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A HISTORY OF SCIENCE-MYTH AND TECHNOLOGY with one or two other interesting items added.


The subject of these blogs is mainly concerned with the connection between science and technology and its history, something that has fascinated me most of my reading life. Subjects rarely written about critically because no one seems to care about the origins of technology, they are sure they already know…’science did it’?. A more accurate statement would be that science grew out of technology, but even this is not completely accurate. Much information contained here will be new to those who have been taught a standard education that gives a  completely different version. Don’t worry about it, it’s all well referenced… the choice belongs to the reader.

William Crookes Maltese Cross tubes 1879 The electron was first suggested by J.J. Thomson (No it was not) in 1897, a discovery made using a Crookes Tube. http://www.crtsite.com/page7.html

The true history is not altogether hidden but scattered and sometimes hard to find, but it is there. The reader will also find that there was, a now mostly concealed and unacknowledged golden age of electronic technology and innovation that was debunked and disregarded by the mainstream and finally ended in the 1930’s roughly coinciding with academic consensus and acceptance of the electron theory, the then new particle physics, the theories of Albert Einstein. Quantum mechanics came later.

After this date all genuine electrical research and new discovery ended. I realise that this may seem to be a contradiction but what we call electronics was thriving well before the discovery of the electron, before particle physics and decades before quantum mechanics. In fact the electron could not have been discovered without a deep understanding of electronics. Any ‘new’ technology that has appeared since the 1930’s can commonly be traced back to a much earlier date. Everything “new” we have today is a miniaturised remix of pre-existing, pre 1930’s, old technology. This is what I’ve researched, collected, collated and referenced, a true-as-is-possible history of science and technology. My hope is that it will be a help for those who want to expand their awareness, give themselves a more enlightened knowledge on this subject. You will not get this stuff in college.


Many a reader must have already come across some of the items discussed here and found them mildly interesting, it’s only when they are presented together as a whole narrative that a pattern emerges. There has been an orchestrated plan to suppress or delay certain knowledge, science and technology, of this I now have no doubt. I encourage readers to form their own opinion.

The bottom line is about education and those who decide how much education we get and its contents – yes, there are those who do just that. These are the same people who have revised and corrupted history and led us down a road to nowhere. There is a guiding hand behind all science, technological development and education that is not the work of a democratic government. The control is provided by banks, multinational companies, the church and a veritable oligarchy who ensure that dirty power sources, polluting transport and yesterdays technology are retained and supported if they make them money and ensure control. As if this were not enough, there is an integral resistance to change within science – a clinging to  old tired but accepted knowledge as if it were sacred writ.
This also accounts for the trickle of old technology, presented as new, that fills some of these pages. Science is highly political and most scientists do what they are told to do or they lose their jobs. Science is not concerned with technology and technology is not the science of modern academic scientists.


Question the things you have been told are obvious by science, education and the mainstream media,
question everything.

Question more the things you have been told are from the highest authority.

If it’s science ask even more questions

Question the scientists as they tell lies to keep their jobs.

Question the skeptics, they are a little crazy.

This site is not affiliated or in any way connected with religious or any other organisations, be they creationist or otherwise. The author strongly denies the appellation ‘creationist’ as used by evolutionists, scientists and sceptical scientism. The author does not support any extremist views, be they religious, scientific, atheist or sceptical; I am not religious, not atheist. In fact I find it difficult to point to any real differences between religious fundamentalists and skeptics as they both share the same mindless dogmatic authoritarian stance. The statement ‘ I don’t want to believe’ is much more biased than ‘I want to believe but’. The true meaning of scepticism has been corrupted and now means dogmatism. Scepticism is a disease of the mind driven by ignorance. (sceptic UK – skeptic US)


Whilst a very visible war is being fought by militant religious extremists, a covert and largely unnoticed conflict is being waged by extremist pseudo-sceptics for power, control and oppression of our minds – there is very little opposition because scepticism is mistakenly labeled “Science” and science makes everyone feel smart.

Don’t be fooled: the wheel has come off the science bus and as a result academic science is quite easily debunked and can easily be shown to be in error. It’s not moving, it’s not going anywhere and it’s time for something new. The iron age has passed and it’s now time to discard authoritarian victorian values, an evolution or better a complete rewrite of the whole of the scientific mind-set is well-over-due. Debunk the debunkers!


Let every human reclaim their most basic human birthright: to be allowed to think for themselves, something many of them don’t even know they have lost.

Common sense is the same as logic and education is designed to take it away.

Free thinking is becoming a lost art.
Don’t let it become extinct.
Start a revolution, start thinking for yourself.

Before entering these pages, a message to all institutionalised scientists, to all of those who allow themselves to be institutionalised by scientists, to all extreme closed minded skeptics and to all the other quasi-medieval monks. Don’t bother to read these pages, it’s not for you. Here be Dragons!


“Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” – George Orwell, 1984

Science = Indoctrination so wake-up

Contrary to popular belief, scientific education does not require any intelligent thought, it’s about “remembering” what science taught you. It’s this remembering that makes you feel smart – even if you’re not. Abandon quoting from dead men’s brains and start anew with your own ideas.

Article 19 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights says:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

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60 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Question everything? No one has time to question everything. At best we only have a little time to research a few important issues, if we have the intellectual capacity and training to tackle them.

    Should I take this drug the doctor prescribed? Is it safe and effective? What about rapacious drug companies? We have some experts at the FDA who supervised clinical trials of new drugs and tell us if they are safe and effective enough to take under the guidance of a doctor or over the counter. Both drug companies and activists complain equally loudly about the FDA, so perhaps the get things about right. About right is not perfect. Problems are discovered later with some drugs. The important question is whether your personal research will produce a better answer than the FDA and your doctor provide? If you don’t have the time to personally investigate and the background to understand clinical trials, then don’t waste your time investigating. Read the info they provide and call your doctor if something listed happens to you.

    What should you question? How about this blog, that tells you that “Any ‘new’ technology that has appeared since the 1930’s can commonly be traced back to a much earlier date. Everything “new” we have today is a miniaturised remix of pre-existing, pre 1930’s, old technology.”

    Lasers? Transistors? Integrated circuits? Fiber optic cable? LEDs and LED light bulbs. Just about every medicine used today? What was life expectancy in 1930? We didn’t know about DNA in 1930. Now we have genetic engineering, therapeutic protein drugs, GMO crops.

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    1. Hi BS Detector,
      Thank you for the reply, I always welcome criticism. I try to find the kind of information you don’t get in training. It’s there for those who don’t get the time.
      I tend not to do health matters because of the emotion involved, but I have added one or two of late… a work in progress.

      The 1930’s watershed was a deliberate ploy on the part of the oligarchs of the day to ensure they continued making boat-loads of money from energy production. They threatened to withdraw the funding of organisations who’s scientists were working on highly efficient energy supplies. This is documented if you care to do some research or alternatively you could read some of the pages on my site. Tesla is the only one we hear of today, but it applied to all scientists.
      J.J. Thomson was involved in such work, as were O Heaviside, JC Maxwell, W Crookes & CP Steinmetz, basically all the top men in electronics. None of them wanted the electron and said so.
      BTW J.J.Thomson was bribed with the Nobel Prize.

      “Any ‘new’ technology that has appeared since the 1930’s can commonly be traced back to a much earlier date. Everything “new” we have today is a miniaturised remix of pre-existing, pre 1930’s, old technology.”

      When Thomson “discovered the electron” he had all the circuitry and components we have today and come the transistor they all worked perfectly well.
      The transistor was in use in Marconi ship-board wireless during the first decade of the 1900’s. It’s been around as long as radio. If you go to the link you will see that a transistor radio was built in the 1930’s. https://nextexx.com/undeserved-nobel-prizes-transistor/

      I’ve traced integrated circuits back to 1903: https://nextexx.com/science-stole-the-computer-part-3/

      Fibre optics have been around since Roman times.

      The LED goes way back to before 1900.

      I will have to concede the laser because it’s history is so confused due to Einstein.

      The billion dollar human DNA project was a total failure having failed to predict the most basic human characteristics like height. It is now admitted that DNA does not contain all the required information.

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  2. Dear CADXX,

    Damn pleased to make your acquaintance, I wish there were more people like you on this planet, then I wouldn’t feel so alone.

    It’s a grueling experience to realize that the only reason I don’t own a hover-board today, is because the majority says I can’t. It’s even more grueling to realize that I will _never_ own a hover-board, because it is our nature to obstruct things we can’t or won’t fathom.

    I present to you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias

    Oh, the Humanity! – We are all doomed… unless…

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      1. I will have to make my own hover-board, but I really don’t have time waiting for people to die around me, as Max Planck said: “A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

        Anyway, I have something “scientific” I would like to discuss with a peer, but since I don’t know any… would you be my peer for the purpose of this discussion? I know it’s a weird request, but try humor me.

        Please contact me on this disposable mail address: g.omondi@outlook.com this address will be deleted in two weeks from today.


  3. Hi Geoffrey
    Thank you for the interest and the request. It has only been just over a week since someone using WordPress hacked my computer and inserted a large number of hidden files into my Doc’s folder, whilst also making it impossible for me to post a page on my own website. I don’t lose any sleep over this as it’s been happening for years. What it tells me is that I’m doing a good job – rattling the pea size brain in the head of a hacker who thinks he is a genius. I usually find that such people are of low intelligence and tend to be paid-up members of some pseudo-sKeptical organisation who do their thinking for them. Basically they are slaves to a medieval monk mentality, copying and worshipping academic science as scripture and as a religion.

    And so sadly I must decline your request for security reasons. Everything I know about science is posted on my website. May I suggest you use the search facility?

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    1. Let me try to rephrase, maybe I did not express myself properly since English is not my native tongue.

      I need a peer to do a peer review of a short and simple theory I have, and I feel sincerely that you could be my peer (consider this a compliment). I really need to hear constructive criticism from another thinking person.

      Please reconsider your position. I do not need to know your identity, I already know you as a human being by reading your blog, which is sufficient for me. So whatever security concerns you might have, I’m confident we can address them.


      “someone using WordPress hacked my computer” – If it’s any comfort, it’s not a professional job, it’s just some script kiddies.

      “What it tells me is that I’m doing a good job” – If you define a “good job” as provoking some teens, then yes, but what’s the purpose? How will you change/rattle anyones beliefs when you are up against the almighty confirmation bias?

      “Everything I know about science is posted on my website.” – In general I feel the same as you about the subjects you have covered in your blog, but I want to break new ground and therefore more interested in your valuable thinking and reasoning about the subject that I have in mind.

      You can consider my request as an opportunity to do something proactive, walk the walk and help me out of here, be a brother.

      And me? Yes, I want to change the world or die trying.


  4. Hi again Geoffrey
    If you have anything important to say just post it here. If I think it’s good, if I think it’s a world changer, I will make a new page and post it on my website with your name on it. That is the best I can do.
    You do realise that your post rings all of the alarm bells?


    1. “You do realise that your post rings all of the alarm bells?”

      Depends on which alarm bells you are hearing. If it’s because I come over as weird moron, then I realize that, if it’s something else – then no.

      “If you have anything important to say just post it here.” – I have nothing to say that would be of interest to the public.

      “That is the best I can do.” – I’m sad to hear that.


    2. I just wanted to leave this with you, it is not my intention to offend you in any way. And if you don’t mind I will return to your blog to read some more interesting stuff, and I do like your writing style regardless. I will refrain from commenting further, somehow I get the feeling that it would not be welcomed.

      I (as a stranger to you) have approached you with a genuine request for help, which you have declined with a security reason, I completely understand and accept that.

      Now, a security reason is caused by a fear of something, and I do not see what I have said and done that could induce fear in you, so the only remaining reason is the primordial fear that nature has bestowed upon us.

      Some humans have courage, meaning that they posses the ability to embrace their primordial fear and act against it. Courage is the precursor of progress, intelligence is not – intelligence is heavily overrated these days, it only serves a purpose if there is courage.

      Someone actually bothered to make a motion picture on the very same subject, here is the executive summary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwZ0ZUy7P3E

      As Homér would say “It’s funny because it’s true”

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  5. Great content! I have news on new technology and would like to contact a person of vision to share its importance.


  6. Amazing ‘resource’ site//thanks for putting in the effort . . . I read every page here probably about a year ago . . . and on checking/looking here to give someone else a link to a page here I noticed the ‘Haunting’ page and couldn’t remember reading this . . . would it be possible to have a specific ‘NEW PAGES’ page listing newly added pages? Newest at the top would be best!!! So, I don’t miss any the next time I visit.

    I’m originally a university ‘support’ scientist//manager of a central resources facility for a decade+ then trained in alternate/healing/spooky angles . . . you might like some of my ‘spooky’ ‘experience’ articles on realitywalker.com

    Also, (being brief) I’ve compiled evidence that we are in a copied/duplicated simulation i.e. we are generally ‘accurately’ simulating copies of other people . . . so ‘LOTS’ of anomalies here are the outcome of this fake reality ‘projects’ deviations with respect to how the original lives/experiences of the original population differ from what this project allows/offers here . . . for example people in the original environment ‘obviously’ designed/had free energy systems else we’d not have people here that are convinced of and making a big effort to design/build these here … . and or then be ‘stopped/shut down’ here . . . so if the original environment/reality had free energy systems here BUT this isn’t allowed as part of the design here . . . then they’d have to have ‘MORE’ of base/natural energy sources ADDED IN HERE . . . hence science/academics cannot properly explain the origins of ‘coal’ seams nor why they are way thicker than they ‘should’ nor can they explain oil/natural gas sources either . . .

    The existsnce/sightings of and the speed and manoeuvrers of UFO’s indicate that the original environment had interplanetary travel AND that we’ve had the speed of light limit and ‘momentum and inertia#’ added in here . . . AND all of the ‘where are the aliens’ angles is because we’ve all been plonked on one planet . . .

    Ah, this reminds me of your John Tyndall page here: https://nextexx.com/unusual-electrical-phenomena/ if the original environment had free energy systems they also likely have ‘matter’ convertors AND they’d then have capernica type machines that would generate copies of anything . . . if they did then the control panel of these would very likely offer a 3D visual selector of the items available to be copied i.e. it would generate a 3d image of the items available to be duplicated/generated . . . anyone working on this design as a copied person would end up with something that apparently ‘generated’ images of ‘things’ . . . which all fits in with John Tyndall’s efforts quite accurately . . . he was designing the visual selector for a duplicating ‘item’ free energy powered system

    We’ve also had our ‘technologies’ slowed down here (so we don’t build the same fake reality here/it’s more primitive in ‘tech’ terms, ‘HOWEVER’ if this is correct then we’ll have people with things like advanced neural implants AND they’ll present/have ‘experiences’ of HAVING THESE without actually having neural implants these . . . I’ve page which gives a decent summary of in-depth info giving evidence of ourselves being in a fake reality . . . on that page are links to more pages giving the evidence for many people here having neural implants. On the front page of https://www.clivehetherington.com/ read down and click on the first of the list of 4 linked pages . . . this gives a very good over view and also loads of links to more ‘evidence’ pages . . . have fun . . .

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, that’s two positive comments in two weeks – something of a record. I will do a “NEW PAGES” page of updates – there have been quite a few lately and I have to say that I find it difficult to navigate the site myself sometimes.
      It has been obvious to me for some time that we live in a world of lies and the more I research the more the idea is reinforced that we live in the Matrix. I’m quite convinced that my main subject, technology, has been heavily suppressed since the 1930’s.
      You say: “Also, (being brief) I’ve compiled evidence that we are in a copied/duplicated simulation i.e. we are generally ‘accurately’ simulating copies of other people.” I find this interesting, others have noticed something wrong with the timeline, things and history don’t appear to be as old as we are told. So called ancient technology isn’t ancient and so forth. I need to look more closely at this. I will have a look at your site when time allows. Thanks again


  7. You are in the top league in my opinion because you have the mind of a generalist,
    probably through a long varied life and such people are getting rare.
    The presentation and layout of your pages is excellent and makes for pleasant reads.
    The new NEWS Page is a welcome addition.
    Many articles have moved me and …others tangibly helped me!
    Gratefully yours, Yry.

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  8. Hello, cadxx,
    – Just thinking that could be of interest to you:

    GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World
    ==> One has to sign in to WordPress…

    Energy Suppression: Nuclear
    ==> gets you back to GALT!

    Debunked Science:
    ==> Not available…

    UK State Crime By Proxy
    For reference links to this article please click HERE
    For further research by Mo Stewart click HERE
    ==> “HERE” produces …Nothing!


    Maybe this address will further assist your research: survivorlibrary.com

    Wishing you well, Yry.


    1. Thank you Yry
      Links are always a problem as many don’t last very long. The other problem is that the website is becoming quite large and hard to manage. I’m doing something about that.
      As for having to sign-in, that’s new, I’ve had trouble that’s the opposite – when anyone goes to a page it’s in edit mode and all and sundry can alter it. I would guess this has something to do with the new “block editor” (disaster). I think WordPress wants shot of me but they can’t think of a valid excuse. I keep getting a box at the top of my screen that tells me an upgrade is in my basket and I need to pay for it. I didn’t ask for an upgrade etc. It’s all part of the corporate regime we have these days – censorship by unauthorised non-legal parties. If things get too bed I’m out of here but I’ll still be online.
      Thank you for the interest and I’ll sort out the link you mentioned.


      1. Hello cadxx,

        Thanks for your efforts and my deep consideration at the context you are facing up to.

        I’ve just traced another dead link:

        Source: Forgotten Experiments 1
        ==> Page Can’t Be Found…

        Gratefully yours, Yry.


      2. Thanks Yry
        The dead link is probably a page I renamed, if not let me know otherwise I’ll delete it.
        As for the context: With time and research it becomes ever more obvious that there is big time suppression of technology that has been going-on since at least the early 1800’s and that we are hundreds of years behind. This however is impossible to prove as it is not documented. I get hints here and there but nothing solid. I would like to speculate but this is not good for my reputation. : ) It seems there has been a high technology in the distant past that has been covered up because it presents a threat to the powerful and wealthy. Beyond that I am not prepared to go.


  9. I think too many people ( mostly die-hard materialists) have a cartoonish Interpretation regarding an immaterial reality, paranormal, and/or consciousness research. Like you see in movies, video games, and tv series. Like the Supernatural TV series, or The Good Place ( which is another TV series regarding an afterlife and supernatural stuff ).
    Consciousness research and the like has nothing to do with ‘desperately wanting magic to be real’.

    I had a cartoonish interpretation of it all when I was a teenager. It was even worse when I was around 20-23 years old.
    And when it came down to DMT experiences ( no, I’ve never taken DMT or any other psychedelics/hallucinogenics. ) and an immaterial realm, I said all of this:

    “Why are you people calling it the spirit molecule? DMT doesn’t take you anywhere. People attribute hallucinations and DMT to a ‘greater reality’ all the time, when it’s just all in your head. You shouldn’t do that.
    It’s dangerous and this is how people exploit and encourage letting mental illness/psychotic illnesses ( New Age people call children with a mental illness ‘indigo children’ ) go untreated and people refuse to seek help, meds, and a doctor. It also encourages drug usage.
    You’re just resorting to apophenia and patternicity.
    These beliefs are from the uneducated and poor or lack of education. And students who do not study science but study other things, are more likely to believe in those delusions.
    You’re not looking for or interested in truth, you’re just trying to reinforce your beliefs in a comforting spiritual realm, and a delusional fantasy world that contradicts reality just so you can sleep at night.
    Talk about pseudoscience, cognitive bias and dissonance, confirmation bias, and using a crutch to get through life when life gets hard, or suffering becomes unbearable.

    And don’t tell me there are highly educated and intelligent scientists, physicists, and neuroscientists that believe in the supernatural/paranormal, because I’m already aware of that. There are people that have many credentials, but are biased.
    Take Charles Tart and Susan Blackmore for example. Tart has had OBEs and so has Blackmore. And they have the same interest regarding them.
    The difference is Tart took them as evidence for a spirit world and afterlife, while Blackmore woke up and smelled the coffee, became rational, and realized they’re all dreams, fantasies, hallucinations, and delusions. Tart is biased.
    Where does your consciousness or ‘soul’ go around REM sleep or so?

    Just because those people are smart, highly educated, and are scientists, physicists, and neuroscientists, doesn’t mean they’re rational and/or have smart ideas.
    That is appealing to authority and ad-populum.
    Something desperate believers in a spirit world do all the time. They refer to Albert Einstein and quote him ( and sometimes quote-mine others ) in a desperate attempt to reinforce their beliefs, when Albert Einstein held an outdated view that is pantheism.
    And the educational systems in some places are poor and questionable, which is why there are currently so many people that are religious, and believe in other irrational nonsense and mysticism.
    Don’t believe everything you hear and read.
    Also, some people learned about religion before learning about science when it should be the other way around, but it isn’t.
    Fear of nihilism and a meaningless mortality are what motivate people to see OBEs, NDEs, and ESP as something more than brain/mind tricks.
    Some are even on the spectrum of schizotypy that desperately want to believe there is more to life than this.
    They’re doing whatever it takes to maintain their self-serving delusions and deny nihilism.

    Mourn your loss of your deceased loved ones properly, accept reality, and live this one and only life you have. Stop clinging to false hope. Don’t waste your life hoping for things that don’t and can’t exist. You can’t be a reality and science denier just because it feels good or it’s comforting.”

    That is what I said. And the really funny part, is I’ve received similar responses, when I remotely started rethinking the full-on materialist view.

    By the time I was around my mid-20s, I realized that’s not how paranormal and/or consciousness research works.
    You’re not going to walk through a cemetery, church, or an old house and see ghosts and spirits. Your deceased parents are not floating transparent versions of themselves wandering around the earth.
    You’re not going to summon or see any spirits or demons by standing and sitting in a pentagram mat on the floor, holding a thick book, surrounded by candles in a dark room and chanting.
    You won’t see the Grim Reaper standing near a corpse.
    And you’re definitely not going to find yourself standing in some sort of demonic realm and see a succubus after standing in a pentagram long enough.

    Yes, there are pseudoscientists and whiny New Agers that have no real interest in truth, science, or quantum physics/mechanics, and twist it to fit their beliefs and agenda. Like Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Robert Lanza, Sheldrake ( I’m highly skeptical of Sheldrake even though I own one of his books ), and many more. I can’t really take iands.org seriously either. I think they give serious consciousness researchers, people who are open to it, and people who are open to the possibility of the paranormal, bad names and reputations.

    The reason I had that interpretation and attitude, is because I was exposed to a lot of debunking websites, skeptical and atheist blogs and forums, and skeptical debunking videos on YouTube, because I thought “Why waste money and time reading books on the subject, when you can just go and search the internet, and watch YouTube videos about it?”

    But then I realized that YouTube is not really a reliable source for learning about these things.
    There are more arrogant/narcissistic and anti-science New Agers on YouTube. And there are even more hard-materialists insulting anybody, including agnostics ( even atheists that are not as hard on ‘believers’ ) that remotely suggest that there might be more than just this physical reality.
    There are rarely civilized atheists and skeptics on YouTube, like the ones you see on Sam Harris forums and Atheistforums.org( This forum is a little bit aggressive, but not as aggressive as the ones on YouTube ). YouTube also does not seem like a place for agnostics ( me ). Neither does Scienceblogs/PZ Myers.
    I should start reading more books regarding consciousness and such, not rely solely on blogs, forums, and YouTube.

    No matter the worldview, nobody is immune to bias and dogma. Nobody is rational 100% of the time.
    And nobody is immune to appealing to authority and ad-populum either. No matter how many times we say we are.

    Oh, and this is a response from a commenter when I said that I’m reading up on, and am open to an immaterial reality. Her response was:

    “I have not come across one healthy person who bluntly disagrees when their biases are pointed out, healthy people reflect, BUT delusional people, especially those who have something significant to lose (e.g. effective denial of nihilism) are those who need to do whatever it takes to maintain self serving delusional believes. It is your life to waste, buy as many books as you want, I just hope you don’t have children.”


    1. Hi Emily thanks for the interest, I encourage criticism.
      I spent my whole life looking for truth, I’m now 76 (I think?). I used to read encyclopedias as a kid and later I went through the whole non-fiction section of my local library. I was not then aware but I was searching for the truth about this topsy turvy world of ours. I had a bad case of cognitive dissonance due to the conflicting ideas that filled my mind. Things were made worse when I considered those educated and in a position of authority who appeared to deny the things I experienced.

      I suppose this continued until around 2000 when things started to happen. My wife was very ill for some time and not improving. Then someone gave her a book about angels and what do you know? she started to get better. She was doing things I already knew about (because I retain all I read) and they were working. As an engineer something actually working is important to me.

      To cut a long story short I engaged in many things you seem not to like. I got a whole new take on the world and the universe without reference to religion or nihilism or New Age or anyone else. I have no rules to live by. I realised for example through personal experience that we don’t die – ever. My next door neighbour who had just died visited me in my car and we spoke about a troublesome neighbour and everyday things, like speaking over the garden fence. Anyone can do this, the secret is to open yourself up – but to the right crowd.
      I have no experience of DMT or any other mind bending drug apart from what others tell me.

      As for scientists and other authority figures – what can I say? The world we live in is much like the movie The Matrix, we are all lied to as ‘a matter of national security’. Religion and science are part of the population control mechanism, if you don’t like religion there is always science. We are taught binaries. I don’t do either.
      Logic (common sense) is important and just happens to be the very thing education takes away from us replacing it with memories. Logic is not taught as part of a scientific or a religious education. I wonder why that is? It’s why I find it so easy to debunk them. Asking questions, critical thinking, questioning everything, the higher the authority the more I question – it works, they tend to avoid me. They don’t have answers.
      Don’t you have any questions about things you were taught as fact?


      1. “My next door neighbour who had just died visited me in my car and we spoke about a troublesome neighbour and everyday things, like speaking over the garden fence. Anyone can do this, the secret is to open yourself up – but to the right crowd.”

        I would love to have that experience. I want to be able to talk to my deceased relatives.

        “Asking questions, critical thinking, questioning everything, the higher the authority the more I question – it works, they tend to avoid me. They don’t have answers.”

        That’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately.
        As a result, this is from the same commenter that said to me “I hope you don’t have children”. That was basically my own fault. It was a mistake for me to engage with her in the first place.
        This comment here was before I told her I was open to the immaterial:

        “The most popular authors and researchers of the New Age concepts are:
        Robert Monroe (OBEs, who funded the Monroe Institute as well),
        Thomas Campbell (My Big TOE),
        William Buhlman (OBEs),
        Robert Bruce (OBEs),
        Dean Radin (ESP, Institute of Noetic Sciences),
        Rupert Sheldrake (Morphic Resonance),
        Mario Beauregard (The Spiritual Brain, NDEs),
        Sam Parnia (NDEs),
        Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief),
        Joe Dispenza (Placebo based on Quantum Mysticism),
        Graham Nicolls (OBEs),
        Nassim Haramein (Resonance Foundation, UFOs and Sacred Geometry),
        Jim Sparks (UFOs),
        Stuart Hameroff (Quantum Consciousness),
        Deepak Chopra (Quantum Mysticism),
        Pim van Lommel (NDEs), Peter Fenwick (NDEs),
        Dr. Jeffery Long (NDEs),
        Gary Schwartz (the Soul Phone! Did you know that? A Doctor at the University of Arizona claims to have developed a phone so you can call deceased people and he is funded!)…
        …majority of presenters who attend yearly Tucson Conferences are males (google consciousness. arizona. edu) ,
        …the speakers in ‘What the BLEEP do we know?’ a film that contributed to the New Age movement to a large extent particularly in regards to rise to ‘Quantum Mysticism’ based on misinterpretation of the double slit experiment are (google whatthebleep . com and go under ‘interviews’) as you see, majority of males…
        …all the major podcasts presenters supporting New Age concepts and ideologies are males such as:
        Alex Tsakiris (Skeptiko),
        Jeffrey Mishlove (Thinking Allowed),
        George Noory (Coast to Coast),
        …the entire ‘Remote Viewing’ industry has been dominated by males such as:
        Ingo Swann,
        Pat Price,
        Joseph McMoneagle,
        Courtney Brown,
        David Marks,
        Uri Geller
        …I could seriously keep going with this…

        The difference is that when males give into cognitive biases, fears of nihilism and own meaningless mortality people actually let them do it and spread the misinformation because we, in the West (other cultures are even worse at that) still live in a very patriarchal society where when the women believe in New Age or spiritual concepts she is labeled as gullible but when the male does it, well, he may have a point! For the record, I am a female.

        I have exposed myself to all of the above mentioned and I strongly believe these are individuals on the spectrum of schizotypy who really want to believe there is more to life than there is due to basic human fears and it so happens that males are much worse at self-awareness and emotional intelligence than females therefore they engage in intellectual escapism, dissociation and self-serving empowering theories.

        * OBEs – Out of Body Experiences
        * NDEs – Near Death Experiences
        * ESP – Extrasensory perception”

        They’re doing whatever it takes to deny nihilism.
        Too many people find materialism uncomfortable to accept.

        Research in behavioural sciences shows us that human behaviour is predictable if we facilitate a particular situation. There is no evidence for consciousness as in free will, as we are always responding to stimuli, responding to something, that includes reverse psychology behaviour. The only enlightened individuals are those who made themselves believe that they are enlightened which doesn’t mean they actully are. Human behaviour is based on basic principles of power relations and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You comprehend these two, you can figure out people’s actions and reactions – sounds like programming/conditioning to me.”

        Some people, but not all, question materialism because it’s outdated, not because “people find materialism uncomfortable to accept.”
        Look up materialism/physicalism on wikipedia and you’ll see that materialism/physicalism is not really ‘science’. A dominant view to this very day? Yes.
        But just because it’s a dominant view, doesn’t mean it’s true.

        So much for “thinking for yourself”.


      2. Science is all about materialism and scepticism, what else do they have?, as is Wiki, education and mainstream media. “There is no evidence for (scientific) consciousness” because science can’t survive without the materialistic. All the sciences fall into line behind physics, Professor Brian Cox will tell you all about it. Even psychology has gone into denial in order to retain its scientific status and denial has become OK.
        Consciousness is not part of the material brain, it’s the ghost in the machine and physics will have none of that. This is a science that admits to observing only 5% of the universe. I don’t think that gives it the right to boast it’s the font of all knowledge.

        Thinking for yourself does not mean thinking about recalled science, it means thinking critically about science and abandoning dead men’s brains. We are all brainwashed in education to rationalise with science rather than think for our selves. The last thing the powers that be want, those who control education, is for students/pupils to start thinking. They want you to remember the science rationalisations you were taught – up-down, good-bad, dark-light, left-right, positive-negative, there’s more to it than that.

        Did you know science was stolen from the alchemists (natural philosophers)?
        History is a good place to start if you want to know about anything.


  10. Speaking of being told that I’m “wasting my life, desperately denying nihilism by maintaining self-serving delusions, and buying books on woo fairy tales”, I’m in my 30s and am currently traveling the world.
    Look at the people who are fully grown adults that spend 98% of their time and money playing video games.
    How in the heck am I ‘wasting my life maintaining self-serving delusions’?
    And wanting to deny or denial of nihilism, is not what drove me to learn about these things. If this life really is the only one we get, so be it.

    I’ve also noticed that some people get depressed over the idea of materialism being true, and an immaterial reality being non existent.

    I’ve known some people that were constantly sick and in pain, with very little to no hope of recovery.
    And all of the sick and injured people said this to me:
    “Believing that there’s more to life than just this physical one is what’s getting me out of bed in the morning. When I die, I want to transcend this body full of pain and illness, and be in a world where there is no more pain.”

    So it’s not that they’re “afraid of death”. Quite the opposite. They just want to be CONSCIOUS after dying.
    They want to experience being pain and illness free, after living with so much discomfort for so long.

    When I used to debate with ‘skeptics’, I told them that. And this is what they said to me:

    Spiritualists, at any age, get severely depressed when they let go of their new age beliefs, find out their eastern beliefs are false, or the evidence they found was wanting, bad, insufficient, or nonexistent.
    They grew up with a security blanket.
    If they hadn’t been brainwashed, or grown up with the belief that we are more than just matter, they wouldn’t be so depressed when they find out it’s all myths, wishful thinking, and that consciousness is brain-based.
    Mind equalling brain is not depressing, it’s just spiritualists find it depressing because that means letting go of their long and strongly held childhood eastern mysticism beliefs in the supernatural.

    Look at the news. Millenials are no longer believing in religion, but are now believing in other BS such as astrology, psychics, astral projection, and other pseudoscience.
    This is what happens when people grow up with those fairy tale magical thinking beliefs.
    They’ll find anything they can latch onto that fits their beliefs. Some are hardwired and predisposed to believe.
    They no longer believe in religion, but now believe in eastern mysticism and new age woo?
    That’s not surprising, since they are young, most likely to be uneducated, and gullible/naive. They desperately need to believe in something, anything that’s bigger than themselves and transcends physical reality. Especially when times get tough. It’s nothing more than a crutch.

    People at any age with psychotic illnesses ( mainly paranoia and schizophrenia ), gullible, extremely religious, and being high on hallucinogenic drugs are more likely to accept this delusional stuff. They need to see a doctor, not a shaman.
    But now millennials are going to waste the rest of their adult lives believing in fairy tales and delusions.

    And getting depressed over your beliefs being false is like a child being upset and crying when he realizes Santa Clause isn’t real.
    But like a child that grows up and realizes that nobody’s going to give him presents at Christmas for being good, holding down a job, and being responsible, we grow up, realize, and accept the harsh reality that we aren’t special snowflakes.
    And no matter how much we suffer or how hard life gets, there is no higher power or higher self watching us, and death is the end.
    We can’t bury our heads in the sand.
    Life is not perfect or a bowl of cherries and people will suffer, get hurt, and get sick. Some more than others, but that’s just it.
    Consciousness does not exist beyond the brain. Being depressed over that fact is childish.


    1. I don’t do religion or Eastern nihilism, it’s a lie, I do things that bring meaning to life, things that work. I tried religion when I was young and came to the realisation that the deck is stacked against the believer … you’re never going to make it. That’s where the guilt comes in, forever guilty of not making it in a game rigged so you to don’t make it.
      I get the feeling you’re arguing with yourself. Try logic, also known as common sense, it’s important. Use it to find answers to your own personal questions – it works and gives a sense of achievement, meaning. You are made of the stuff of stars so shine.


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  12. Cadxx, can you tell me what the Eirc Dollard page is about? It’s not at all clear where you stand. He is crazy or he is not crazy? I have no idea what vein you’re projecting. I only want to know as it seems you’re saying he is crazy.


  13. No he’s not crazy. It about some guy who says he’s crazy. I thought I made that clear at the top of the page? I’ll take a look. Thanks


  14. Louis Hissink is an interesting guy. But all of his way of thinking about consciousness is based on Western mind-set. He unable to differentiate between religion and spiritualism. Consciousness is the science of spiritualist. I call it inner science, unlike objective science.

    East is best for his total dedication into research on consciousness and developed countless numbers of meditation techniques and traditions, way before West has progressed in material science. Vedic tradition is based on Law of Karma and Moksha. It’s all cause and effect of collective consciousness, not some supreme God. God is mostly an Abrahamic concept. We call it Parmatma.

    So it is not some pagan worshiping as Louis try to project. Pagan is a derogatory term used by priests to defame disbelievers. Vedic tradition has no believer/disbeliever concept.

    So there is no after-life or hell/heaven. You keep taking birth again and again unless you free yourself from your Karma. Physical body is only the vehicle of the soul. There are much inner bodies also as devised by Yogis. There is something called Chakras which represents the level of maturity of individual’s consciousness. The concept a little bit between different sectors in East bu the basic principle is same. Your conscious rises from bottom to top changing your Aura. When your seventh Chakra is activated, you are enlightened, and there is no need to take any more birth. But to achieve this lots of commitment, renunciation and Sadhana is needed. It’s mostly guided by a Guru (NOT teacher with salary, NOT necessarily physical). That’s why we have guru sishya parampara (master-disciple tradition), which doesn’t exists anymore unfortunately.

    So all these things are collective disciplines since ages and conformed countless number of times. It can only be confirmed by practice and experience, not with some materialistic demonstration. They are not some dogmas as Louis speaks.


    1. Yes, I agree with what you have written apart from the guru. Gurus are men and men form their own opinion, this often leads to a religion. My own preference is using your own mind having looked at the history and all possibilities – logic is king. I use Alchemical philosophy combined with most of what you have laid-out. We are consciousness and so the question what is consciousness does not need an answer.
      Louis is confused with the difference between religion and spirituality, he thinks both are the same. He had a scientific education and is now trying to find answers because the science let him down (as it will). The problem arises when such people try to “fix science”. It will never work but he sees no other way. Spirituality should be science but tell that to a scientist!


      1. May be you are comparing with modern so-called Gurus. I am talking about masters, the Brahmarishis, like Vahsista, Vishwamitra, Patanjali, Buddha, Mahavira, etc. They never create any organisation (aka religion). The religions are created by their followers who are not awakened and had different motives. Guru traditionally means an enlightened one. Opinions exists when you don’t know. When you know, there is no question of any opinion.

        And as per our tradition when you experience the ultimate bliss, it’s your duty to try to awaken as many people as possible, otherwise it’s selfishness. Hence the tradition of Gurus. Trying is what important. Yes most masters failed, unfortunately.


      2. I’m talking about the ones who make a religion out of quantum physics.
        This is the second time this week someone has written about awakening. Is it a sign or is it something else? I’ll do a card reading tonight.


    2. My understanding of consciousness came from Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings, followed by U. G. Krishnamurti’s ideas. My understanding of quantum physics that is based on David Bohm’s work.


  15. If you read my first comment, it’s about religion vs spiritualism. So the guru (masters) which I am talking about are spiritually awakened Gurus. Nothing to do with scientism gatekeepers.


    1. I don’t know these people and I doubt that many people in the UK know who they are.
      You seem to be implying that it’s your way or the highway. One thing I know for sure – spirituality does not work that way.
      Alchemy has a following in several Eastern counties, China, India, Egypt past and present. I think you will find there are no Gurus among them.


      1. Learning needs Guru. Also I mentioned that it might not be physical. May be you didn’t get that concept yet or you might have some bad experience.

        Written form of scriptures came into existence much later. In earlier days, they were transferred from master to disciples directly. For examples Vedas were first penned down by Maharsi Veda Vyasa, but was existed much before him.

        Alchemy is similar to Ayurveda. In Ayurveda there is a long tradition of schools where knowledge is directly transferred from Guru to Shishya. Not everything was written. That’s why most of those knowledge was lost.

        It’s like every baby needs parent to learn basic things. Properly parenting a kid is also a spiritual work. Same way we all are infants from spiritual point of view and need proper process with disciple to proceed. In spiritualism how you proceed also matter, not just what you do, unlike objective science.

        Arrogance is one of the biggest roadblock. Spiritualism needs total surrender and commitment towards your Guru. It’s nearly impossible for modern people. Ego always want to be the master.

        Master disciple relationship is a foundation for spiritual progress. You don’t find Guru, Guru finds you. Guru has no identity card or attributes. It can be anybody.

        That’s why there is Guru Purnimaa.


      2. We all have our own particular path to walk through this life. If that works for you then that’s fine, it does not imply that it works for me. If I don’t know something I make it clear I want to know and the answer comes into my head, it’s called the akashic records. There are other routes to enlightenment. I’ve been outside the universe into the void, I’ve seen the universe from afar. I’ve been to Mars and Jupiter and I’ve been to Atlantis. The spirits sometimes visit me. I’ve spoken with Nicola Tesla but I still have to work on electricity. If you want to call Tesla a guru then that’s fine.
        Long ago I encountered a powerful being and I asked what do I do? She answered “Do what you like”, that was the answer I was expecting. We have free will, it’s a law of the universe.


  16. Nowhere I said there is only one path, neither I spoke about any path yet. I clarified your misconception about Guru. Even two Gurus don’t preach the same path. The concept of Guru is inevitable. Almost all enlightened masters we know have a Guru at some point of time. It takes many birth-death cycle to reach enlightenment. Buddha must be like us at some of his past lives. So we all are in the same boat.


    1. You said in your last post, “Learning needs Guru”. Take a look. That is no different to saying if you don’t have a guru you are not going to learn.
      It’s not a path it’s our individual route, just one for each of us.


      1. Yes, if you don’t have a guru you are not going to learn. Can a baby learn to speak and study properly if disconnected from the parents and thrown in a jungle?

        Parents are the first Gurus.

        Your totally ignored my definition of Guru. Looks like you have some ego issue with acknowledging someone/something as a source of light.

        I repeat everybody needs Guru at some point of time. It’s not about inducing any kind of inferiority complex.

        Many people get enlightened, but few manage to become Gurus. Spiritual progress become prominent due to Guru shishya parampara. Downfall of spiritual progress in East happened due to negligence of the long run tradition. Now they are mostly materialistic.

        You don’t have to complicate yourself unnecessarily. All you need is true commitment and innocence.


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