There was never any need to protect hospitals because there was never going to be a tsunami of patients needing treatment. Right at the start it was clear that the cronivus that was the centre of attention was not going to be any more of a threat than a fairly bog standard flu bug. Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together could see that.

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Bohm Bombs Quantum

It’s quite obvious to some that Bohm was speaking of the aether physics of Maxwell and that alone is quite enough to get him expelled. It’s a generalisation but nevertheless a true one that electricity was banned in 1900.

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Why do scientists hate Tesla?

Science v Nikola Tesla I’m always getting messages asking why science is so opposed to Nikola Tesla. I decided to write a page to refer to. It’s about aether and inexpensive clean energy and antigravity so science is obviously biased. We need to look to history for answers. It’s all recorded in the somewhat shrouded […]

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The Secret Space Program Anti-Gravity

The Secret Space Program Anti-Gravity and Elon Musk back to the past SpaceX will send a NASA crew into orbit this week, marking a major milestone in the mission of entrepreneurs to reclaim the galaxy from big government. This is old technology bordering on ancient technology, it’s hype like all of Musk’s “Tesla” technology, Nikola […]

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