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Websites disappear every day and with them much valuable information.
Many of the following books and papers are being dusted-off and re-examined in the light of politicised science and a general distrust. Let me know about any broken links.


Miscellaneous and New Stuff

by Vladimir Utkin

Faraday’s Field Concept- Nancy J. Nersessian
I. Concept Formation in science

Michael Talbot – The Holographic Universe (1992)

Resurrect Today ! by Robert A. Nelson
A dose of the dissolved White Stone was put into the mouth of the corpse without
perceptible result. Fifteen minutes later a second dose was administered and the
heart commenced to pulsate weakly.

“My World” By Viktor Grebennikov 
CHAPTER 5 (translated from Russian)
The Natural Phenomena of Anti-Gravitation and Invisibility in Insects
due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE)

Dr Judy Mikovits Book “Plague Of Corruption” is already a Best Seller on Amazon. The good Doctor is currently offering a Free Download ….. The title says it all.

Wilhelm Reich’s ‘Contact With Space’

Physics Fraud How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud?

Advanced Panspermia
Sooner or later the daft Darwinian theory has to be replaced by the cosmic gardener.

The Occult History of the Television Set

George E Smith about_J J Thomson’s Experiments
Duality was never really tested, the particle was a foregone conclusion (working hypothesis)

Peratt Z-pinch Aurora


Nikola Tesla Part 03 of 03

From Spark to Speech – the birth of wireless telephony

The Long-Forgotten Science of Polar Wandering

System for reception and Transmission of Telluric Waves by Eric Dollard – newer

Truth will Prevail 1200 Studies To vaccinate or Not to vaccinate?

The-Mammoth-and the Flood by Henry H. Howorth:
The first book on this subject unspoiled by scientific revisionism

Deviations_from_Beta_Radioactivity_Exponential_DroDeviations from Beta Radioactivity Exponential Drop Alexander G. Parkhomov
Radioactive Decay Caused by Neutrinos? Eckhard Dieter Falkenberg
Deviations in beta-radioactivity according to the seasons. Atomic theory is incorrect, this is not supposed to happen. But no one has checked to see if isotopes lose weight. The latter is easier to read.

Genero-Radiative Concept by Walter Russell
Russell’s cosmology

A Theory of Natural Philosphy-
Put forward and explained by Roger Joseph Boscovich
Latin-English Edition From the text of the first Venetian edition published under the personal superintendence of the author in 1763. With a short life of Boscovich
Good luck with that!

Nikola Tesla Part 03 of 03 FBI file

The Truth Will Prevail 3 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Using technical terms and diagrams to control the world.

Oronteus Finaeus map
Antarctica before it was “discovered” and how it looked ice-free.

The destruction of Tartaria by Communism according to the CIA

The Lies That Form Our Consciousness and False Historical Awareness
By Paul Craig Roberts

[eBook] Chan Thomas – The Adam And Eve Story – The History Of Cataclysms (1993 Full UNCENSORED) Cataclysm, worlds end geology – a book with a history of CIA interest. Can this be the origin of Climate Change?

Jaynes Origins Consciousness Breakdown Bicameral Mind PSPPEdit 1976

NASA Apollo 11 Mission Report

Jewish History, Jewish Religion:
The Weight of Three Thousand Years
Professor Israel Shahak
A topical short book on a most controversial subject- must read

“Birth/marriage certificates now appear to at least qualify as “warehouse receipts” under the Uniform Commercial Code. Black’s Law Dictionary, Seventh Edition, defines: warehouse receipt. “…A warehouse receipt, which is considered a document of title, may be a negotiable instrument and is often used for financing with inventory as security.””


Venus tablets of Ammizaduga
Ancient observations of planet Venus: controversial ancient astronomy. This is denied by mainstream, the rationale being that they made bad observations – I doubt they did.

Heat considered as a mode of motion – John Tyndall

A Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are
by Mary Elizabeth Croft

Wilhelm Reich Character Analysis
Reich’s classic work on the development and treatment of human character disorders, first published in 1933.

Nexus magazine

The LOST SECRET of William Shakespeare
An interesting read – no longer available elsewhere

You_are_being_lied_to_ – Russ_Kick


The deliberate dumbing down of America


George Washington Sleeper (pamphlet) –  Evolution predating Darwin and Wallace… An interesting read that does not appeal to the mainstream

CellPhone Tower Effects


Health Medical Cancer Vaccine

Suppressed Cancer Cure: GcMAF, The Body’s Way of Treating Cancer

SHOCKING: Cancer Cures – 100 Years of Suppressed Medicine – Watch This video!

vaccine peer review 1200-studies-The-Truth-Will-Prevail-3.pdf

The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens
An eye opener cancer cure that will make you sad.



Aether Theory Cavitation and Free Energy Devices

History_of_Aether_Theory_- Whitrich

HANS COLER motionless free energy


Scalar Wave Technology for the Transmission of Scalar Waves using the Experimental-Kit by Professor Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl

A practical guide to free energy devices

Devices that Produce Over unity

Compilation/Summary of Devices that Produce Over unity Rough Research Notes by

Moray B King backup Presentation Cavitating Electrolyzers
The Key to “Over Unity” 

Free Energy Ram Pump
The ram pump has been working for free for more than two hundred years.
Wiki: The first self-acting ram pump was invented by the Frenchman Joseph Michel Montgolfier (best known as a co-inventor of the hot air balloon) in 1796 for raising water in his paper mill at Voiron.
Having said that a free energy pump was invented by the Montgolfier’s Wiki contradicts itself – not for the first time: “Pseudoscience Free energy device, a hypothetical perpetual motion device that creates energy, thereby contradicting the laws of thermodynamics”.
Wiki editors don’t know the difference between perpetual motion and an exotic or non standard power source. It is assumed that physics knows everything about energy and that its laws cannot be broken. See Railguns


John_Warrell Keely
A Brief History of Keely by Jerry Decker for KeelyNet

Keely has had a bad press.

Keely Discoveries
The discoveries of John Worrell Keely by Mrs Bloomfield-Moore

John E.W. KEELY Etheric Generator

Tesla technology

William Lyne – Occult ether physics
Tesla technology in a book recommended by Eric Dollard

Nexus magazine article

Gustave Le Bon ‘The Evolution of Matter’ Read it online here:
Or download PDF here

An Open Response to Nature magazine and the Scientific/Medical Community 



10 Easy Ways to-Restore Your Linux System

Richard P Feynman  Simulating Physics with Computers
How to simulate quantum computing without using a quantum computer


A short history of the most well know of recent Alchemists.


A book that says something different to me every time I read it.


Alchemy Unveiled Helmond

Alchemy Basil Valentine – Triumphal Chariot Of Antimony

Arthur Edward Waite – The Pictorial Symbols Of Alchemy

Alchemy Arthur Edward Waite – The Hermetic Museum

Stuart Nettleton – The Alchemy Key Unraveling The Single Tangible Secret In All Mysteries

The theory of alchemy


Walter_Russell – The_Universal_One  -_Alchemy_Chemistry_

Astronomy Cosmology

Hoyle/Wickramasinghe theory of cosmic to earth microbial infection PDF

The Apparent Projection of Stars upon the bright Limb of the Moon at Occupation, and Similar Phenomena at Total Solar Eclipses, Transits
of Venus and Mercury, Etc., Etc.

Many of the astronomers of the past reported seeing stars on the face of the moon. This is never reported today for whatever reason?

So you don’t think astronomers see UFO’s?


Dennis Rawlins

Links to the works of Dennis Rawlins by dioi twop

Neptune’s Predictive Discovery np

The Journal for Hysterical Astronomy




The Book of the Damned

Wild Talents

New Lands


Electrical, Electronic, Magnetic

2019-03-17-EPD-REVIVAL-PAPER Revival of the Science of Electricity
in the Digital Age Eric Dollard

Dollard stuff and some nice quotes from the masters of electricity

Free energy devices

The manual of free energy devices and systems

A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism Maxwell
Maxwell’s theory and equations in a PDF

Notes on Recent Researches in Electricity and Magnetism J J Thomson



A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism Maxwell

Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism
Book by Ken L. Wheeler aka Theoria Apophasis

Electron Frequency Rant
“Particle–wave duality is a central tenet of quantum physics, and an electron has wave-like properties. Introductory texts discuss the wavelength–momen-tum relationshipl=hp, but do not discuss the frequency–energy relationship. This is curious since a wave is periodic both in space and time. The discussion in more advanced texts is not satisfactory…”

Transformers Motionless Free Energy


The self-educated Steinmetz is referred to by Wiki as “The Wizard of Schenectady” whilst denigrating others like Nikola Tesla who fully agreed with his methods. Steinmetz said the electron was a childish idea.

Cathode Rays by JJ Thomson
Thomson denied his own discovery of the electron until he was offered a Nobel prize.


The Elements of Electricity by Wirt Robinson 1914

Philo T. Farnsworth The Boy Who Invented The Future

Untried Homopolar Generator Experiments
William J. Beaty

Coherers a_review_toc_fixed
COHERERS, A REVIEW A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING at Temple University by Thomas Mark Cuff August 1993
See my own page

Spontaneous Growth of Metal Whiskers on Surfaces of Solids: A

Metal whisker growth has some connection with coherers above, but I don’t know what it is. Both are neglected areas of research.


Lilienfeld transistor patent US1900018A
1930s Transistor

Esoterica – Spirituality, Magic, Tarot


Life after life – a five-year-long experiment

Alfred Russell Wallace The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural

Andrew Powell: Death and Soul Consciousness

Pentagon Aliens by William Lyne


Nexus magazine report

Count St. Germain_ by H.P. Blavatsky


Niven Mexico Mu Atlantis
The pre-deluvian world



 A French Method Of Fortune Telling By Cards _Arthur Edward Waite

Arthur Edward Waite – The Pictorial Key To The Tarot

Christine Payne Towler – The Continental Tarots

Frater Achad – Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

Gerald Gardner – The Garnerian Book of Shadows

Questioning Science

Antarctic wood fosillised
One of the greatest secrets of science

Transient Luna phenomena R-277 NASA
A NASA publication of anomalous lunar sightings

Science at the Crossroads revised 2015
Professor Emeritus of History And Philosophy of Science, University of London
Dingle questions the logic of Albert Einstein’s theories

The Mammoth and the Flood by Henry H. Howorth

Coherer sa_review_TOC_Fixed
Coherers, a review Research · January 2016

150 Years of Hidden Knowledge

What follows is an attempt to provide a brief overview of astounding findings made by a band of intrepid and heretical searchers in a field of knowledge that deals with the very smallest forms of life.

The Apparent Projection of Stars upon the bright Limb of the Moon
This has been quietly forgotten by science as it casts doubt on ‘the first Einstein proof’.
See page on this subject at this website

Carl Sagan_declassified_Venus_radiation_report
This once classified document is an important chapter in the Velikovsky affair.
See also:Venusian Weapon of Scientific Slaying

Astronomer Donald Menzel, apart from being unpopular among his peers was a leading debunker of Immanuel Velikovsky and UFOs. In this paper he unsuccessfully tries to get his own way with an Australian physicist.

Who really invented the transistor
There has long been doubt as to its origin.
Click for my own page on this subject

Book: ‘Cronicle_of a Cassandra The dark matters of science’ Free PDF download here
Questioning the logical and historical basis of many scientific disciplines particularly regarding the origin of technologies – examining deceptions and the preconceived ideas of science.

Bert Schreiberber

A paper about Einstein’s Nobel Prize and the
actual end results.

Apparent negative electrical resistance in carbon fiber composites
egative electrical resistance – the real thing
Shoukai Wang, D.D.L. Chung
Yet another example of the suppression of useful ideas by science.

Scientific suppression of knowledge

Scientific Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific Method Henry H. Bauer
Scientific method is anything science wants it to be.

Griggs: scientific steam tables do not follow scientific method
Science alters nature to suit science. Possible free energy suppressed

There is something not quite right about the debunking of Blondlot as similar work has a history that goes way back. There are other researchers who have found the same thing and also been debunked in a way that suggests an existential problem on the part of the scientific community. There are forbidden zones that no scientist will explore.
See also my page ‘water memory’

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Part 03 of 03 FBI file

Wireless Power Transmission by Scalar Waves Konstantin Meyl
Meyl is one of only two people I know-of, able to replicate the work of Nikola Tesla regarding wireless power transmission.

A large number of  newspaper articles and documents written by Tesla

Gerry-Vassilatos–Secrets-of-Cold-War-Technology, a Book about Tesla’s experiments

Prepared Statement by Nikola Tesla

Physics of the Fuelless Generator Tesla

Nikola Tesla turbine 2

Nikola Tesla Timeline

Nikola Tesla bio

Marconi Tesla

Tesla Patent 01329559 Valve etc

Tesla and the electron

Tesla radio astronomy

(Ebook – electronics) – Nikola Tesla – The Electrical Review


Tesla’s Pierce-Arrow car

Eustace Mullins

Mullins was the original and probably the most informed of the so called “conspiracy theorists” meme.
Some are only partial copies with religious advertising

Eustace Mullins archives: books, audio interviews and video

Video: Eustace Mullins talks about the New World Order

The World Order

The Great Betrayal

The Day Virginia Died

The Contract Murder

The 5 Trillion Cold War Hoax

Phoney Wars


Merger Mania

Jewish Boycott Weapon

Inside Story of Douglas MacArthur

Huey Long

How to be a US Senator


George Viereck


Ezra Pound

Eustace Visits AFP

Epilogue-The Four Horsemen


Curse of Cannan

Christian Serbia

Celebration of Rosh Hashnah

Behind The Falkland Islands

Anglo-Saxon&Celts Unite

An Appeal Against Racism

Americas New Robber Barons

Immanuel Velikovsky

Velikovsky Worlds in Collision
Velikovsky’s most famous book that enraged the astronomical community still attacked by scientists today.

No one but Ken Wheeler [above] knows anything about gravity.


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