Caduceus Coil 2


The caduceus symbol is very old. The rod is a conduit between the mundane and etherial, the wings indicate ascention, messages from the Divine, awareness from a higher vantage point. the serpents represent polarities and dualities. The site on which I did research listed several dualities, binding/loosing, wax/wane, sun/moon, and so forth. Also was mentioned the conjugation of sulfur (male) and quicksilver (female); a synthesis of opposites with a goal of unification and transformation. I am sorry I don’t have the link at this time, I can provide that for anyone who wants it. (From a poster on a forum that no longer exists)

Bedinis-caduceus-magnets PDF This is a very old document from Bill Beaty


Earth’s path through the galaxy.

Time Travel
Time travel is difficult to define because time per se does not exist. Being based entirely on the rotation of the Earth, time is a rotational, spiraling movement. Time cannot be scientifically or philosophically defined as being matter, energy or anything else, yet it plays a significant role in the ultra-materialistic science of physics that tells us that only matter and energy exist. I have asked scientists to comment on this but I’m still waiting for an answer. It has been known for a hundred years that scalar waves travel faster than light, but to admit to this would obviously blow-off Einstein – so it aint going to happen any time soon! We have a scientific paradox, something not unusual in these pages.

Time Travel & the Caduceus Coil – 01/17/98
From: Emanon Inventors Association
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: hi
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 05:53:51 -0800
Hi Jerry! I wrote up some material I think you might be interested in. If you feel like putting it up on your website, knock yourself out!
It goes along with the original “time travel” story I sent you months ago. I believe this new material explains what really happened to my friend. It also might explain, in part, how the SUPPOSED U.S. Government’s Temporal Transmission Research Project time-travel equipment functions.
time-travel-clockThe T.T.R.P. is, as I mentioned, a SUPPOSED time travel research project. The following is, as Paul Harvey would way, “The Rest of the story”: A little history about the caduceus coil (a.k.a. the tensor coil):
Its main proponent, and inventor, Wilbert Brockhouse Smith developed this coil sometime during the 1950’s (Smith died in 1961).
Originally, Dr. Smith was involved in the top-secret program “Project Magnet”. This project, allegedly, was a government-sponsored program to produce an aircraft which operated on the same propulsion/flight principles of U.F.O.’s. “Officially”, at some point, the program was terminated. At some point, concurrently, Smith was tinkering around with new styles of coil windings. It was during this period of time when he developed the caduceus coil.
The coil is said to produce electromagnetic waves which travel parallel to the coil windings. This violates electromagnetic convention as the standard rule for creating electromagnetism is that the waves are produced perpendicularly (with respect to the coil windings).
Also, supposedly, a caduceus coil transmits these electromagnetic waves at super-luminal velocities (i.e., at faster-than-light speeds).
It is interesting to note that, last year, a Canadian scientist was credited with sending a radio broadcast using “radio-like waves” which were traveling faster than the speed of light.
Smith claimed that timepieces, which were within the caduceus coil’s region of greatest magnetic field flux density, measured time at a different “rate and direction of time flow” than other timepieces which were outside of the coil’s magnetic field influence.

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