A Message to all WordPress users about blackmail

Today I received the following from WordPress, a message box on an edit page:

“The block editor is now the default editor for all your sites, but you can still use the Classic block, if you prefer.”

It is necsessary to go back several months:
WordPress had imposed the Block Editor on my site without asking. I got in touch via the ‘help’ page. The guy said OK we’ll take it off and it disappeared. Two or three days ago the Block Editor returned. I tried to edit a page and found it to be impossible without the installing the Block Editor.
I contacted WordPress several times about all this with no reply.

There was a web page that said it was possible to remove the Block Editor with an App. When I tried to download the App I was told I would need to upgrade to a business class website £213.00. I don’t need a business website and I can’t afford £213.00, I’m a pensioner.

The message above: “you can still use the Classic block, if you prefer.” is not a preference it’s blackmail to force me to pay for a more expensive website.

Your order [I did not order this]

Site: nextexx.com

WordPress.com Business

£240 £213

Plan Subscription: £17.75 per month × 12

Have a coupon?


Billing information

  • B60 2RH, GB


Pick a payment method

Credit or debit card

Cardholder name

Enter your name as it’s written on the card

Card number

Expiry date

Security code


By checking out:

You agree to our Terms of Service and authorize your payment method to be charged on a recurring basis until you cancel, which you can do at any time. You understand how your subscription works and how to cancel.





I’m not paying this – period

5 thoughts on “A Message to all WordPress users about blackmail

  1. Hi CADXX, I wonder if this is designed to make life ‘difficult’ for you as a result of criticizing the fake establishment ‘in it for the cash’ ‘scientists’??? I think it’s likely. I reckon I’ve been banned from signing into anything Google for the same reasons!! I cannot comment (banned) on YouTube either (Google again). I never criticize politicians (as it’s their job to lie, and get paid for it), or the UK Military, with whom I have a very good relationship with. I love the Nikola Tesla science, was a friend of Eric Laithwaite, and have a paper ‘The Principle of Astrogeometry’ (Kindle) that deals with calculating Hubble’s Constant as 70.98047. This is based on Maxwell’s Aether based equations. I posted this on one of your other threads. Interestingly, our Tesla antenna received the Hurricane Laura Amateur Radio (Ham) disaster net on 7268 kHz in Hull, England yesterday. The received signal was 3 S points up than when received on a mast, and then a G5RV antenna. The operator really struggled to copy it on the conventional antennas, but on the Tesla, it was received like a local, and with no local computer hash and buzzes. Nikola Tesla was a giant of science, knew the Aether is a fact, and was way ahead of his time. This really irritated the fake establishment scientists, who plotted and bankrupted him. Best regards, David Hine.


    1. Congratulations on the Tesla antenna test, there should be more people doing the same.
      You’re right about making life difficult, I’ve been expecting this for some time.They are trying to drive me away without actually banning me. I have plans of my own and I’ll be back. Did I mention they deleted my books and docs page and who knows what else? It’s all becked-up.
      Do you follow Eric Dollard? I hope so. The last of his videos I watched his earthquake detectors had been confiscated. He looked tired and really pissed-off. Don’t let them grind you down.


  2. Hi CADXX, I like Eric Dollard’s work, and I am particularly interested in his VLF and Extra low frequency radio stuff. Tesla antennas are well suited to Extra Low frequency receiving and transmitting. I also used a Nikola Testa antenna to transmit signals around the globe on 1.6Hz with a transmitter of 2Kw output. The signal was seen on most magnetometers as a series of drooping ‘ticks’, and was received very strongly on the Haarp magnetometer in Alaska, and showed on there as a series of rough spiky vertical lines. Haarp was then taken down. I tried to correspond with them, but they tried to explain the spiky lines were caused by trees swaying in the breeze!!!! Not very scientific, considering the magnetometer was housed in a large concrete block of some sort. They did not want to listen to the truth of that signal !!! This was done about 10 Years ago. I tried to contact Eric Dollard, but I did not get a response. I think he was under attack at that time, and was pre-occupied with that. The 1.6Hz was also well received in Kiruna (Arctic Circle) on their magnetometer, and also on the Italian magnetometers. A Radio Amateur (VE) in Brisbane Australia monitored the 1.6Hz signal regularly too, along with another enthusiast in Germany, who contributed to Renato’s ‘Radio Waves below 22kHz Site’. This site is a must for anything ELF / VLF. Eric would have been interested, as magnetometers are used to look for earthquake precursors. Now the ‘Tesla’ will be used for Long and Short Wave broadcasting. I’m sorry to learn your files were taken down online, and it shows just how sneaky they are when science or discussions they don’t like appear. The Astrogeometry paper on Kindle was asked to be taken down by someone in NASA, but Amazon refused, saying it broke no libel laws, so it could stay. I allowed 1 very bad comment from a reader in California, hiding behind an alias (PM3669), if my memory serves me right, to remain, and that really helped interest many in the Kindle (Hubble) booklet. I was thrown out of the Royal Society (London) reception area for presenting that work to them. I was very polite, and did not rise to their bait. Science today is ALL fake, and is a purely money making cash cow closed shop for getting grants, and charging students a fortune for a course of lies and total BS!!!! The exception to this is the research done by the NHS, which has greatly advanced Hospital treatments. That’s a long rant, but I enjoy radio far too much to bother about who does not like Tesla stuff. Tesla antennas are used by several stations on the Amateur bands, and prove to be much better that other antennas Serious stuff is best kept in paper format, or on flashdrives with a computer(s) that are not connected to the web. Redundant XP machines are ideal for any ‘secret’ files. Keep up the good work. Sincerely yours, David Hine


    1. I’ve an interesting paper on Tesla – don’t have a clue where it came from. I’d publish it but I can’t get into my website. I’m working on that. Yesterday my computer was trashed and my Email account cancelled but I’m used to that as you see.
      I was listening to Ken Wheeler a few days ago he was saying if someone in authority says don’t read that, then it means you better read it. I think I must have really pissed someone off – which can only be a good thing. Good wishes for the transmitter. Take care


  3. Hi CADXX, It’s a very strong Jewish trait to desire the truth, and expose corruption. Obviously, politics should be avoided, as they are simply paid liars, and any honest ones get shot. However, science is a different thing, and MUST be honest. Tesla produced several discoveries that did not suit the bankers and corrupt vested interests of those that loved money and not science. The Royal Institution and Universities are full of those that do not like new ideas that short circuit their money grabbing agendas.
    Hubble’s Constant is a prime example. Watch that space!! Even medical science is under the thumb of vested interests of the large pharmaceutical companies who do endless repeated experiments on animals in order to get grants. Ken Wheeler is a great guy, and does great YouTube stuff. I wonder how long before he gets banned????? In preparation for that, do you think it’s a good idea to exchange personal emails etc. in the event of total bans? Ken is right in saying if ‘they’ don’t want you to read something, you should!!
    I dislike the science community with vengeance, and with good reason. They are corrupt, liars, and have a way of stating what they want, and then do experiments to confirm what they want!!! Ass about face methods indeed!!!! A massive financial scandal to Google has been leaked. Google ‘Caroll Trust Scandal for a good read!! This is not in the science area, but it is the same way the science community operates. I’m sorry your computer has been trashed, but those guys who hate truth work like that. Thanks again for the interesting post. How long will it be before this gets shut down?? We need an
    email address log, to enable future correspondence. Best regards, David.


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