Bohm Bombs Quantum

Rupert Sheldrake

A new film on the life and ideas of the quantum physicist David Bohm has just been released on youtube. It is well worth watching. Bohm was was one of the deepest scientific thinkers of his generation, and tried to move the sciences in a more holistic direction. He and I had a very productive dialogue on the relationship between his theory of the implicate order and morphic resonance which you can read here.

David Bohm The video:

I got the above on my Email a couple of days ago and thought it was worth a look. I’m usually interested in what Sheldrake has to say but I must admit this “film” leaves-out more than it admits. The only opinions seem to be those of quantum physicists so I suppose the whitewash is to be expected?

David Bohm

David Bohm

Accusing someone of being a Marxist is a catch-all for politically unwelcome ideas. In this instance the catch-all refers to anywhere South of the North Pole. It’s a nod and a wink for lazy thinkers and those trying to defend the indefensible – ‘he/she is a Marxist’ – end of conversation. Any self-defence makes the victim look more guilty.

Wiki as self appointed defender of the faith has little sympathy: Due to his Communist affiliations, Bohm was the subject of a federal government investigation in 1949, prompting him to leave the United States. He pursued his scientific career in several countries, becoming first a Brazilian and then a British citizen. He abandoned Marxism in the wake of the Hungarian Uprising in 1956.

In fact Bohm was a member of the Communist party for only nine months and he was subsequently all but kicked out of the scientific community. What did he do to deserve it? He befriended Buddhists and at some point debated becoming one himself. Physicists always fuss about such things on account of their particlist religion.

I reckon he was more interested in philosophy than a quasi-religion, but that’s just my opinion. Halton Arp encountered much the same. He was a Big Bang denier and this would lead him to be banned from what he enjoyed, to peer critically through his favourite telescope. Bohm was a quantum physics denier who muckraked in forbidden territory.

quantum mechanics explained
Quantum mechanics explained

Wiki: Bohm posited both the quantum particle, e.g. an electron, and a hidden ‘guiding wave’ that governs its motion. (Wiki continues ranting with a diatribe about particles: “electrons are quite clearly particles—when a double-slit experiment…”ad nauseam.

It’s quite obvious to some that Bohm was speaking of the aether physics of Maxwell and that alone is quite enough to get him expelled. It’s a generalisation but nevertheless a true one that electricity was banned in 1900. There was nothing written down but science and education’s top administrators certainly knew about it. As did Nikola Tesla who was cash-starved preventing experimentation for the rest of his life. This is documented. It was not so much electricity that was banned as it was the aether which amounts to the same thing. The basis and the driving force behind our electronic technology was debunked leaving nothing in it’s place. We no longer have a working mainstream theory of electricity and this has been the situation since Einstein electrons and quantum physics.

Einstein knew about it

Wiki: “In 1916, after Einstein completed his foundational work on general relativity, Lorentz wrote a letter to him in which he speculated that within general relativity the aether was re-introduced. In his response Einstein wrote that one can actually speak about a “new aether”, but one may not speak of motion in relation to that aether.”
(that aether = pseudo debunked aether)
Einstein did not have a clue regarding electricity.


Einstein was sequestered to destroy the aether but found himself not able to do without it. J J Thomson was unhappy about his electron which was nevertheless used to make particle theory a pseudo respectable branch of physics. Whether this was done with Thomson’s approval I don’t know, but Einstein was certainly happy to go along for the ride.

Consider: there could have been no double-slit experiment in the absence of particles.
Bohm had rediscovered Maxwell’s aether, something also encountered by Einstein.

The mathematical framework used for general relativity is the one of classical fields, which is the same framework used for classical electromagnetism.

It’s obviously not, because it omits aether. What they are referring to is Heavisde’s version of Maxwell.

Bohm’s Pilot Wave

Wiki: In theoretical physics, the pilot wave theory, also known as Bohmian mechanics, was the first known example of a hidden-variable theory, presented by Louis de Broglie in 1927. Its more modern version, the de Broglie–Bohm theory, interprets quantum mechanics as a deterministic theory, avoiding troublesome notions such as wave–particle duality, instantaneous wave function collapse, and the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat.

Nature: A quantum take on certainty’ … 1.344.html

Thunderbolts goes for my own theory “Intriguingly, the trajectories closely match those predicted by an unconventional interpretation of quantum mechanics known as pilot-wave theory, in which each particle has a well-defined trajectory that takes it through one slit while the associated wave passes through both slits.”

A moving particle has an associated aether displacement wave.

In a double slit experiment the particle travels a well defined trajectory which takes it through one slit. The associated aether wave passes through both. As the aether wave exits the slits it creates wave interference. As the particle exits a single slit the direction it travels is altered by the wave interference. This is the wave piloting the particle of pilot-wave theory. Detecting the particle strongly exiting a single slit turns the associated aether wave into chop. The aether waves exiting the slits interact with the detectors and become many short waves with irregular motion. The waves become disorderly. The waves are disorganized. There is no wave interference. The particle pitches and rolls through the chop. The particle gets knocked around by the chop and it doesn’t create an interference pattern.

Re: Wave-particle duality is a particle and its aether wave

Post by 77Gslinger » Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:35 pm
The so-called electrons used in the double slit experiment are in fact spiraling electric wave forms and not “ball bearings” and “marbles” as claimed by the eggheads who push this absurd lie. This is a shell game where the fake electrons of the debunked nuclear theory of the atom are substituted by academicians, for the real electrons which mankind utilizes in electron “guns”, microscopes etc. See DB Larson’s “The Case Against the Nuclear Theory of the Atom” for a full demolition of the nuke atom fraud. There are no ball bearings in orbital shells, even my Chem profs confessed this nuke atom was a fraud back in 1976, yet it is still taught? Who benfits from this lie? Follow the money trail, it is easy to find out.

This invalidates the entire expermient and all freaky conclusions attributed to it by quantum guessers and there is no need to go into all of the freaky claims made by quantum quacks, based on their mythematical models which describe this fraud. Really, the simplist means to debunk things is the best. Quantum quackery asserts that there are “fundamental quantums of energy” which are in reality a form of reductionism as blatant as 17th to 19th Century etherdefined as ” indivisible ether particles”. These quantum quacks lash out against ether, yet their fundamental qunatums of energy are just as absurd. It’s called Hypocrisy and a double standard, with “special pleading” for their non-existent “quantums” and all of the hog wash it creates in their bizarre conclusions based on faulty mythematics.

The One Theory of Quantum Mechanics That Actually Kind of Makes Sense

Pilot waves are likely to bring back the aether and do away with particles. For this reason alone a terminal debunking of Bohm is due.

Pilot waves are ripples in the aether, electrons are not electrons.

One thing becomes abundantly clear, quantum physics strains credulity to its limits. It’s been popularised among the spiritually lost, by the scientific press and computer clowns who see it as the coming saviour. It’s hated by cat-lovers everywhere.

The Digging Dog is not a cat lover

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