Anomalies of Nature

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1  –   Resonance
2  –   Hypnosis
3  –  The Bell Curve
4  –  The Hieronymous Machine
5  –  Time, Space, Matter, Energy and Consciousness
6  –  The Time Machine
7  –  Life Fields
8  –  The Psychotronic Generator
9  –  Scientific Psychokinetic experiments
10-  The Holographic Mind
11-  Remote Viewing & OBE’s


There is a very strange effect that seems to permeate nature. Without it accoustical instruments such as violins and guitars would not work. Neither would radio tuning circuits.In fact without it early radio would have been impossible. It is called resonance and is the ability of one mechanism to affect another over a distance providing the second mechanism is “tuned” either mechanically or electronically to the first “prime” mechanism.

The simplest example is the tuning fork. When struck this device resonates at its natural frequency and a similar device a short distance away will resonate “in sympathy”. Energy has been transferred via the air between both objects. When you tap an empty wine glass it resonates at its natural pitch. And the strange thing about resonance is that enormous amounts of energy can be generated under certain conditions. It was discovered some time ago that the space between the earths surface and the ionosphere had a natural resonant frequency between 7-10 cycles per second, which is in the human brain alpha range. Flashing lights shone on the eyelids of a person cause the brain frequencies to “resonate” with the cyclic frequency of this light, which is the basis of how mind machines operate.

A guitar or violin has a sounding box which tends to resonate with the strings as they are struck. Without this resonating sounding box you would not easily hear the strings vibrating. The resonance effect amplifies the volume of the strings.

In an electronic circuit the coil and capacitor (which form the tuning circuit) are manually adjusted (by the tuning control) to the frequency of the incoming radio signal. The circuit actually selects the incoming signal by amplifying it by a factor of 100 or more, over and above any of the other frequencies. This is called the “Q Factor” of the tuned circuit. The higher this “Q Factor” the greater the selectivity or “resonance factor”.
Very low frequency sounds around 4-10 cycles per second can do extraordinary damage under certain conditions. If they are aimed at a structure which has a resonant frequency equivalent to that being sent then enormous amounts of energy can be generated which appear to be out of all proportion to the energy being transmitted.

A French engineer by the name of Professor Gavraud discovered by accident that the nausea attacks he was suffering in his office were caused by low frequency vibrations generated by the air conditioning plant on the roof of a building across the road. These vibrations were being conducted thru the air and because of the shape and the critical distance of his office from the air conditioner his office was “tuned” to the 7 cps being generated across the road. This constant subliminal vibration affected his nervous system and made him feel sick. Being an engineer he decided to build machines with which he could experiment. After a lot of testing he found that a 6 foot version of a French Policeman’s whistle produced the subsonic sounds he needed. To make it work he powered it with compressed air. Apparently there was a fatal accident on its very first test. The technician operating it collapsed with crushed organs, such was the effect of the subsonic blast. They found that the low frequency waves could be “aimed” at a concrete building some distance away and under some conditions could cause the foundations to disintergrate. These devices became known as “Frequency-7” machines and copies of the patents are available from the French patent office. They are extremely simple to build and in unskilled hands can be very dangerous indeed. The actual energy generated in the foundations of the building is vastly greater than that generated by the device – it has been magnified by resonance.

Subliminal low frequency waves appear to be generated in advance of an earthquake, sometimes some hours ahead of the actual quake. It is this subliminal sound that some animals and birds notice. Goldfish are particularly sensitive to these frequencies and it is quite common in earthquake prone Japan to keep a goldfish and watch for strange behaviour.

The human mind appears to slip into resonance when it is totally absorbed in a fascinating project. Little mental energy is expended under these conditions. Consider the energy you expend at a job you detest – then consider the lack of energy you expend while involved in your favourite hobby later that night!

There is a machine you can build called a TESLA COIL which relies heavily on resonance to produce enormously high voltages to throw sparks 5-10 feet and more. The machine starts off with a high voltage transformer (usually a 10-15,000 volt neon light transformer) which discharges across a small spark gap. This discharge produces high frequency waves which are then fed into the primary winding of a resonant tuned circuit. The secondary winding consists of many thousands of turns of fine wire on an insulated tube 5-10 feet high. The resonance and “Q” multiplying effect produce extremely high (low current) voltages which are fairly safe and totally spectacular. I used to build these for experimental purposes but they had the nasty habit of demolishing TV reception for miles around!

With my own background in electronic design I sometimes wonder about the shape of the double helix DNA spiral …. and whether it couldn’t be some form of sub-micro tuned circuit …… receiving who-knows-what from who-knows-where!!!

One of the weirdest quirks of human nature is the ability of one person to change the mind-state and reality-acceptance of another, with little more than simple words and suggestive concepts. It was originally called “mesmerism” after its discoverer and was also known as “animal magnetism”.
The field of hypnosis has come a long way in the past 40 years and it is now used by some members of the medical profession who used to abhor it. Some years ago Professor Jaynes from Princeton University put forward a BICAMERAL MIND theory which tended to prove that consciousness was an artificial creation of mankind. Up until 2-3000 years ago people tended to operate “unconsciously” and could not form the intention to do something dramatic like suicide. People more or less wandered along in a daze and it wasn’t until society evolved somewhat that the human race started to develop “consciousness” as we know it. In fact many people find consciousness too stressful and are quite happy to sit in front of a TV where only receptive unconsciousness is required.

When you drive a car for long periods you tend to slip into this bicameral state and are actually driving unconsciously. And you may have slipped into a trance-like state while reading this report and have no comprehension of what you have read so far! Sleep-walking is a good example of a bicameral trance-like state. No doubt at some point in your life you have experienced the unnerving situation of somebody coming at you in an explosive rage. Their pupils are dilated, they are breathing heavily thru clenched teeth and they are focussed entirely on you. Now if you happened to pull a gun out and poke it in their face, their reality would suddenly change and their consciousness state would suddenly become much more amenable. In these 4 examples the person has slipped into an altered consciousness state but their brain waves will probably not have altered at all. People tend to snap back into full consciousness  quickly.

When a person is hypnotised they voluntarily release their consciousness and drift back into that unconscious bicameral state which they find so naturally comfortable. But the very strange thing is that their brain waves remain the same as if they were fully awake! That is, they don’t necessarily drop down to alpha or theta just because they are hypnotised. They are in an altered consciousness state but nobody can explain what it actually is. I have personally been hypnotising people for over 30 years and I haven’t got a single clue how it works. All I really know about it is that it is extraordinarily handy if you want to modify some basic belief system. That is, it is perfect for a “re-programming” job either in yourself or your hypnotic subject. And a person under hypnosis is perfectly capable of thinking and reasoning so it is nothing like ordinary sleep. The alpha and theta states we learn in mind-power courses are nothing to do with hypnosis. By their very nature people are “suggestible”. Some more so than others. It would appear to me that hypnosis works by altering this “suggestibility threshold”. And it is very, very difficult to hypnotise someone who doesn’t want to be hypnotised. The only way I know to do this is to thump them with a block of wood first then catch ’em as they wake up!!
(Intelligent readers will recognise this as a weak attempt at humour).

The funny thing is that the technique for achieving self-hypnosis is virtually the same as for inducing alpha and theta states. I have the feeling that the trance state of hypnosis would be more beneficial than alpha/theta states. A person seems to be able to achieve a lot more under hypnosis than simple modified brain-wave states. But I find it extremely difficult to get involved with both during the same time period. It appears to be similar to the difficulties experienced when learning Remote Viewing and Out-Of-Body techniques. You can do one or the other, but to try both causes confusion. If you pick up a book on self hypnosis you will find it similar in content and method to any of the commercial mind-power methods. But whichever method you settle on, you will find enormous advantages in being able to produce rapid changes in your personal perception. There is probably a cross-over between the two and the extent of this cross-over may well vary with each individual.

Basically both the hypnotic and alpha/theta methods enable you to communicate with your subconscious mind – and that is all that really matters. Once you can get deep into your own mind you can change your basic belief systems and greatly affect your personal success in life. This sometimes happens with people who have had a severe traumatic experience (such as in the Vietnam War). In this situation an intense experience of short duration appears to re-programme the entire mind, so that the personality and belief system change dramatically. This was the basis of the “brain-washing” technique used during the war. The human mind is an extremely fragile thing and any intense or deeply emotional experience can alter its perception and reaction to external stimuli.

If you’ve watched any of those hypnotic shows on TV you will have noticed how easy hypnosis appears. But…… remember that the people climbing on stage EXPECT to be hypnotised and around 50% of them will be. It is this “expectation” which alters their suggestibility level, not the “fantastic” ability of the stage hypnotist!!


Mathematics plays an extraordinarily important part in nature. The leaves of various plants arrange themselves in a peculiar mathematical configuration called the Fibonacci Series and was actually discovered in the 12th century. Simply put, each number in this series is equal to the sum of the preceeding 2 numbers. If we start off with the numbers 2 and 3 the next number will be (2+3)=5. The next number will be (3+5)=8. And the next number will be (5+8)=13 etc. etc. Why plant growth should follow a mathematical sequence is one of natures mysteries.

But one of the more practical number anomalies that was discovered recently was the BELL CURVE. This relates entirely to lotto draws. It was found that if the winning numbers in 6 number lotto draws were added together, then 80% of all wins would fall in the range between 100 and 176.

The easiest way to explain this is for you to locate your latest lotto results. Now add the 6 prime winners together (ignore the supplementaries) and you will probably find that the resultant sum lies between 100 and 176.

If you had the patience to sit down and work out the 8 million odd combinations possible in Tattslotto then added each of these individual combinations together, starting with the smallest group (1+2+3+4+5+6=21) and finishing with the largest group which is  (40+41+42+43+44+45=255) you would find to your amazement that most winning lotto draws fall around the central point of 138. The closer your selected lotto numbers are to this central figure of 138, the better your chances of capturing a major prize. This applies to any 6 number lotto draw anywhere in the world. If you plotted the resultant shape of this curve out on graph paper, you would end up with the shape of a bell. Hence the name Bell Curve.

For example, if you happened to think that 1,3,8,19,21 & 32 were your luckiest numbers, you might be somewhat dismayed to find that they add up to 84 which is way outside the Bell Curve preferred range of 100 – 176. Your chances of capturing a major win with this combination of numbers would probably be something like 4-5 times less than with, say, 8,15,17,19,35,44 which add up to 138. So if you have favourite groups of 6 numbers that you enter in lotto you might like to add each group up to see what they come to. The closer your number groups get to the central 138 the better your chances.

There is a computer programme available which automatically “knocks out” all number groups that don’t fall within the preferred range. We use it on our customised lotto systems. It simply means that all “unlikely” games are left out which can reduce the playing cost by 25% or more, without greatly reducing your chances. Occasionally a maverick group adding up to only 70 or so wins (or maybe 200 or more) but this is the exception.

On September 27th, 1949 a US patent was granted for a radically unusual detection and analysis device. It was assigned to one Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymous of ADVANCED SCIENCES RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT INC. at Lakemont, Georgia.

This machine incorporated a tactile sensor which caused a change of sensation in the operators fingertips when it was tuned to resonance with the object being analyzed.
Until this point the standard instrument indicator mechanism had been an audible sound or a visual indicator such as a needle deflection (as in a multimeter) or a flashing light.

(There was one that worked on smell too…….usually when a device containing a power transformer was plugged into the wrong voltage!)
Hieronymous came up with something totally different.  His device worked on the sense of TOUCH.
That is, when the circuitry sensed a “signal” the otherwise smooth connection between the operators fingers and a “touch pad” became “tacky” or suddenly developed a “sticky” feel.

The effect was rapid enough to prove useful as an alternative measuring mechanism.
Hieronymous indicated that the device was intended for the detection and analysis of minerals utilizing a new aspect of the physical universe which he called “eloptic radiation”.

The device uses a very basic pickup coil, a simple 3 transistor amplifier (instead of valves) and a tuning device consisting of a rotating optical prism.

The output sensing “touch pad” was described as a TACTILE DETECTOR.
The sample of metal or mineral to be analyzed is placed within the “sensing coil” and the mechanism is “tuned” with the rotating prism. The signal is then amplified (and there is something very strange about this which I’ll explain later) and the output is fed to a flat wound coil of wire underneath a flat square of glass or plastic. This is the touch pad.
The fingertips are placed lightly on this pad and slowly moved back and forth while the tuning prism is being rotated. When the circuit is “resonant” (for want of a better word) the feeling between the fingertips and the touchpad changes.

The dial of the machine is pre-calibrated for various known elements so when the sample of an unknown substance is placed in the pickup coil the presence of specific elements can be fairly accurately determined. Not only this but the actual percentage of materials can be determined.
Sounds ridiculous….doesn’t it?

Well….around 25 years ago when I owned an electronics design lab one of our regular customers (a physics instructor at the local university) bought in one of these machines and after demonstrating it asked me what I thought of it.

I can tell you now I didn’t think of it. The machine was obviously a fake.
Only problem was…I could make it work accurately. So could four of my

This caused mass consternation in my laboratory. We built one ourselves and I had trouble stopping the staff from playing with it when they were supposed to be working on time-sensitive circuit designs.

The device does not appear to operate on any known principle of physics but oddly enough in the past 25 years I have heard very little about it. At the time we assumed that this was some major breakthru however little appears to have come of it.
There is basically no reason for it to work at all……but it does! Thousands of these devices have been built over the years and most operators appear to get passable results. Even profound skeptics have had success in some instances.(We were in this category!)

The sensing pad appears to produce a slightly different sensation for different people….but the recurring comment was that it felt like the pad had suddenly been covered in tar when the circuit was tuned. When it was detuned the “sticky” feeling disappeared and the original “smooth feeling” returned.

The other strange thing about this device is that the circuit components are totally non-critical. Any broadband medium frequency amplifier will do. The pickup coil is not critical….and neither is the touch sensor pad.

Once the machine is calibrated, say, for gold, then any other person operating the device will get a response for gold at exactly the same prism setting. That is, the tactile response will occur at the same place on the pre-calibrated dial.
Figure that one out!   (I can’t!)

But….if you think all of the above is a bit far fetched and ridiculous….you’ll be even more stunned as you read the following:
Around 6 months after the physics instructor introduced us to the Hieronymous Machine he wandered in with another of these devices. He told us that this one was an improved model and asked if we would like to try it. By this time my super-skeptical staff were thoroughly puzzled and seemed quite keen to “give it a go”.

We got the same results as before, with each of the staff noticing the “tacky” effect at the correct pre-calibrated points when different minerals were inserted into the pickup coil.
We all agreed it worked at least as accurately as the earlier model.
At this point the owner undid the screws on the top of the device and removed the lid….and we all did something we never should have done…
We looked inside….

All the circuitry had been removed and in its place was a CIRCUIT DIAGRAM drawn on a piece of white card. The wires from the input coil were attached to the edge of this card to coincide with the circuit diagram input….and likewise with the output connection.
The diagram included the standard symbol for a battery.
That is…the entire “innards” was merely a circuit diagram.

Now I want you to picture this:
Here were four of the top electronic designers in the country, who specialized in designing circuitry that other people found too complicated to tackle. We had in front of us a circuit diagram which was acting as if it were a bunch of transistors and capacitors. It was totally beyond anything we had collectively experienced.

Then the physics teacher really upset us.  He asked us to each try the “machine” once more to ascertain that it was really working. It was.
He then took an ink eraser out of his pocket and rubbed out the schematic battery symbol, so that the circuit diagram had no apparent battery.
He then asked us all to try the machine again.

He then redrew the battery symbol in…and… it WORKED AGAIN!
All this in front of four intelligent well-educated top flight electronic designers.
I have never seen one of these devices since that day..and I’m not sure if I want to. But if this subject is of interest….and you want to build one of these “impossible” machines, then you might like to get hold of a recent paperback by rocket engineer G.H. Stine which gives precise constructional details for these Hieronymous devices plus other psychokinetic devices.
It’s called MIND MACHINES YOU CAN BUILD and it’s published in the USA by TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN PUBLICATIONS….Florida.

See also:


Several hundred years ago scientists considered that the weight of an object was fixed and absolute. Then Isaac Newton demonstrated that an object weighed less at the top of a mountain than it did at sea level, where gravity was stronger. (Weight is a measure of the force that gravity exerts on an object). So a new term was coined ….. mass. The mass of an object was considered constant, but its weight varied with height. The higher the object above the earth’s surface, the less was the effect of gravity, hence the less its weight.  But height did not affect the “mass” of an object.

So for a long time mass was considered absolute. Then along came Einstein with his relativity theory. He proved that mass actually varies depending on the speed it was travelling. The closer a mass gets to the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) the greater its mass becomes. When it reaches the speed of light its mass becomes infinite and as it would take an infinite force to accelerate an infinite mass then nothing solid can exceed the speed of light.

So speed became more important than mass which had become more important than weight.

At the same time Einstein found that when an object travels very fast, close to the speed of light, time slows down so the astronauts who travelled to the moon and back have aged a fraction of a second less than us earthbound mortals. If an astronaut travelled outward for 5 years at near the speed of light and then turned around and made the same journey back to earth he would be 10 years older. But on earth something like 50 – 100 years would have passed.

So everything is relative to speed. Both time and mass are determined by speed.

Nothing in our universe is quite what it seems. The mindpower gurus who can operate mentally in theta or some other altered consciousness state believe that they enter a time-free zone where they can see past/present/future events with equal clarity. It has always been considered that time flows forward, like an arrow from a bow but the relatively new science of Quantum Physics indicates that it may well flow in the opposite direction also.

And the more the scientific world delves into the strangeness of Quantum Physics, the weirder are the things being discovered.

It basically started out with the aperture test whereby a stream of light is shone thru a narrow slit on to a screen. The light either showed up as a particle image on the screen or as a waveform, depending on what the experimenter expected! And there is now a line of thought that wonders if the normal state of events is the waveform, which materialises into particle form only when required.

When one considers the vast empty spaces inside supposedly solid matter, there may be some merit in this particle materialisation concept. If you think about all the planets in our solar system and the vast distances between them, then reduce the size of our solar system down to that of an atom, it becomes easier to comprehend the spaces inside each atom. In fact, 99.99999999999……% of a supposedly solid object is space. It has beeen estimated that if all the “spaces” in the known universe were removed and only “solid” material left, then you could hold this in the palm of your hand.

The piece of paper you are holding in front of you at this instant is made up of mainly blank space. It consists of subatomic particles with vast spaces around them. In fact the whole known universe …. and everything in it ……. is made up of the same material ….. subatomic particles. If you raise your eyes from this page and look around you, everything you see is made of subatomic particles, even your pet cat, which is mainly empty space. (Something you’ve always suspected!) Everything is the same ….. except ….. Human Consciousness !!

Conscious awareness is a “stand-alone” event in the entire universe.

Obviously this consciousness is a superior event compared to all the mundane subatomic sameness surrounding it. No wonder that controlled consciousness can influence the lifeless brethren we call inert matter! That is, there is no reason whatsoever why a human mind cannot control matter.

The main reason we can’t do it, is because we don’t expect to!

The same as the scientists with the aperture test….. they get what they expect in the way of results. It takes a major change in the mental operating process to be able to influence matter to the point where you can bend a spoon with mind-power alone,  but the process can be learnt! If you think deeply about this, you will probably conclude that there is no reason why the superior stand-alone event of consciousness should not be able to directly influence the atomic structure of lifeless matter.

Einstein has proven that energy and mass are interchangable (as in a nuclear reaction) and various universities and laboratories have been able to either measure or calculate the force generated by a human mind (as in psychokinetic experiments). The obvious conclusion here is that, as mass and energy are interchangable, the energy generated by human consciousness can be converted into its mass equivalent, the format of which is controlled and directed by the most extraordinary of higher-consciousness processes ….. VISUALISATION !!!  When a human mind clearly and continually visualises an end result, with deep emotion and concentrated intent, then the formatted energy generated is converted into its mass equivalent – ie. the result desired. As strange as this may sound, it is scientifically feasible and generally accepted as truth among the mind power people and top motivators.

In our universe……. nothing is what it seems!!

When we are born we are totally unprogrammed. We are like a computer without the software. As we grow we are trained to recognise a common reality. That is, every sane human being adopts a “common denominator” when it comes to reality. The “window of reality” is basically the same for the entire human race. Your reality training teaches you that mankind cannot walk on white hot coals with a temperature 5 times that of boiling water! Yet it is done! The same training tells you that you cannot bend metal with your mind. Yet there are at least two “schools” in the US teaching just this. Everybody “knows” that you cannot sit in a chair, relax, and clearly visualise some distant scene, in past, present or future time with a high degree of accuracy. Yet there are people who do this remote viewing for a living!  Major corporations employ them to fill in information gaps.
The reality window, as we accept it, is no longer valid.

Under certain conditions, your mind can “escape” from the restriction of this universal window. And as an increasing number of individuals experience these “impossible” alternatives, universal human consciousness changes. When a critical number of people can achieve these alternative realities, then, like the 100th monkey theory, everyone will suddenly “know” that these things can be done. Sheldrake’s Morphogenic Field theory explains how this is achieved in real life.

Nothing is what it seems !!!

For the past 100 years or so western civilisation has been technology orientated. The higher the technology, the better we like it. But technology is logic based. And our logic is based on our reality window. If we become aware of a different form of technology which is not only outside our logic base, but also can’t be replicated reliably and worse still, cannot be measured on conventional instruments, then we panic!  It is outside our reality window.

But such technologies already exist. They are the science of the 21st century!
For example it has always been considered that  time is a constant.
That is, the seconds, minutes and hours tick along at the same speed for everyone.
But an extremely clever device has been invented  which measures micro-small distortions in time.  When a small  mechanical or chemical event is examined it has been found that  time is thin around the “cause” and dense around the resultant event.
It seems that time may be variable !!

Older readers may recall the stir created in the scientific world by the Soviet Union’s most renowned astrophysicist, Dr. N. Kozyrev when he announced that there was volcanic activity on the moon in the crater named Alphonsus. The scientific community was very sceptical but eventually Nasa confirmed his findings. His reputation was made. So when this very same scientist came up with a startling new theory of time, the scientific community sat up straight.

After many years of research he concluded that time was a form of energy !
Some  17 years earlier he had wondered how telepathic thoughts could be transferred from one person to another instantaneously.  He was curious as to what sort of energy could be involved. So his brilliant mind enabled him to conceive a rather fantastic instrument  based around a gyroscope, a torsion balance and an asymmetrical pendulum. The resultant “device” enabled him to measure this strange new energy, which turned out to be time !!!  He found that time is “thinner” near the cause of an event and “thicker” near the effect of the event.

One of his experiments involved stretching an elastic band mechanically by a machine.
His device deflected to point toward the “effect” end of the elastic. It indicated that there had been an increase in density of time!  Organic “events” give particularly good results – the burning of sugar is a favourite experiment he uses when demonstrating to other members of the scientific community.
He shielded his experiment against all known forces and electromagnetic fields and found this new effect still occurred, regardless.

And the interesting point is that the effect acts upon the measuring instrument at a distance.  The gyroscope pendulum is affected without any conventional known force acting upon it. He further found that the quality of his thoughts affected the experiment. When he filled his thinking with the emotion of poetry the equipment measured more of a change than when he thought of mathematical equations.

From this it is reasonable to conclude that thoughts may change the density of time. After all these years of research he concludes that it is likely that telepathy changes the “density of time”. Time would be “thin” near the sender and “thicker” around the receiver. And as time appears instantaneously everywhere this could account for the reason telepathy is also instantaneous.

What he was actually looking at was a psychokinetic effect. The flexing of an elastic band caused his instruments to react at a distance. He also found that he obtained much more pronounced effects when the weather was cold and stable and the landscape was covered with snow.

He further suspected that time has a pattern of flow and a rate of flow.  As the rate of time flow thru a substance varies, weight is lost. He feels this could be the answer to the scientific dilemma of levitation!  Various psychokinetic experts such as Uri Geller have been tested under laboratory conditions in this respect and have measurably reduced the weight of light objects by thought-power alone.
While all this might sound like fairy-tale material, the US scientific community have taken it seriously. The research continues………….!!


In the 1940’s the scientific world was startled to hear that a “LIFE  FIELD” had been discovered to exist around all living things …..animals, plants and humans included. These could be measured by a vacuum tube voltmeter with special electrodes and were totally distinct from brainwave voltages. These fields can now be “seen” with the aid of the more recent “Kirlian Photography”.

You may remember from your high school science classes the experiment where iron filings are scattered on top of a piece of cardboard and a magnet placed underneath the card. When the cardboard is shaken the filings arrange themselves to display the “lines of force” of the magnet’s field. If the filings are then thrown away and fresh ones scattered on the card, the new filings assume the same shape as the old ones. That is, the lines of magnetic force are constant.

The life force around a living organism adopts the same pattern. It develops its final life-form  shape, even before the organism has started developing!
The cells in your body are constantly dying out and being replaced. It has been estimated that over a 12 month period there exists not a single original cell in your body. You are a new person but thanks to your LIFE FIELD  you have retained the same physical identity. As in the magnetic field example above, your Life-Field remains the same, even though its core constituents may change.
Your Life-Field appears to be your genetic controller!
This electro-dynamic body-field serves as a matrix or mould, which stabilises the shape of any substance poured into it. No matter how often this substance is changed, the final result stays the same.

When the “L Field” in a frog’s egg is examined, it is possible to determine the future location of the nervous system from the projected axis of the L-Field voltage measurements. This also holds true for the seeds of plants.
In one extended experiment the L-Fields of two trees were measured over many years. As trees are stable and don’t move about the measurements were able to be taken with a high degree of accuracy over the life of the experiment. The electronic equipment was attached to the trunks via special electrodes and it was demonstrated conclusively that the L-Fields vary with sunlight and darkness, with cycles of the moon and with magnetic storms created by sunspots. This was astounding new knowledge.

L- Fields are examined by measuring the voltage difference between two points on, or near, the surface of a living object.  Human L-Field measurements can be taken by placing one electrode on the forehead and the other on the hand or chest. But a quicker more convenient way is by measuring the potential difference between the left and right-hand index fingers. To do this two containers of saline (salt) solution are connected via special electrodes to a very high impedance voltmeter. The fingers are washed thoroughly then immersed into the containers of liquid. The voltage is noted down and the same process is repeated on a regular basis to track the potential of the L-Fields. It has been proven conclusively that the exact moment of female ovulation can be detected by a surge in the L-Field voltage. The voltage rises slowly and steadily prior to ovulation and drops rapidly after the egg has been released. That is, when the egg is released the voltage changes significantly almost immediately. This process has been used to help couples who have had difficulty conceiving.

The voltmeter used has to be a vacuum tube type or similar ultra-high impedance. This is because the standard voltmeter (multi-meter) you buy at your local electronic shop has a low input impedance and draws current out of the circuit it is testing. The VTVM  (vacuum tube voltmeter) on the other hand draws no current at all so does not interfere with the circuit  under test –  in this case the human body.  The saline solution in the containers acts as a pliable form-fitting conductor between your finger and the special electrode which is attached to the VTVM.
In trees the electrodes are attached via a special paste about 2 feet apart. Prior to the discovery of the VTVM L-Fields could not be measured.

Wounds to a person’s body affect the L-Field, even something as small as a cut finger. The L-Field potential in the vicinity of a broken bone changes and it has been found that by supplying a small voltage from a miniature battery across this break, the fracture can be made to heal more quickly. There are now clinics set up to utilise this effect and it has been reported that the results are outstanding. This type of treatment has proven particularly effective for the elderly where bone fractures can present a real problem.
It is interesting to note that with the right equipment L-Fields can be measured at a distance from the body, which proves that they are a true “field” and not just electrical skin potential.

One well known experimenter , Dr. Leonard J Ravitz Jnr., has used an L-Field detector to measure the depth of hypnosis in a subject. During the hypnotic state the brain waves and body physiology remain the same. That is, until the L-Field experiment it was impossible to measure the depth of hypnosis.
This was also considered to be another break-thru!

Dr. Ravitz also discovered after 30,000 measurements on 430 human subjects regular cyclic rhythms were detected. When people felt “really good” their L-Field voltages were high and when they felt “below par” their voltages were low.  These human rhythms appear to have a 2 week cycle. Since these L-Fields occur in all living things it does not seem that they are connected with biorhythms.
We are actively looking for more information about L-Fields as they may tie in with our experiments on luck cycles. It may be that the voltage reading could coincide with specific PK “luck” periods. If so, it would be a highly accurate way of determining when your PK activity is at its highest.


“All living things are filled with a type of energy that until recently wasn’t known to Western science. This psychotronic energy seems to be responsible for psychokinetic effects. A device has been discovered which collects this energy from a person, stores it,  then releases it on demand. It has been used to power a small electric motor.”

This idea of a bio-energy is not new. The ancient Chinese knew about it – they called it VITAL ENERGY.  The Hindus called it  PRANA. The Polynesian Huna people called it  MANA.  Currently the Soviets refer to it as BIOPLASMIC ENERGY and the Czechoslovakian Scientists (where the generator was “re-discovered”) call it PSYCHOTRONIC ENERGY.

It was suspected that such an energy existed for some time but it wasn’t until the Russians invented the KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS that this strange energy could actually be observed.

The secrets of the Psychotronic generator were discovered in a strange manner. Robert Pavlita was the design director of a large Czech textile plant and patented the design for a new textile process. The royalties from the successful application of his process were substantial and enabled him to spend more time on his hobby which was metallurgy and the search for information on the fabled psychotronic devices. He apparently spent years searching the archives of Czech libraries and eventually stumbled on the information he needed in the form of manuscripts which hadn’t been researched for centuries.

Pavlita found that by combining various metals and making them to a critical shape, he could manufacture devices which would store bio-energy for a specific purpose. He has even used specially treated wood.

After 30 years of experimenting Pavlita’s work came to the attention of  the Hradec Kralove University Physics department who decided to do some tests. An electric motor was set up with a free-spinning device attached to it. Pavlita’s generator was placed next to the motor. Pavlita focussed his mental energy on his generator and the free-spinning attachment on the motor slowed to a stand-still. As he continued to focus on his generator the attachment proceeded to spin backwards, against the thrust of the motor spindle. The university tested Pavlita for 2 years and concluded that an unknown form of energy was involved and that there was definitely no fraud involved.

This “stored” PK energy is not new. In the 1921 July 30th edition of the British medical magazine Lancet it was reported that a Dr. Charles Russ showed the ophthalmic Congress at Oxford an apparatus that caused a solenoid to move by merely gazing at it. There have been many others since this but it was left to Pavlita to commercialise the process and apply for patents.

It was found that this psychotronic energy could be transferred from humans to inert materials such as paper, wood, silk, etc. And this energy was clearly not electrostatic in nature because it worked just as well under water ! It was this last feature that caused the Iron Curtain scientists to sit up and take notice.
The Czech Scientists believe that everyone has psychic abilities, but they are blocked by our belief system, so that most of the time we are unaware of them. To cause them to work we need something to evoke these hidden abilities which is apparently what the psychotronic generators do.

The psychotronic generators which Pavlita has built apparently resemble spare parts from the movie 2001! They come in all shapes and sizes, each being designed for a specific purpose. And strangely enough some of them closely resemble “ancient ritual artifacts” displayed in museums around the world! (Think about that one!!)

The method of making them work is to simply focus your gaze and “stare” at them. After several minutes sufficient “charge”is stored for the device to be able to perform usefully.
One of the devices he built looks like a cross between a “magic wand” and a fat screwdriver. When it is “charged” it attracts all sorts of small non-magnetic objects in the same way that an electrostatically charged object does ….except………it works under water !!!  No electrostatically charged device will work in a moist atmosphere, let alone under water. When you brush your hair in a very dry atmosphere, you will probably notice – or hear – an electrical discharge. This is caused by the build-up of an electrostatic charge.

A psychotronic charge appears to work on an entirely different principle.
The Czechoslovakian Academy of Science had mathematicians, physicists, electronics experts and electro-physiologists all investigate the generators while the devices were shielded against air currents, static electricity, magnetic fields and temperature changes.

They still worked despite all possible precautions against extraneous effects.
The well known Czech mathematician and physicist Dr. Julias Krmessky made the following comment:  “The radiation goes right through glass, water, wood, cardboard and even iron. It’s strength does not diminish at all and furthermore the mind seems to control this energy.

Experiments were done with seeds. Psychotronic energy almost doubled the growth rate of seeds in some of the scientific experiments. A further demonstration was done with polluted water. Application of psychotronic energy caused the impurities to drop out of the water and it was left reasonably pure. Chemical analysis found that there was a change in the actual molecular structure of the water itself. The two hydrogen atoms had spread further apart.

The energy  does not appear to originate from the brain or any one organ in the body. It appears to originate from a persons entire Life-Field as photographed by a Kirlian Camera.

Tests with EEG machines on people who are in the process of “charging” these generators indicate an unusual brain-wave pattern. The only dominant physical effect noticed is that the charging process doesn’t work so well if the person is tired. The psychotronic generator that was designed to power up a small electric motor required an initial “charge” of half an hour then only a few minutes a day. The electric motor apparently ran continuously for 50 hours.
A special generator was built to test the effect on the human brain. Pavlita’s daughter Jana was the subject. The generator was directed at Jana’s head and the EEG monitor attached to her indicated a sudden change in brain-wave activity. Jana became dizzy
and her spatial orientation was affected.

These generators were mentioned on an Australian SBS TV documentary a couple of years ago. (Secrets of the Russian Psychics).  Apparently one had been used in an attempt to give a well known Russian leader a heart attack. It was only partly successful because the well publicised heart attack was only a minor one.

Experiments were done with other living organisms. Snails subjected to psychotronic energy withdrew into their shells and went into a state similar to hibernation. A doughnut shaped generator was found to kill flies, placed inside it, instantly.
There seems to be unlimited use for this new (?) energy.

The critical thing about these devices is apparently the shape and form. The smaller devices collect and store personal PK energy. But experiments with larger ones indicate that they might well store some form of unknown cosmic energy. The scientists investigating these devices consider that a pyramid is a large cosmic psychotronic generator.

One of Pavlita’s favourite demonstrations is to place a sheet of glass on a stand and scatter magnetic fragments over the glass. He then places a powerful horseshoe magnet under the glass and demonstrates how he can move the magnetic chips about with this magnet.  Next he uses a psychotronic generator that looks like a rectangular ball-point pen to pick up the chips on the glass. They attach themselves to the tip of the generator which is able to overcome the magnetic force from the magnet underneath the glass to pick up these chips.

Then he demonstrates the same thing with the whole apparatus under water!!!
The Czech Scientists think this energy might be the same force that allows psychic healers to remove a person’s health problems and to allow people like Uri Geller to cause mung beans to sprout while held in the palm of their hands. They also think it is responsible for the way world famous PK expert Nelya Mikhailova is able to move small objects at a distance. (This was also shown on the SBS TV documentary).

However the bottom line to all this is that these psychotronic devices are not new. They appear to have been around for thousands of years. It was left to Robert Pavlita to “re-discover” them by searching thru ancient manuscripts, some apparently over 400 years old!


In the early 80’s the scientific world received a severe shock when a scientist at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY was able to prove conclusively that PK not only existed, but could be statistically measured!
The announcement was all the more startling in view of the international reputation of not only the scientist himself, but of the institution he was representing.

The gentleman concerned was none other than Robert C. Jahn, a professor of aerospace sciences and dean emeritus of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the world famous Princeton University. Jahn was a former consultant for NASA and the Department of Defense where his main interest was space propulsion. He is the author of the leading textbook in the field, the PHYSICS OF ELECTRIC PROPULSION.

He had no interest at all in paranormal events until a student asked him to oversee a PK project she was involved in as a study project. Apparently Jahn reluctantly agreed.
The results were so potentially awe-inspiring that Jahn founded the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab in 1979. This lab is now considered to be the country’s leading scientific PK research centre.
Jahn and his associate, clinical psychologist Brenda Dunne, used a machine called a Random Number Generator . This is the electronic equivalent of a mechanical heads/tails coin flipping machine.If you flip a coin 1000 times into the air you will get approximately 500 heads and 500 tails. This is the average expected result which always seems to manifest itself consistently.

Volunteers were seated in front of the device and asked to focus on either a run of heads or tails. Over the course of more than 100,000 trials it was found that the volunteers had a significant effect on the results. And some particular volunteers produced astounding results! They concluded that everyone has PK abilities, with some individuals posessing a higher degree of PK ability than the average. In fact some of the better operators produced a distinctive “signature” which identified their work as consistently distinctive from others.

This random number generator was called a “micro-PK” device and Jahn decided to construct a “macro-PK” device to see if PK was noticable with solid objects.

He built a machine called a cascade generator which contained 9000 small ping-pong type balls to free-fall from an opening and cascade down a wall, during which they had to travel via 330 nylon pegs set into the wall. The device looked like a large wooden frame ten feet high and 6 feet wide with a glass front. There were 19 collection bins set side-by-side at the bottom and the balls eventually ended up in these. Under normal circumstances the balls would collect in a mountain shaped pile at the bottom with the top of the “mountain shape” right under the funnel opening at the top of the device.
However over a substantial number of runs the PK volunteers were able to deflect the positioning of the balls and affect the “shape” of the mountain. Once again certain individuals achieved quite outstanding results.

As a result of all this the management of Princeton became quite nervous at being involved with something that looked suspiciously like “paranormal” investigations, but the dust eventually settled and Jahn and Dunnes work is now generally accepted. (This was also shown on an Australian SBS Connections programme.)

Jahn and Dunne think that as most physical processes possess a wave-particle duality then it might be reasonable to assume that consciousness does also. In its “particle” form consciousness would be localised in our heads, but in its wavelike form could well propagate externally like any other waveform. This waveform would then interact with the subatomic particles of matter to produce a result which has been pre-modulated onto the waveform by the desire of the human mind concerned.

In view of Dr. Jahn’s standing in the aerospace community it is somewhat surprising that he should devote so much of his expertise time to PK activity and even went as far as to state “My sense of importance of this topic is much higher than anything else I’ve ever worked on” !!!!!


Not long after the hologram was invented and widely publicised, two of the world’s most respected scientists arrived, almost simultaneously, at the same conclusion.
The human mind appeared to process and store information in the same way as a hologram does.
Quantum Physicist David Bohm and Stanford University neurophysiologist Karl Pribram concluded that the mind works in the same way as a hologram does. There could be no other explanation as to how the mind is capable of storing such vast quantities of data. Furthermore, when a brain is damaged, as in a car accident, memory does not disappear selectively as one might expect. And even if part of a brain is totally destroyed the overall memory remains intact, if somewhat hazy.

And this is exactly what a hologram does.

A coherent light – such as a laser beam – is split in two and used to “photograph” an object onto a special negative. But instead of a picture appearing, a complex pattern of whirls and swirls appear. These are caused by interference patterns between the two paths of the split laser beam. The holographic negative stores an incredible amount of information. It not only records the object being photographed but records it from every possible angle in such a manner that it can reproduce a full third dimensional image. It is equivalent to storing a line drawing in a computer hard drive memory compared to the megabytes required to store a full colour moving picture of the line drawing. The storage memory difference required is vast.

It has puzzled science for decades as to how a mechanism as small as a human brain can store so much memory, but it wasn’t until the hologram was invented that things fell into place. Pribram and Bohm are both inclined to believe that the brain works holographically so that instead of one particular memory being stored in one specific location, it may well be stored holographically over a family of neurons.

Holograms themselves can store a vast amount of information. If you take a photo on an ordinary film, for example, you cannot place another photo on the same piece of film otherwise you will get a double image. Not so with holography. By changing the angle at which the lasers strike the negative multiple images can be stored. To recover a specific image the decoding has to be done with the same precise angle of  laser. It has beeen estimated that one square inch of laser film could be made to contain the information content in 50 Bibles!

If the human brain were operating in this manner, it would explain our ability to store such a vast array of data, and probably also explain our difficulty in recovering it!
For a start our inbuilt “mental laser imaging system” would have to ascertain which angle to adopt and once the correct path was established then the brain would have to find how best to decode the information in a holographic manner.

A hologram has a strange property. If you tear one into little bits each and every bit still contains the entire pictorial information, unlike a torn photographic negative.
And If you tear the hologram into microscopic pieces you still can recover the whole picture but with a serious loss of spacial definition.

It is seriously considered that the human mind also interacts with other human minds in the same holographic manner. That is, your mind is a part of a complete human mental hologram, which would explain why remote viewing works. You already “know” what another person knows, in a holographic manner. The only difficulty we have is in “setting” our inbuilt mental lasers at the right angle to recover this information. There is also a line of thought which might explain why people can have Out-Of-Body  and Near-Death experiences. Once again, it is to do with “re-setting” the angle of your mental lasers to flick into a slightly different reality, in the same way that a microscopic shift in angle of a holographic laser will produce a totally different picture. In fact if we had some mechanism that took a photo every second, of every aspect of our life, then combined all these multi billions of individual frames into one vast hologram, then by simply changing the angle of the “lasers” we could jump from event to event. Now if our mind ran an automatic computer-like program to connect related “holographic events” then these might appear to us as synchronicity.

The alpha/theta training process which we can now learn teaches us to “set our lasers”. It is the gateway to holographic interpretation.

Quantum Physicist David Bohm believes that the universe is structured like a hologram, and that many things can be explained if the universe is viewed in this manner.
This theory is based on the belief that all matter is constructed of subatomic particles which can appear either as a particle or a waveform. And a waveform is pure energy.
It may be this energy waveform which enables us all to interact holographically!
Once again all this is really the science of the 21st century and it will probably be another 20 years or so yet before anything is proven.

Meanwhile if this subject is of serious interest you could buy a copy of the book THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by Michael Talbot, on the Harper Perennial label.

"Why, oh why, don't you talk back to me, my beautiful little plant...??"

Cleve Backster’s astounding mind/plant communication discovery!
In 1966 something happened that shook the scientific world to it’s very foundations ……….. and it was discovered, not in a famous laboratory, but in a small room in an office building in New York !!
In 1966 a very strange event occurred. Cleve Backster, America’s top polygraph (lie detector) expert was working late in his New York office. His secretary had installed a Dragon pot plant to brighten the office.
Backster noticed that the plant needed water, and on impulse attached the leads of a lie detector to one of the leaves. The lie detector  measures skin resistance and Backster knew that it would indicate when water reached the actual leaf. He poured water over the root system and waited to see how long before this moisture reached the leaves. Nothing happened. In fact after a while the instrument appeared to indicate less moisture in the leaf. The pen-tracing equipment attached to the lie detector was trending downwards with a fair amount of “saw tooth” motion.

Backster was puzzled as this was exactly the same response expected from a human being experiencing an emotional stimulus of short duration. He wondered if the plant could be displaying emotion.

Backster knew from long experience that the best way to make a polygraph needle “jump” was to threaten the subjects well-being so he dunked the plant leaf in his hot coffee. There was no reaction. He thought about this for a couple of minutes then conceived a worse threat. (He used to work for the CIA). He would light a match and burn the leaf. The instant he conceived this thought something dramatic happened – something that has had far reaching scientific implications all over the world………

The pen-traced graph moved off its centreline into a pronounced upward curve.
Backster was staggered. He was some distance from the plant and he wondered if it could possibly have been reading his thoughts.
As later events will prove ….. IT WAS!!!

This was the start of an incredible reaction from the scientific community. And the interesting fact is that thousands of people have been able to duplicate this experiment. All you need is a “Wheatstone Bridge” circuit and a sensitive multimeter which any competent electronics enthusiast can easily assemble. With this simple equipment you can carry out your own experiments.

(Technical details are as follows: the leaf is wired in as one leg of the “bridge”. The meter is wired across the bridge to detect voltage fluctuations. Some form of self-balancing bridge is best. If you want to get really technical you can use phase-locked chips and an alternating current input. This is far more sensitive than a DC bridge and has been used to build a “mind-powered” switch to open a garage door using a plant as the receiving medium).

Backster initially wondered if his equipment was faulty but thorough tests over the following weeks eliminated this as a coincidental effect.

Backster discovered a further vital fact. When he only “pretended” to burn the leaf there was no reaction. In other words the emotion and intent had to be genuine.
Backster advised associates  around the country as to what he had discovered and they were able to replicate his results which proved that it was not a “one off” effect between Backster and his plant and quelled the sceptics who claimed he had faulty equipment.
That was the start of an amazing series of experiments on different types of plants, fruits and vegetables such as bananas, oranges and onions.

Backster named this strange new effect – PRIMARY PERCEPTION.

At this point Backster realized he was on to something with enormous potential so he converted his offices into a full scale scientific laboratory.
Over the following months all sorts of plant matter was tested. In one instance a plant leaf was totally shredded but when reattached to the electrodes it still exhibited the same response.

It was discovered accidently that the plants also reacted to unexpected stimuli such as the sudden appearance of a dog in the room or a person who did not like plants.
It was also found that the plants reacted to the attempts of a spider attempting to escape from the close proximity of humans which it perceived as a threat. The plant reacted JUST BEFORE the spider made any movement – that is, it picked up the spiders intentions.

Backster concluded that while plants may be in “tune” with each other they are more in tune with animal life which is mobile and may present a threat.

Another interesting observation was that when a plant was seriously threatened it tended to “pass out” from “emotional” overload. The plant appears to go into a “deep faint” for a while and then recovers. Backster discovered this while he was demonstrating his effect to a group of visiting scientists. The plants simply would not respond on this occasion and it was discovered that one of the scientists in the group roasted plants in an oven to get their dry weight for experiments.

Forty five minutes after this person left the building the plants came back to normal. This “fainting” effect has been replicated on many occasions.

A sceptical reporter was invited by Backster to assist in an experiment to see if a philodendron could “read his mind”. The idea was to find the reporters year of birth by naming each of the 7 years between 1925 and 1931. The reporter was instructed to answer “no” to each question. Each year was read out and the plant responded strongly (via the polygraph) when the reporter answered no to the correct date. The resultant article created so much impact that it eventually appeared in the Readers Digest. Further tests indicated that plants could reliably indicate when a person was telling a lie, however this is fraught with legal dangers as the plant could easily be sabotaged by the subject mentally picturing the plant being burnt.

In another experiment a group of Backster’s students drew a folded slip of paper out of a hat. The instructions on one of the slips told its bearer to totally destroy one of two plants placed in the laboratory. This was to be done in secret at some point during the day, without anyone else knowing. The surviving plant was attached to the polygraph and the students were paraded past it. When the culprit approached the plant reacted strongly, positively identifying the “murderer”. The conclusion was that the plant could remember and identify the person who destroyed a sister plant.

Backster also noted that a bond appeared to develop between a plant and its owner. He used a synchronized stopwatch while he was making a trip out of town to New Jersey. The moment he made a conscious decision to return to his lab he triggered the stopwatch. When he returned he noted from the polygraph recording equipment that the plant had given a response at that critical instant he had pressed the stopwatch.

After years of testing Backster concluded that if a person genuinely liked a plant it would respond to him or her which might explain why some people have “green fingers” and others don’t. It appeared that a communication “bond” developed which was totally unaffected by distance and there is now considerable evidence that this communication is not limited to the speed of light (as radio waves are) but is instantaneous.

Obviously segments of the scientific community are wondering if this could be used for deep-space communication where a radio signal takes years to reach us, even travelling at the speed of light. Even the signals from our deep space probes out beyond Mars can take hours to reach us and we haven’t really started serious space probes yet! In a speech Backster made to the American Congress he indicated that it might be possible to modulate (overlay information) on signals between plant and human life.

His further experiments indicated that once a plant is “linked” to a particular person it seems to be able to maintain that link, no matter where that person is or how big a crowd of other people they are in.

Tests were carried out with the plant in a Faraday cage and a lead container. Both block out radio waves. The communication still went thru unchecked. Backster concluded that this primary perception was outside the usual electromagnetic spectrum.

On one occasion Backster cut his finger and as he applied iodine to the wound the polygraph attached to his plant reacted. It also reacted when somebody poured boiling water down the sink. After months of tests it was concluded that the plants were sensitive to the destruction of living cells and the bacteria in the sink plug-hole. This lead to lengthy experiments on single cells and simple cell structures including scrapings from a human mouth. When these scrapings were centrifuged and attached via fine gold electrodes to a polygraph it was found that they reacted to the emotions of their human donor – even when he was miles away! That is, human cells react in the same way that plants do!!!

This was quite an astounding finding because it explained for the first time how a persons emotions and thoughts might affect the individual body cells – and hence the functions and health of that body! In fact there is some doubt as to whether our body cells are individually controlled from the brain by electro-chemical impulses – it is considered a possibility that the cells receive “operating instructions” via this “primary perception” in a manner not yet understood. Which might explain why people who “know” that they don’t catch colds …..don’t! And people who “know” that they are always sick….. are!

In a well thought out scientific experiment, designed to quell the sceptics, Backster and his staff designed an automated device that dumped live, healthy Brine Shrimp into boiling water. At the instant the shrimp died in this boiling water, the three monitored plants reacted. The Brine were dumped automatically at random intervals so there was no human interference with the process. Light and temperature conditions were strictly controlled and a fourth polygraph (with a fixed value resistor in place of a plant leaf) was used as a control, to indicate possible fluctuations in power supplies or electromagnetic fields.

Backster’s 1968 report in the International Journal of Parapsychology drew more than 7000 queries from scientists around the world, wanting more information. Most of the news media ignored Backster’s work until the February 1969 edition of National Wildlife featured a story about this strange new effect.

This attracted worldwide attention and everywhere housewives started talking to their plants!

Another event led Backster onto a different path. One evening he was about to feed a raw egg to his dog. He cracked the egg in preparation and as he did this noticed that one of his plant/polygraph mechanisms reacted quite violently. He decided to attach a store-bought raw egg to his equipment and his chart recorder indicated that it was pulsing with the same rhythms as a chicken embryo, with a frequency between 160 and 170 beats per minute. However the egg was unfertilized and when it was broken open there was absolutely no sign of a circulatory system. Backster appeared to have discovered the same force which has been noticed in Kirlian Photography.

After some years of experimenting Backster’s work indicated that when connected to polygraph equipment plants register pleasure, fear and relief. They respond to the threatening intentions of other life forms that they are attuned to. This is where the term PRIMARY PERCEPTION evolved in relation to the apparent interconnectedness between organic and other living matter.  Furthermore it has now been firmly established that human cells respond in the same manner to various emotions displayed by their “host’ body, even when these cells are miles from their “host”. Human brain neurons (made up of cells) share a common consciousness with other human brain neurons via this “primary perception” which would explain why mind-to-mind contact in the form of Subjective Communication works so well. Rupert Sheldrake calls this a morphogenic field.

There appears to be a common life-force here which has yet to be identified and explained. We have discovered it, but we don’t know what it is or how to use it….yet! It is like the discovery of electricity and magnetic fields. We were able to manipulate and use them in the 19th century but didn’t even come close to understanding them until well into the 20th century. And 18th century people knew about them in the form of static electricity and lodestones. (Natural magnetic rock). So it has taken around 200 years to get magnetism and electricity up and running properly.

It is likely to take a lot less time than this to commercially utilise primary perception because of the scientific protocols and equipment available. The speed of progress will be restricted only by the same human restrictions evident in the 18th and 19th century ….. “closed minds”. It has been suggested that primary perception is a universal communication handshake in the same manner that gravity is a universal force field handshake.

The main problem with this primary perception business is that it only appears to work if the intent is genuine. It seems to be linked to survival and doesn’t respond to play acting. Genuine sceptics also have a lot of trouble getting a response. In fact this applies to virtually all mind-power forces – if you believe in it …. it works!

The big problem with the investigation of primary perception is that it seems to work only when genuine emotional intent is involved or when there is a question of survival in living organisms. Scientists are having a hard time with it because results are not uniform and sometimes not even capable of being replicated. All other forces known to science can be reliably measured in any laboratory anywhere, which has the right equipment. Not so with the Backster Effect. So mainstream science understandably finds it hard to deal with.

If a scientist sets up a Backster style experiment in his laboratory and gets it running perfectly …. and then demonstrates it to a group of his fellow  scientists only to find it doesn’t work, he ends up with a certain amount of egg on his face. This non-replicability is a serious problem for the scientific community. Science works on protocols – which can best be described as regulated pre-formatted procedures. When you approach a plant with this procedural protocol firmly fixed in your mind the plant perceives no serious emotional intent or genuine threat so it does not respond. And if the same test is applied repeatedly to the same plant its response quickly drops off. These are only some of the problems that will have to be overcome before plant life can be used for, say, interstellar communication.

There is one exception to this response-dropping factor …. and that is the death of human cells. The plants seem to respond consistently to the death of healthy human cells. At one point during Backsters experiments he was noticing that the polygraph would give irregular emotional responses which didn’t seem to tie in with any of the tests being done. It took some time to discover what is was. There was a men’s urinal next door to the lab. Every time it was flushed, the plant reacted. It was finally concluded that the disinfectant in the cistern was destroying cells in the body’s excretions. But the strangest thing was that when the person using the urinal was aware of this effect  there was no reaction from the plant!

There have been a multitude of tests by different researchers in an attempt to ascertain the effects of love and hate on plant systems and almost without exception they report that feelings of love toward a plant enhance its growth and wellbeing, something that every “green thumb” already knows!

Experiments of this kind with plants started long before Backster made his amazing polygraph discovery but did not make any substantial public impact until America’s top lie detector expert announced his findings.
Meanwhile research goes quietly on – it will be most interesting to see just where it ends up!

If you wish to read a reasonably up-to-date book on plant and cell life order a copy of THE SECRET LIFE OF YOUR CELLS by Robert Stone (Whitford press).
This book covers the early Backster experiments, primary perception and gives a certain amount of coverage of the Silva Mind method in relation to plants and health.



Throughout history there have always been individuals who possessed the amazing ability to “see” things either at a distant place or at a distant time, both past and future.
But it wasn’t until around 20 years ago that serious research was started by scientific groups.

They found that the human mind had the amazing ability to “see” events at a distance even though under normal circumstances the “viewer”  had no knowledge of these events.

They further found that under certain mind-states a person could “see” reasonably accurately into the future or into the past. Not only that but distance didn’t matter.
Successful Remote Viewing has been achieved over a distance of 6000 miles!
Princeton University, Stanford Research Institute and the Monroe Institute carried out extensive research into this effect, which eventually became known as REMOTE VIEWING.

In fact the results created such a stir in the scientific world that the United States Government took an interest in it and the matter of Remote Viewing was raised in Congress .

This was in 1981 – the advances in Remote Viewing have been quite spectacular since then and now that the disassembled Russian federation can no longer afford to pay its parapsychology research scientists, many have immigrated to work for United Staes research firms, so knowledge in this field is taking quantum leaps.
So what then is remote viewing? And how similar is it to a controlled out-of-body experience?

Both appear to be very similar in result but appear to work in a different manner. Most people have had some sort of out-of-body experience (OBE) during their lives. This may occur during a dream when they clearly visualise themselves flying or visiting different places. Usually the vision is extroadinarily clear and colourful and often can be remembered quite vividly. Also the person often has considerable control over the OBE.
The people who have learnt to have OBE’s intentionally at one of the lengthy courses in the U.S.can induce them at will and obtain incredibly accurate information about something at a distance. Similarly people who have taken a Remote Viewing (RV) course can obtain similar information but the quality of the information is different to that obtained from OBE’s.

Remote Viewers who want accurate information about an event in the future use a process called “Associated Remote Viewing” whereby the target being viewed is represented as an object such as a ball, watch,pen,fork, etc. They then “view” to see which object appears in their mind and this object is then associated with the actual future event. There are at least two groups in the States using this to predict stockmarket prices some days ahead. This was reported some years ago in various business journals and the accuracy of predictions was startling.

It was highly controversial at the time but these days it is an accepted fact. Specialised remote viewing organisations do serious work for oil companies and other big businesses where every piece of information is considered valuable.
The general public are basically unaware of RV and will probably remain that way for the forseeable future, so any individual or group who goes to the trouble to investigate this 6th sense process will probably find thay have a tremendous personal and business advantage over others.

Basically the RV process works like this:
The “viewer” spends some time relaxing to get down to the alpha or theta state. They are then asked by their interviewer (the interviewer is not strictly necessary but in a commercial situation is found to produce more accurate results) to visualise a certain situation, set of map co-ordinates, or whatever,

The viewer focusses and then either verbalises or draws diagrams of what they “sense”.
An experienced interviewer can lead the viewer to give detailed information about the subject matter which might otherwise have been missed.

The amazing thing about this process is that virtually anyone can do it!  Particularly those who are already capable of personal alpha or theta control. But it takes constant practice and training.

Some people are more naturally inclined to OBE’s while others find RVing easier.
Some of the more experienced American viewers use a mind machine to put them in the right mental state to start with. This sometimes saves several hours of otherwise time consuming “cooling down”.

It is quite often easier for the beginner to use an alpha/theta tape or programmed mind-machine to help induce the mental state necessary for both OBE’s and RV.

To become totally proficient at Remote Viewing takes around 18 months of constant practice,but that extroadinary human event known as the “novice effect” generally means that RV beginners sometimes have quite startling successes. The author of this report was able to remote view the exact layout of an overseas casino (which was totally unknown to him) and furthermore was able to identify a particular machine which was due to pay a jackpot. During a subsequent overseas business trip he was able to visit this casino and found that the layout of the establishment was exactly as the RV information indicated. The concrete driveway was where it should have been …. so were the 4 concrete columns in front ….. the gardens on each side ….. the views of the harbour from the front steps…..all the reflective glass inside (which were actually glass showcases but RV’d as mirrors)…….the giant chandelier….. and the actual layout of the poker machines which were arranged in a large curve (this was the clearest view of all). It came as no surprise to him when one of the (approximately) targeted machines paid a small jackpot, which was sufficient to cover his airfare and basic expenses. This experience (which was slightly unnerving) went a long way to convince this author that RVing worked!!!

The funny thing about RVing is that the size of the target doesn’t matter. The SILVA MIND COURSE I went to had us remote viewing inside small cubes of metal. The experience was uncanny as I could actually sense the coldness and metallic taste of the metal. Most of the people on the course (all rank beginners) were successful in this experiment.

During an OBE experience involving a small target most viewers report that they appear to be able to observe the atomic structure (or something similar) of the object. They also report that an OBE view of a target gives a much clearer and detailed picture than a Remote View.

One of the easiest ways to practice Remote Viewing by yourself  is, as you wake up in the morning (in the alpha state) and before you open your eyes, to picture your clock and the exact time shown on the dial.

After a bit of practice you will probably be quite amazed to find that you get it exactly right more often than not. As you get better at it (and gain more confidence) you will find yourself able to do this at any time of the day or night. When this happens you start to become very impressed with your previously unknown mental abilities.
The professional RVers claim that anything can be targeted. Any group, person, thought, object, event, place, occurrance or concept can be targeted, either in real-time or past/future time.

Rather scary, isn’t it? And the most unsettling thing is that remote viewing cannot be easily blocked!

One highly experienced American RVer has investigated at length apparent structures on Mars and also placed his viewing facilities inside an atomic bomb at the point of detonation. There appears to be absolutely no limit to what can be viewed.

Sort of makes you wonder where all this knowledge has been hidden, doesn’t it?
And when the US Congress takes an interest in it and the scientists at such institutions as Princeton University spend a fair portion of their working lives and funds on the subject, you get the feeling that remote Viewing is not going to go away, merely because the skeptics say it can’t work!

The strange thing about RVing and OBEing is that your mind always gets the target required, even if it is presented to you only as a set of map co-ordinates.  It is almost like a highly efficient universal telephone exchange. You mentally “dial the number” and get connected.

I can see enormous advantages for the serious business person in this field in the same manner that computer technology has changed the way a lot of businesses work. Twenty years from now RVing might wll become part of standard busines practice.

Even if this field seems “too far out” for you ……please ….keep an open mind. Look where computer technology has gone in the past 20 years. If you’d told me in 1975 that I’d have my business based around 3 computers in 1995 I probably would have laughed at you. I seriously expect to have “full on” Remote Viewing involved in my business within 2 years!!! (It’s getting that way now).

The one thing that is concerning the professional RVers is the ethical code of the whole situation. As more and more people get involved there will be those whose moral “line on the ground” is in a different position to yours. There is no effective way to guard against this at the moment except to become familiar with the process so that you are always one step ahead.

If you decide to get serious about practicing RVing there is another simple method which requires the one-time help of an associate. Ask him or her to select a small item at random and place it in a box. Then have them place this box on a shelf somewhere in a location and building known only to them.  Relax into alpha and attempt to visualize firstly what is in the box and secondly where it is hidden. Successful RVing should tell you what is in the box. Successful OBEing should tell you the location of the box. Depending on yourself, RVing might give you both answers. If you don’t succeed on the first few tries keep at it ……. eventually you will score a correct answer. When you do, try and memorize how you felt mentally at the moment of inspiration and try to recapture this feeling on subsequent experiments. You might be startled to find that you get it right the first time. After you have identified what is in the box and your associate has confirmed that you were correct, physically view the object yourself. This apparently is very important and has something to do with a Quantum Physics effect whereby you precognitively remember handling the object in the future.

There appear to be somewhere between 5 and 7 levels of learning when it comes to RVing. You tend to reach a plateau then drop back a bit only to go to a higher success level in the future.

Don’t be discouraged by failures. Remember you haven’t  intentionally used your right-brain since you were a child. I was personally starting to get somewhat discouraged until I precognitively remote viewed the jackpot at a Macau Casino outside Hong Kong. That single incident revved me up again because I found it so extroadinary! Actually when I considered the implications of this achievement it  was rather overwhelming!
The more you practice this type of mental activity …….. the more you open up your right-brain intuitive channels. There is no telling where it might lead to and it is 100% safe because that is how your mind was intended to function. Until now you have probably been unaware of that fact!

It is interesting to note that if you attempt to discuss this with other people you get strange looks. But you can safely ignore their disbelief ….. the United States Congress did!
The learning procedure as used  at SRI INTERNATIONAL (formerly the Stanford Research  Institute) is as follows:
The viewer and his/her interviewer would be closeted in a room without windows in the lab.

Another team of 1 or 2 people would go and visit a preselected target. This group was known as the “out-bounders”. The target was selected at random from a pool of targets. The envelope containing the target information was opened in the car by the out-bounders only after they had left the grounds of the laboratory. They arrived at the destination at the time specified in the instructions and spent 15 minutes “soaking” up the target. Meanwhile the viewer was being coached by the interviewer to give details in either verbal or pictorial form about the target.

When the out-bounders returned the entire team including the Remote Viewer returned to the target for the necessary feedback. The accuracy of the viewing was then accessed by the team.

A more elaborate version of this procedure is where several independant teams  work on the same target. The results are given to an independant judge who forms a “concensus” opinion.

Sometimes physical objects are substituted for the target – this is known as associated remote viewing. The most elaborate kind of RV is “consensual associated remote viewing”. This is reported as being extremely accurate, especially when viewing future events. This is the type of process used by the professionals to predict future commodity and stockmarket shifts.

In fact one of the better known RV groups actually financed their start-up operation with RV wins on the silver commodities market and horse races.
One of our INNER CIRCLE members has reported achieving top results in horse racing by using alpha/RV techniques. He has succesfully “visualised” the first 3 letters of the names of winning horses …….in advance!

It is now considered by the scientific community that Remote Viewing is a normal  capability of mankind but has fallen into disuse compared to how it may have been used in earlier historic times. In actual fact RVing has been likened to controlled day-dreaming, which is really what it is.

When you daydream you change your current reality and project your mind into an alternative situation. There is no pain involved and most people find it quite pleasant…… but sometimes an embarassing waste of time.

Another method used for RVing these days is to use pictures cut out of magazines, such as National Geographic. This saves the cost and complexity of sending “out-bounder” teams off into the field.

This process works as follows:
The magazine pictures are individually sealed into double-wrapped envelopes and given individual numbers. If you have someone cut out six pictures and seal them in envelopes (without you seeing what they are) then you can simply number the outside of the envelopes from 1 to 6. A dice is then rolled to select an envelope.
You focus on the contents of this envelope and try to determine what is in the picture. Note down (or tape) every small detail that comes to mind, When you are finished, open the envelope and compare results. This process is a lot quicker than using out-bounder teams and means that you can practice at home. Don’t be discouraged if the results are slow to come……… you haven’t used your right-brain intentionally for years so you can’t expect miracles overnight. But likewise, don’t be surprised if you get rapid results ….. based on the “novice effect”.

Achieving an OBE experience is a totally different thing. It involves relaxing (preferably lying down) and trying to project your mind to a different place. At first you try to “project” your mind away from your body so that you can “see” yourself lying on the bed. When you eventually bring your consciousness back into your body you may notice a violent “jerk”. I don’t know why this is but it unsettles me. I think I prefer Remote Viewing!

If you want to investigate Remote Viewing in depth click on to the following link –

The Digging Dog

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