Glossary of electrical research

Under construction What is electricity? I cannot lay claim, or credit myself in any way for any of the following. It’s been known about since around 1900 but is now quite hard to find. Despite the provable fact that all of our modern electrical technology is based upon it, it was debunked and discarded by […]

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The Theory of Anti-Relativity by Eric P Dollard

The concept of space, as given by Albert Einstein, constitutes a serious impediment to the understanding of this metrical dimension. The salient constituent of the Einstein “Theory of Relativity” is the Minkowski “Four-Space”. To quote Einstein “With out it the General Theory of Relativity, etc., would of perhaps got no farther than its long cloths,” “Relativity” by Albert Einstein, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. Minkowski proposed a fourth co-ordinate be compounded upon the three co-ordinate (cubic) set of Descartes, “Cartesian” third order space. Einstein here accordingly represents this fourth order space in “Gaussian” rather that “Cartesian” co-ordinates.

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“Eric Dollard is crazy”?

I personally created so much Electricity from the square root of minus one out of the compressor plant’s synchronous machines at the Richmond Ship-yard that I was working in at the time (which also housed one of my laboratories) that it tripped the reverse power relays of the Richmond substation and shut off all power to the City of Richmond.

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