Conspiracy: Empire of the Banker Cities


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Arms of the City of London
Arms of the City of London


The City of London and its Tax Haven Empire
The City of London is an offshore island inside the British nation state, floating partly free from the democratic rules and restraints that bind the rest of us and fed by a network of tax havens around the world. Nicholas Shaxson and Maurice Glasman look at how this secretive network emerged and came to underpin the City’s fearsome political and economic powers today.

City Of London: global tax haven hub

The Crown Corporation is The City of London



Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security

Read about it here

The USA is a British crown colony.

US Constitution Gave Legal Ownership
and Control of the United States to London

Three Cities Rule The World

The Zionist Conspiracy and the UK Government

Bank Of England who are the private shareholders?

Eustace Mullins – Adolf Hitler & the Central Banks

To be continued…


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