Mobile phones use scalar waves


Mobile phones use scalar waves


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl

Mobile phones use scalar waves

Prof.Dr.Ing. Konstantin Meyl in conversation with Dr.Henning Witte about the technical proof that Scalar Waves exist. In the last minutes of this proof, Konstantin explains that humanity has made the wrong choice when they made mobile phones. The ones we use today are harmfull for our health, because of the electro magnetic radiation combined with scalar waves. When they would only use scalar waves, we could use the mobile phones without batteries and they wouldn’t be harmful for our health.

Konstantin Meyl provides a construction kit for academic institutions that demonstrates Nicola Tesla’s Scalar Waves magnifying transmitter.

This kit enables you to construct an energy transmission line according to Tesla, as it has been demonstrated by us on various fairs and congresses. The engines for an airplane and a ship are enclosed. With a minimum power of 10 watts your imagination is the only limit when choosing the load for the receiver. This device even lights fluorescent tubes at the receiver – StarWars lightsaber like.

Documentation for the Experimental-Kit to the transmission of electrical scalar waves



Journal of Scientific Exploration,

Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 199–205, 20010892-3310/01©2001 Society for Scientific Exploration

Herein is described extraordinary science: five experiments, which are incompatible with textbook physics. Following my short lecture I will present you with the transmission of longitudinal electric waves.It is a historical experiment, because 100 years ago, the famous experimental physicist Nikola Tesla measured the same wave properties as I. From him stems a patent concerning the wireless transmission of energy (Tesla, 1900).Since he also had to find out that much more energy arrives at the receiver than is taken up by the transmitter, he spoke of a “magnifying transmitter.”Based on the effect back on the transmitter that Tesla sees, Tesla has found the resonance of the earth and that lies, according to his measurement, at 12Hz. Since the Schumann resonance of a wave, which goes with the speed of light, lies at 7.8 Hz, however, Tesla comes to the conclusion that his wave has1.5 times the speed of light (Tesla, 1905).

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