Climate Change Scam

Climate Change Scam

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Personally I would go along with the climate change scam if anything was actually being done to combat the very real and seriously toxic atmospheric pollution. ..No one is doing this. Switching to electric cars is simply moving fossil fuel burning from the car to the power station – not an answer. As for nuclear, we all know what happened in Japan recently and as if one nuclear disaster were not enough we should by now be aware of the many other disasters at home and abroad. Nuclear poses an even more dangerous threat to the environment than fossil fuels. There are clean cheap alternatives but these have  been blocked for a hundred years by the energy dictatorship.

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The phrase ‘Climate Change’ suggests that climate was unchanging and stable but then at some point in time changed, which is just about the opposite to what climate actually does. Climate is constantly changing, it would not be climate were it not for change. It is undisputed that the Sahara desert was once lush with greenery and that the Arctic once supported tropical flora. Climate change is a strawman, a phrase used by climatologists to provoke some kind of emotion as opposed to scientific fact.

Climate change or Global Warming as it was called was an invention contrived by Carl Sagan in order to win a debunking argument against Immanuel Velikovsky about the cause of the high temperature of Venus’ atmosphere. You can read about it here: Venusian Weapon of Scientific Slaying

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