it because they wanted to keep their jobs. But sadly both Eddington and Einstein both died without passing on the secret and ever since no one has understood Einstein’s relativity. One could easily refute this by pointing to a technology that would not exist were it not for Einstein. I’ve searched diligently and cannot find a single one, arriving at the conclusion that the purpose of quantum physics (something else that no one understands) is to hide Einstein embarrassment  from sight.

“What I am going to tell you about is what we teach our physics students in the third or fourth year of graduate school… It is my task to convince you not to turn away because you don’t understand it. You see my physics students don’t understand it… That is because I don’t understand it. Nobody does.”
Richard P. Feynman

Regarding the problem of the lack of any new technology arising from the new theories,: Searching the Internet, I found an article that addresses this very subject at the ‘’. The reporter looks to CERN physicists for answers to my question about the lack of any justifying hardware:

The world’s largest particle accelerator just broke another world record — here’s why it actually matters by reporter Kelly Dickerson on May 29, 2015, 6:28 PM 552 : “Question: What do we gain from doing this, other than awesome-looking data patterns and maybe proving some wild physics theories ?
During a Reddit AMA with several LHC physicists, Reddit user FantastiqueDutchie asked exactly that: Explain to me like I am five: why are you doing this and what makes it important? What could we/you do with this data in the future?”

The physicists gave some fantastic answers. [Well not really!]
1. Practical, life-saving applications: Federico Ronchetti who works on the ALICE experiment in the LHC said the research has already yielded practical applications, and higher energies could mean even more insights, and eventually, applications of that knowledge.

[The “could mean” in the sentence above is a dead giveaway, a phrase seen weekly in the scientific press. It’s a promissory note, an IOU for technology, that MAY materialise at some undefined point in the future.  What it actually says is that there are no applications.]

Ronchetti continues:  Technology found in particle accelerators is already used for certain types of cancer surgery, and CERN gave birth to the world wide web because scientists needed a way to share the massive amount of data they were collecting with each other.

[This is a chronological switcheroo, putting the cart before the horse. These technologies were not thanks to CERN or anyone at CERN. Cancer treatments using radiation date back a hundred years and were used before anyone had ever thought of CERN.
The WWW is an old chestnut and it certainly is not the child of CERN.  Berners Lee was not working there as a physicist or any other kind of scientist, he was a software salesman with a physics degree. He used an Internet news group to update his friends on progress at CERN for the whole period he was there. What he did was to load an html program on the CERN server so that messages looked like documents rather than Email. As he himself freely admits, the ideas for the WWW were already in place before he ever got to CERN. In fact most of it was in place when he was ten years old. He had to second Nicola Pellow to do his programming because his original html browser did not work and was deleted.]   See  Berners Lee and
Hypertext History

2.  More practical, life-saving applications: Claire Lee, who works on the ATLAS experiment, pointed out a few more examples from the past in her answer: When Einstein developed his theory of General Relativity, he just wanted to explain the way gravity worked. Now, your GPS locator in your smartphone uses these exact GR equations to remain accurate.

[This is also untrue as Einstein never worked at CERN (this is supposed to be about things done at CERN and why) and the GPS does not use GR or any other kind of relativity. The clocks are set fast at the launch and thereafter appear to function perfectly without Einstein moving the clock fingers. For those with short memories, physicists back in the day said GPS would not work because of GR and when it worked they said it was because of GR that it was working . This also leads me to the belief that physicists don’t understand Einstein.]

Claire Lee continues: Most particle accelerators are actually found in hospitals, in MRI machines, helping with diagnostic medicine.

[ At Wiki we have Raymond Damadian: The first medical application of NMR came in 1971 when Raymond Damadian discovered that some tumours in mice showed raised relaxation times when compared to normal tissues in vitro. This was a ground breaking discovery that would lead to the exciting new way of imaging the human body. The tissues with disease would show up starkly different from healthy ones; an accomplishment that X­ray and ultrasound technology could not achieve.” There are those who claim that Damadian was denied the Nobel prize because of his religious beliefs. It goes without saying that he did not work at CERN.]

[But much earlier we have Joseph Larmor, NMR and the Aether Theory and a time when physicists had real useful  ideas:  Theoretically, MRI can be traced back to Sir Joseph Larmor 1857 -1942, who’s most influential work was ‘Aether and Matter’, a now academically debunked physics book published in 1900. MRI is yet another example of ether theory technology, pre-relativity, pre 1930’s, pre CERN, remixed and used today as new technology invented by particle physicists. We turn to Wiki: “Larmor proposed that the aether could be represented as a homogeneous universal fluid medium which was perfectly incompressible and elastic. Larmor believed the aether was separate from matter. He united Lord Kelvin’s model of spinning gyrostats (e.g., vortexes) with this own theory.”  This sounds just like a 1930’s Higgs Field.] “Larmor, an Irish physicist, the first to calculate the rate at which energy is radiated by an accelerated electron, and the first to explain the splitting of spectrum lines by a magnetic field. His theories were based on the belief that matter consists entirely of electric particles moving in the ether.  His work is the foundation on which stands NMR, that became MRI.”  Larmore

[What this tells us is that Larmor did the groundwork for particle accelerators and MRI using aether theory. So many technological discoveries have their origin during the time when the old ether theory was dominant that one wonders why it was rejected and why it is not revived for the sake of modern technological progress? The answer is that it’s rich vein of ideas is accessed by the back door today.]

Claire Lee continues:  The web was developed right here at CERN to help scientists transmit important pieces of information to each other and aid in data analysis. Hello! 🙂 The Grid, which is a network of high performance computers we use to analyse the vast amounts of data we get from our experiments, is also used in other fields (such as breast cancer image processing, I think)

[It may be used but again it was not invented at CERN. According to Wiki: Many of the techniques of digital image processing, or digital picture processing as it often was called, were developed in the 1960s at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bell Laboratories, University of Maryland, and a few other research facilities, with application to satellite imagery, wire-photo standards conversion, medical imaging, videophone, character recognition, and photograph enhancement.] Digital Image Processing  No mention of CERN.

3. Simple curiosity: Beate Heinemann who works with the ATLAS experiment said a big motivation for physicists at the LHC is that they’re simply curious. “We see the Universe and particle physicists want to understand what it is made of and how it came to be,” Heinemann wrote. “Whether this is useful or not we don’t know as we don’t know what we will find.” Higher energy collisions could reveal a whole host of new particles that we’ve never observed before, and completely change how we understand the world around us.

[No new particle discovery and this includes the electron, has ever lead to a useful technology that can be found in the shops today. (this is a standing challenge to physicists) Most of the electrical technology we use today was discovered during the reign of the debunked aether theory more than a hundred years ago. Those who think electronics started with the electron should do a little research. The electron could not have been discovered without a sound knowledge of electronics. Electron
If the dear reader takes a look at Wiki “Electron” they will find that electrons do not move in a conductor whilst an electric current is flowing contrary to what we are lead to believe. The electron does nothing in electronics, it’s all done by fields.  Electron Wiki   This fact can be verified by reading the works of such names as Lord kelvin, J.J. Thomson, James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz and more recently, Eric P Dollard and William J. Beaty.

4. Advancing the human race: Steve Goldfarb who works with ATLAS had a very practical reason for why the LHC is important. “Over time, we have found that, every time we learn something new about nature, the information is used by our children or their children to help them survive,” Goldfarb wrote. Everything we have today that allows humans flourish, including farming, electricity, worldwide communication, all started with basic research.

[The problem with this is that the basic research was not done by academic scientists – not electricity, not farming, not worldwide communication. A new invention or discovery will not be found in the pre-recorded archives of science and cannot have been inspired by science because science likes to debunk new ideas. According to scientific method, all ideas arise from within prior accepted science by a system of ancestor worship called induction, not from imagination as is the case with inventors. Therefore looking for a new idea in science is like using a dictionary to find a new word.]

“We do not know exactly what our discoveries and measurements will lead to,” Goldfarb wrote. “It is too soon to say. But, we do know they will contribute significantly to our understanding of our world. And, as human being, we have no choice but to pursue them. It is a question of survival.” As for how you’d explain the LHC to an actual 5-year-old? Lee joked that she had an answer emperors_new_clothesfor that one too. She made up a parody of a song in Disney’s “Frozen.” It’s meant to be sung to the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?” 
[Do these people think we are all idiots? Well yes, they do. We, like them, are supposed to SEE the emperor’s new clothes.]
Thanks to: Why is the LHC important

It becomes dauntingly, depressingly, obvious that physicists know nothing of the history of their own science or of technology. These are the people who tell us, the public, that we need more education in science while they are failing to grasp a modicum of science/technology history. Heaven forbid that they are lying or are they just ignorant of basic facts? And remember folks, these are physicists, the cream of the scientific crop. How much worse can it get? Why does a scientific organisation like CERN need to lie about its achievements? Can it be that there are no achievements? Are the lies all about funding and keeping their jobs? One thing is for sure – the tax payer who paid for 50+ years of development at CERN will get no return on the investment.

Parallel the cost with no return with the other scientific money-pit the Hot Fusion Reactor, even more expensive, 70 years in development and still not working.  Based on a theory of the Sun that cannot be checked or proven that is likely to be wrong. Always a need to throw more funding at it and ‘then it MAY or may not work’.

The Higgs Field

The Higgs Field
There are those who think the Higgs field is a remix of the old aether theory and I personally tend to agree. I’ve done some reading on the subject and, as would be expected, the physicists vehemently deny it. In fact it was the man himself, Einstein who stated that physics needs an aether, but a GR aether to save his own skin, which gives us clues to the origin of Higgs field idea.

Albert Einstein, an address delivered on May 5th, 1920, in the University of Leyden.
Einstein said: Recapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether. According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this ether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable inedia, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it. Einstein’s Ether
Note: inedia is not needing to eat.

Einstein again: “My opinion about (Dayton) Miller’s experiments is the following. … Should the positive result be confirmed, then the special theory of relativity and with it the general theory of relativity, in its current form, would be invalid. Experimentum summus judex. Only the equivalence of inertia and gravitation would remain, however, they would have to lead to a significantly different theory.”
— Albert Einstein, in a letter to Edwin E. Slosson, 8 July 1925 (from copy in Hebrew University Archive, Jerusalem.)

It was only after Miller’s death that Robert S. Shankland et al and Einstein were able to debunk his work with supposed anomalies that Miller had already put to rest in his communications with Einstein. Such was Einstein’s fear of Miller he had to wait until he was out of the way before he could debunk his work.

Einstein again: “I have now struggled with this basic problem of electricity for more than twenty years, and have become quite discouraged, though without being able to let go of it. I am convinced that a completely new and enlightening inspiration is needed.” Albert Einstein explaining why physicists don’t like electricity and why astronomers call cosmic electricity magnetic fields. There is no “completely new and enlightening inspiration” because it was all pseudo-debunked over a hundred years ago.


The Digging Dog

4 thoughts on “Large Hadron Collider Scam

  1. The Lord Shiva’s statue is just a showpiece used by CERN to feel smart by deceiving public. They are not capable of understanding the meaning of the dance as their job is just a fraud.

    The statue indicates continuous creation and continuous destruction, it also indicates the positive and negative charge. The unique thing in the Nataraja statue is attaining equilibrium, since the statute has to be so precisely carved knowing the center of gravity and made to stand on the lord’s toe, now you can imagine the amount of weight granite stones have, balancing the weight on the toe can be done only when the lord’s head tip to the toe forms a straight line helical string (like our DNA).


  2. I would not pretend to know anything about Shiva. What I do know is that true spirituality is about a balance between positive and negative, good and bad, happy sad. CERN is just a scam to deceive followers of scientism.


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