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hermes The Caduceus Coil also called the Smith Coil or the Tensor Coil

Much of the terminology used in various descriptions of the caduceus coil is somewhat scientific in nature – like “soft electrons” and “space-time distortions”. However, it is recommended that the reader uses such terms with a pinch of salt as no scientist has analysed the caduceus or its radiation. In fact all such radiation was debunked with the consensus that came with the New Physics in the 1930’s and this remains today. Nevertheless, there is something very interesting about the caduceus that needs research. Don’t hold your breath waiting for science.

At the time of writing this the sKeptics were enforcing their dogma with the removal of references to things declared taboo by science:  Wiki – Caduceus coil – removed.
The caduceus classification as a taboo subject can be partly understood in terms of the history of its discoverer, Wilbert Brockhouse Smith (1910 to 1962), who was contracted by the Canadian Department of Transport to head Project Magnet from 1952 -1954 for, (among other studies), the official investigation of UFO phenomena, a subject vehemently denied by mainstream science today. I do however recall, way back in the day, that a few scientists (not just Smith) were asked to study UFO’s. If memory serves me, they all became UFO believers and ever since that time science has avoided the subject like it’s the plague. Science denies the existence of things it never studies.
The argument concerning its removal from Wiki can be found here:

Wilbert B. Smith
Wilbert B. Smith

Wilbert B. Smith was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, graduated from University of British Columbia in 1933 with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and went on to obtain his M.A.Sc in 1934 at the same university. After graduation, he became chief engineer for radio station CJOR in Vancouver.

Smith did much to encourage improvements in the technical side of broadcasting facilities in Canada, and took a strong personal interest in the formation of the Canadian Association of Broadcast Consultants, which often advised the federal Department of Transport (DOT) on frequency allocation and other technical matters. He also played an important role in liaison between that department and the Canadian Radio Technical Planning Board. In 1939, he joined the federal Department of Transport. He was engaged in engineering Canada’s war-time monitoring service and, in 1947, was in charge of establishing a network of ionospheric measurement stations, several of which were in isolated parts of the North.

At the time of his death, he was superintendent of Radio Regulations Engineering with the Department of Transport [DOT], responsible for the engineering aspects of all matters concerning the use of radio in Canada, including equipment standards, radio relay systems (micro-wave), broadcast facilities and interference studies.

The caduceus coil is known to some branches of orthodox science but largely neglected, waved away and often relegated to what is referred to as the realms of pseudo science and free energy irrationality. However, many electronic experimenters have reported that they have observed numerous properties, unexplained by the same science. What the following represents is a veritable ocean of unexplored possibilities. To reject such things purely on the basis of lack of theory, when others have built the hardware and seen it working, is a strange brand of science.

A description of a caduceus coil by Wilbert Smith. Analog Magazine (Letters to the Editor)[ 1971 ? ] ~ “…The coil is said to be a single winding of insulated copper wire, about #16 or #18 gauge, wound on a ferrite core of 1″ to 1-1/2″ diameter, and about 9” long. The coil is caduceus wound, that is, one begins the winding in the middle of the wire’s length, winding the wire in opposite directions around the core and crossing the wires on the same opposite diameter points each time around.caduceus11

The coil is said to be an energy sink — that is, current fed into it just disappears, causing no radiation, even of heat. When operating and placed near a grid dip meter, the coil is said to show a large number of resonance points across the spectrum from 200 to 2.0 Mc. This coil is further said to have zero impedance. Further, two or more coils cannot be coupled together.”

The Tensor Beam
Verbatim extracts from the Smith archive:
The wire or wires are made into the two equal lengths by doubling them over and a loop is formed at one end. The windings are then formed by crossing the wires at the intervals shown above, leaving both wire ends at the same end of the core. The multiple windings above are from several such loops wound identically.

caduceusThe caduceus was originally an Alchemy symbol. It represents (in this context) a fusion (not a canceling) of opposite charges, the positive + the negative, like the androgyny of male and female in Alchemy.

Wiki: “Androgyny is a term derived from the Greek words referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.”

It can therefore be assumed that what comes out is a fusion of the polarities that went in. My own take on what comes out is that it is a dynamic form of the aether from which it was first formed. This aetheric current has been noted by so many researchers over so many decades that a list would be tedious; some have called it ‘Cold Electricity’. This seems to be logical but not scientific, but then, science has given no opinion on caduceus coils?

The change in electricity appears when conductors are crossed at right angles. There appears to be a fusion of fields. The same kind of thing happened when researcher Debora Chung crossed carbon fibers under pressure and obtained a real negative resistance.


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July 5, 1993

This excellent file courtesy of David Brenneman.
Associated picture file : CADUCEUS.GIF


Certain experiments, not as carefully controlled as the above, (I can only assume that these were Wilbert Smith’s) were carried out by independent researchers with caduceus-wound coils
(1). This was also called a “Tensor” coil by its main proponent, Wilbert Smith.

The caduceus coil, illustrated (above),  basically consists of
Note: See Hertzian Conspiracy    See also Electron Particles and other pages on this site

First. this apparatus has zero impedance – unlike an ordinary coil. when fed electrical energy the wire in the Tensor coil does not get hot.

Secondly. it has infinite resonance – unlike an ordinary coil which will resonate chiefly at its natural fundamental frequency and weakly on the 2nd or 3rd harmonic, the Tensor coil is capable of resonating strongly on any number of frequencies randomly spaced in the spectrum. The signal pumped into such a coil strangely enough cannot be quantified (detected) by standard RF (radio frequency) detection apparatus. Many “Ham” radio operators and electronic technicians who have used these coils, are completely baffled by them.

Communication between caduceus coils
One radio amateur found that with two such coils, one used as a transmitter and the other as a receiver, the second would not pick up the signal from the first unless they were precisely aligned for the signal to be transmitted. The alignment had to be as critical as that of a laser beam.

Wilbert B. SMITH
Gravity Control / Binding Force / Caduceus Coil / Geo-Magnetic Generator

The phrase Hertzian Wave is not the only form of wireless electromagnetic, transmission, radiation. For an answer to the identity of the caduceus coil radiation, we need to return to the method of transmission used by the early radio pioneers. It’s all part and parcel of the ‘Aether Theory’ used by all physicists at the time of wireless discovery and subsequently debunked to make-way for modern physics theory. See: Nikola Tesla’s Greatest Secret: Radiant Energy “Nikola Tesla constantly wrote about what he called non-Hertzian waves. During his epochal visit to Colorado Springs in 1899, he made new discoveries about the nature of electromagnetic waves, known to some as stationary or longitudinal waves, to others as scalar waves.”

Maxwells Original Equations
This may be a clue as to why mainstream science ignores the caduceus coil: “This “unholy trio, (Oliver Heaviside, the chemist Willard Gibbs, and physicist Heinrich Hertz ), especially Heaviside, disregarded the Quaternions or Scalar components of Maxwells original equations, because they represented potentials and not fields. He thought potentials were akin to “mysticism”…  …Because of this deliberate act, twenty-two other errors exist today in electromagnetic theory.”

A few investigators have also reported unexpected bizarre inertial effects in conjunction with these coils. One researcher activated his caduceus coil with pulsed bursts of microwave frequency whereupon it appeared to lift itself up by its own bootstraps executing a periodic series of little hops off the ground. Why the coil would jump like this or exhibit the other weird effects noted above, has no explanation under standard electromagnetic theory, and must be attributed to the field effect produced by the unique coil winding.

Looking at this coil configuration carefully we see that the oppositely wound wires of the double helix will cross each other on the opposite sides of the core’s diameter with each complete turn. Hence, the coil will have two rows of bumps formed where the two wires cross, the rows placed diametrically opposite one another on the core.

Researchers claim that it is important for these crossover bumps to lie in a straight line. Now, when the high frequency current flows in opposite directions through the two wires, the magnetic fields essentially cancel on the sides of the coil but on the top and bottom where the crossovers are, the fields overlap forming on the top magnetic vectors orientated in one direction parallel to the coil axis, and on the bottom vectors of the same magnitude oriented oppositely to those on top. If we observe the coil from the side we then see that the consecutive vectors along the coil axis would form several closed toroidal loops circulating into the ferrite core. As we stated elsewhere, Wilbert Smith himself while experimenting with the Tensor coil, claimed to have recorded time differential effects between the coil field and the outer environment. This phenomenon, as well as non-coupling of signal between coils, may arise from the unique trapped toroidal magnetic field described above.

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Description of other experiments:

Note: Don’t forget, you can use AC, DC and pulsed DC. For this I’ve used an ordinary charger with the smoothing capacitors removed to give a 50 Hertz DC pulse.


SMITH COIL (caduceus)
Planetary Association for Clean Energy Newsletter, vol. 10, no 1, p 2.
Archival material from the Canadian electrical engineer, Wilbert Brockhouse Smith clarifies the proper procedure for the well-known Smith Coil, a caduceus winding demonstrated to have the property of producing longitudinal wave and non-Hertzian effects (see research by Toby Grotz, Glen Rein, William Van Bise, Elizabeth Rauscher), including transmutation. The proper winding is on a ferrite rod with a diamter-to-length ratio of 1 to 7 – e.g., 1cm diameter, 7cm long.

This ratio is all-important. For the 7cm rod length, 14 solid wire Teflon or enamel coated is recommended, while for the 3 cm length, 18 wire applies. The method of winding is shown in the illustration below (Above). Place centre of length of wire behind, then pass right side over left. At the rear, pass left side over right. Wind tightly together until the complete rod is covered. Ends are connected to equipment such as the Tensor Energy Converter. The Smith Coil design was an attempt by Wilbert Smith and his research colleagues to make do without a Marconi Coil they were unable to find.
Re: Caduceus coil experiments
Robert Calloway ( (no email) )
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 17:44:39 -0500
Hello All,
I’ll try to answer all the questions. First Bill & Jerry, I have several coils I have built. Some 2″ in diameter and mostly 1 1/2 in diameter. The one I tested with the most was 1 1/2 X 11″ long. The wire was 20 guage stranded copper at a 120 turns.

Each turn crossed over at both sides of the coil. The “Smith” coil is as you say at 45 degrees at the crossings. Mine was not this way, I laid the wire as close together as I could get it. Probably guessing 10 degrees at the most. I kept the crossings on both sides straight all the way down the lenght of the coil. The way I experimented with the coil was I shorted one end of the coil. Then on the other end, I hooked up and pulsed it with about 10 volts DC at about 600 pulses per minute.

I tested this coil with a hollow core also. I used no iron core. I wanted to see what was happening in the center of the coil. The heat factor was small. I put a 1/8 x 1/2 x 1 inch ceramic magnet in the core and watch as it flip flopped from one end of the core to the other. It would walk from one end to the other as long as the voltage was on. I can understand why it would flip flop, But.. can someone explain why it would walk from one end to to other. It was a slow pace, not at the speed of the DC pulse. I also generated a signal at 144.00 freq.  The magnet would not walk at this freq.

I would like to wind a coil as to where the crosses would slowly wind around the coil, not keeping the crosses straight and see what happens. Plus.. Andreas mentioned maybe building one on a cone. That might be interesting to try also.
The Caduceus Coil (Aether) Sensor
“Our Caduceus Coil (4) Sensor also uses three elements, like the Aether-Magnetic sensor.

The original Caduceus coil detector was invented by our late colleague, Brian Sallur, of Western Australia Radio Observatory (5), to detect magnetic energies from the Sun and Stars, as a tool for astronomy.

A Caduceus coil, is a coil wound back on itself, on a plastic tube form, with ‘cross-over’ points, on each side of the coil. This type of coil has in theory, a self-cancelling inductance. In this application, we are using a metal shielded multi-layer Caduceus Coil, to detect mainly the changing magnetic fields of the Earth and Sun.

The circuit is similar to the Aether-Magnetic Sensor described above, except for the coil itself, which does not use the Barkhausen effect of a metal core. Here, the coil’s ‘cross-over’ points themselves, are the sensing elements.

Our Caduceus Coil Sensor, records an overall waveform that corresponds to the daily cycle of the Sun. This wave is non-concurrent to our locations and is relative to our geographic position with respect to the Sun.

There are is also recorded, a large amount of finer spike activity, that is concurrent to both our locations. We believe this to be lightning strikes.

There appears to be other, yet unidentified, concurrent activity, detected as well. The Caduceus Sensor, records magnetic activity, in many ways, similar to the Aether-Magnetic Sensor, but with some interesting differences that we are studying presently.

We have recorded the Caduceus Coil in both horizontal and vertical positions. In both cases, the cross-points were positioned facing East-West.”

See also:
Tesla technology for serious experimenters, visit the page World Wireless for scalar wave technology.

Also: Electricity from the Earth.
Ground Antennas , By Gerry Vassilatos & Michael Theroux. Some interesting ideas.

Pseudo science is a derogatory term used by academic scientists, intended to discourage scientific research among non-academic scientists. The insinuation being that all true science, past present or future, is their own work or their own property. a contradictory and counterproductive stance, it discards all the scientific discoveries, past and present, that are not directly attributable to academic scientists. This crazy line of reasoning leads to the conclusion that electricity, the steam engine, the first powered aircraft and even radio astronomy are all pseudo science!


J Naudin uses a caduceus coil as an antenna for his scalar wave transmitter. The signal is emitted in a narrow beam from the end of the caduceus, it needs to be horizontal unlike the illustration above. The device is said to transmit longitudinal signals which can pass through Faraday shields and be received by an ordinary radio receiver.

If you have any additional information please submit it for publication

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Museum of Broken Dreams: The Scalar EM Transmitter w/ Caduceus Coil Antenna

Youtube: caduceus coil on slayer exciter 1.wmv

Pseudo-Science and the Caduceus Wound Coil

Some weird and interesting stuff from Bill Beaty

Chronicle of a Cassandra – The Dark Matters of Science Hardback Paperback and Kindle – December 12, 2012 by Alan Wade (Author)
The Digging Dog

13 thoughts on “Caduceus Coil 1

  1. Thanks for posting this. If it wasnt for people investigating ‘pseudo science’ we wouldnt have the technology we have today.


  2. The powers-that-be suppress info re: caduceus coil for simple fact they can easily be used to make beam weapons. Steven Greer talks about a government document dating back to the 50’s where an installation shot down a UFO, probably with a Smith coil, since lasers weren’t developed at that time. Transmutation and free-energy are other issues the government-industrial complex are threatened by, too much freedom to common folk.

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    1. Hi sunwukong
      Thank you for the interest in my website. I’m afraid there is no classification of any kind. Mainstream science has completely ignored it as it violates several theories and “settled science”. The problem is that it appears to work.


  3. Thanks for the archive and your fascinating descriptions of various phenomena. Am currently constructing Caduceus using continuous 0.25 inch copper foil that adheres to a cylinder made of ordinary clear plastic sheet protector. Am considering Faraday cage periodically switchable to ground as adjunct to study of characteristics. Using Schumann Resonances as a starting point, have found 2 centimeter wavelength a common factor multiple and so am working to make Faraday openings at two cm as a way to hopefully limit down the massive soup of all wavelengths that penetrate also down through the atmospheric windows. Have been working on this project only since July, 2020.

    Fascinating that Caduceus has no impedance but of course makes “tuning” for resonance impossible, at least in “standard” electronics. Ultimate objective is to somehow integrate enough harmonics of 2 cm corresponding frequencies to build up substantial power at device output. Whew! Help anyone?


    1. Thanks for response but not ready to create word press account at this time   Tom F.     11 October, 2020


  4. 11 October, 2020
    Just occurred to me if current injected into Caduceus does not cause appreciable heating, the current may be dumping into the quantum plenum. Hence, how to configure so as to reverse effect and cause and thus pull current out of the plenum. Again, whew!


      1. Dear Niksa 3 / 2 / 2021
        Can you elaborate why you are suggesting p type semiconductor for pulling current out of the plenum. And how would the circuit be constructed, please?

        Thanks, Tom


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