A Message to all WordPress users about blackmail

Today I received the following from WordPress, a message box on an edit page:

“The block editor is now the default editor for all your sites, but you can still use the Classic block, if you prefer.”

It is necessary to go back several months:
WordPress had imposed the Block Editor on my site without asking. I got in touch via the ‘help’ page. The guy said OK we’ll take it off and it disappeared. Two or three days ago the Block Editor returned. I tried to edit a page and found it to be impossible without the installing the Block Editor.
I contacted WordPress several times about all this with no reply.

There was a web page that said it was possible to remove the Block Editor with an App. When I tried to download the App I was told I would need to upgrade to a business class website £213.00. I don’t need a business website and I can’t afford £213.00, I’m a pensioner.

The message above: “you can still use the Classic block, if you prefer.” is not a preference it’s blackmail to force me to pay for a more expensive website.

Your order

Site: nextexx.com

WordPress.com Business

£240 £213

Plan Subscription: £17.75 per month × 12

Have a coupon?


Billing information

  • B60 2RH, GB


Pick a payment method

Credit or debit card

Cardholder name

Enter your name as it’s written on the card

Card number

Expiry date

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By checking out:

You agree to our Terms of Service and authorize your payment method to be charged on a recurring basis until you cancel, which you can do at any time. You understand how your subscription works and how to cancel.





I’m not paying this – period

15 thoughts on “A Message to all WordPress users about blackmail

  1. Hi CADXX, I wonder if this is designed to make life ‘difficult’ for you as a result of criticizing the fake establishment ‘in it for the cash’ ‘scientists’??? I think it’s likely. I reckon I’ve been banned from signing into anything Google for the same reasons!! I cannot comment (banned) on YouTube either (Google again). I never criticize politicians (as it’s their job to lie, and get paid for it), or the UK Military, with whom I have a very good relationship with. I love the Nikola Tesla science, was a friend of Eric Laithwaite, and have a paper ‘The Principle of Astrogeometry’ (Kindle) that deals with calculating Hubble’s Constant as 70.98047. This is based on Maxwell’s Aether based equations. I posted this on one of your other threads. Interestingly, our Tesla antenna received the Hurricane Laura Amateur Radio (Ham) disaster net on 7268 kHz in Hull, England yesterday. The received signal was 3 S points up than when received on a mast, and then a G5RV antenna. The operator really struggled to copy it on the conventional antennas, but on the Tesla, it was received like a local, and with no local computer hash and buzzes. Nikola Tesla was a giant of science, knew the Aether is a fact, and was way ahead of his time. This really irritated the fake establishment scientists, who plotted and bankrupted him. Best regards, David Hine.


  2. To comment further cadxx, I figured the block thing was what everybody was getting as for ages now there’s always been the option far right of block or post I think it is. I always choose post. It keeps flicking to block but I flick it back again. I figured at some stage I’ll learn the block one & understood it would eventually be the only option. Plus, mind you, have been kind of waiting for the chop eventually. From what I see we’ll only be ‘allowed’ to post what we had for dinner & travel (but not too far) perhaps?


    1. Knitting and cooking I wouldn’t be surprised. Like yourself I’ve been expecting it. I just could not stop myself from saying what I think about the cronivus and lock-down murder. I guess that was the last straw.
      Take care and I’ll be back


  3. Hi Pam, I agree anything ‘they’ don’t agree with will be censored. Google the leaked ‘Caroll Trust Scandal’ to see how ‘they’ REALLY operate!! And they dare to censor and trash CADXX and Ken Wheeler, who only wish the truth in science.!!! Regards, David Hine


  4. Hi Cadex, do you have access to any dashboard settings within the admin/backend area? If you do then go to settings then look down and see if there is a ‘writing settings’ link, of so, click on this and see if there is a default editor selection allowing you to select between classic and block editor?

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  5. It’s me again, with a possible work around Cadxx. I run quite a few wordpress sites that I’ve installed myself and so have then been able to activate plugins so I don’t have to use the new ‘shit’ block editor, so on reading about workarounds and disabling all my plugins so I’d then be forced to use the guttenberg shit editor, so, if you look at all of the stupid block editor icons one is actually called ‘Class Editor’ or ‘Classic Block’ (I cannot remember now). So, look for and select the classic block which seems to then offer you a full width retro classic editor ‘block’ within which I’m pretty sure you can write pretty much as you used to!!!


  6. Hi again Clive and thanks
    I’ll certainly take a look. I find I can now edit in Classic but all kinds of other weird things crop-up along the way. I was copying some pages and found I couldn’t ‘go back’ to the ‘All pages list” in the usual way, I had to start from scratch at the top of the page every time.

    Maybe you can help in another way? I’ve been trying to set-up a server of my own without much success. So, I was reading about Centos 8 the Linux OS with a server included. Bang, bing, bang, everything went great until reboot. After rebooting it stopped and wanted the HDD password, something it’s never done in all the years I’ve had the computer. I don’t have the password. Today I’ve been looking at ways to delete it including Ultimate Boot CD and removing the little link marked PSWD1 on the motherboard – with no success. The Dell pages are hopeless and no one on the net has a clue. Any ideas?

    Another strange thing: I don’t know if I mentioned that my computer was hacked at the same time WordPress decided to harass me? Part of the trashing (USB, disk drive and by default my files) was my Outlook mail account. There was a file called ‘tarif’ that stuck-out like a sore thumb. When I opened it it took me through to my Email account at Microsoft for a few seconds and then reverted to ‘can’t find this server’ or whatever. I mean, isn’t that the stupidest thing, hacking Microsoft? Anyway, I wanted to change my password and to cut the long story short, changing the password has a 30 day hold on it? Can it be they are chasing my hacker who probably works for WordPress? 🙂
    Take care!


  7. Mmmm, sorry, Al, I’ve briefly read about setting up your own internet server in the past, but I’ve no experience of doing this. Although given now MSwyndoows has been evolving recently (it seems to be more and more ‘doing it’s own thing’) such I’ve been thinking about installing linus mint instead as it would be much safer and particularly as I had some similar (to what you describe) weird shit happening a few weeks ago, I ended up having to run multiple anti virus/malware applications to double/tripple check I’d not been infected with ‘something’!!!


    1. Look out for “TARIF SETUP” malware. It gets to you through your Email. I had this problem months ago but I must admit I let him in to see what he was up-to. Having done that I removed my Email software and used the servers at Microsoft etc. for my mail. He had to hack Microsoft to get into my mail.
      Linux Mint 20 is very good on security and I’d recommend it. Having said that if someone is determined to get in they will get in.
      Take care


  8. Haha, actually that reminded me that the last time I was thinking of dumping windows, I couldn’t find a linux version of PopTrayU which is an e-mail server inbox scanner that can also then pre download (just as text the first ‘X’ text lines of the e-mail) which I always have running on windows. This checks all my e-mail accounts every 5 minutes or so, and automatically gives me a discrete popup when I get a new e-mail. Plus any ‘shit’ e-mail in any account I can easily delete directly from the server.

    In just checking now, I’ve actually found a linux version that seems directly equivalent called PopTrayMinus. So, overall, basically I’ve way less excuse to stay with windows now!!!


  9. Do you have any idea what happened to Louis Hissink? lhcrazyworld.wordpress.com has been deleted with no warning.


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