Virus and the Tail of Venus

“In explosive interview, author of Bioweapons Act Dr. Francis Boyle confirms coronavirus is an “offensive biological warfare weapon”“ See below Viruses from space Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre above the planetary boundary layer…. This news comes from an international team who sampled the air weekly or bi-weekly from […]

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When the lights go out

Some four or five days ago I received a message from a young electrical engineer in the far East. He had posted a paper on Quora that described in great detail how to construct a Nikola Tesla type magnifying transmitter. Not just that, but instructions on making a smaller version for testing. I replied that […]

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Chemtrails – Geoengineering

One proposed solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.

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