Chemtrails – Geoengineering

Chemtrails – Geoengineering 15 Feb 2020

This page is more about information than opinion though I have been intrigued watching the planes going back and forth.

Patent: Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
David B. Chang
I-Fu Shih
Current Assignee
Hughes Aircraft Co
Raytheon Co
Anticipated expiration
Application status is Expired – Lifetime

A method is described for reducing atmospheric or global warming resulting from the presence of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere, i.e., from the greenhouse effect. Such gases are relatively transparent to sunshine, but absorb strongly the long-wavelength infrared radiation released by the earth. The method incudes the step of seeding the layer of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere with particles of materials characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity. Such materials include Welsbach materials and the oxides of metals which have high emissivity (and thus low reflectivities) in the visible and 8-12 micron infrared wavelength regions.

Wiki: Welsbach seeding is a patented climate engineering method, involving seeding the stratosphere with small (10 to 100 micron) metal oxide particles (thorium dioxide, Aluminium oxide). The purpose of the Welsbach seeding would be to “(reduce) atmospheric warming due to the greenhouse effect resulting from a greenhouse gases layer”, by converting radiative energy at near-infrared wavelengths into radiation at far-infrared wavelengths, permitting some of the converted radiation to escape into space, thus cooling the atmosphere. The seeding as described would be performed by airplanes at altitudes between 7 and 13 kilometres.

It should be noted that this method can be used to both reduce and increase warming. Warming can be simulated by chemtrails in much the same way as cooling.

Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
United States Patent 5003186
While this method would increase the reflection of visible light incident from space, the metallic particles would trap the long wavelength blackbody radiation released from the earth. This could result in net increase in global warming.

Nobleman Carl F. Auer von Welsbach (1 September 1858 – 4 August 1929 or there about) was an Austrian scientist (chemist) and inventor. He was most notably involved with the invention of the gas mantle and the metal electric light filament.

Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence Exposes Chemtrail as Crime Against Humanity
A peer reviewed, court admissible scientific evidence of the deliberate annihilation of the global population has been released to the public by a very prominent scientist. This explosive revelation was made through the peer reviewed International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The Science Behind “Chemtrails”
by Jerry Leonard
As a result of several years of investigation and observation, I believe a ‘geoengineering’ strategy is being quietly implemented by billionaires like Bill Gates under the pretext of fighting global warming, in numerous projects around the world.

These geoengineering projects include ‘stratospheric sulfate injections,’ as part of a ‘solar radiation management’ strategy–designed to do nothing less than modify the reflectivity of the earth’s atmosphere and thereby control the amount of sunlight hitting the earth.

The item below seems to be the most likely culprit, it’s cheap poisonous and plentiful:

Evidence of Toxic Coal-Fly-Ash and Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health
by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence Exposes Chemtrail as Crime Against Humanity

How much coal ash is there?
Coal ash is one of the largest types of industrial waste generated in the United States. According to the American Coal Ash Association’s Coal Combustion Product Production & Use Survey Report, nearly 130 million tons of coal ash was generated in 2014.

Wiki Fly ash:
The minor constituents of fly ash depend upon the specific coal bed composition but may include one or more of the following elements or compounds found in trace concentrations (up to hundreds ppm): arsenic, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, hexavalent chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, selenium, strontium, thallium, and vanadium, along with very small concentrations of dioxins and PAH compounds. It also has unburned carbon.

In the past, fly ash was generally released into the atmosphere, but air pollution control standards now require that it be captured prior to release by fitting pollution control equipment. In the United States, fly ash is generally stored at coal power plants or placed in landfills. About 43% is recycled, often used as a pozzolan to produce hydraulic cement or hydraulic plaster and a replacement or partial replacement for Portland cement in concrete production…

Australia is on fire. STOP promoting fly ash-based cements !
by Prof. Dr. Joseph Davidovits,

Production of Fly Ash by coal burning is a large contributor to CO2 and so the CO2 problem is solved using the same problem that caused it? Activists and psychopaths should consider that the Earth is a complex place, too complex it seems for the experts who’s words they hang-on. Too complex to play around with the weather.

Chemtrails Project UK
Campaign to Ban Chemtrails and Geoengineering
Chemtrails Project UK is part of a growing worldwide movement that is raising awareness of chemtrails and taking action to ban climate geoengineering and weather modification.
We have created the Directive to present hard, irrefutable evidence that this illicit, global crime is not merely a “proposal” but is indeed happening today.
The above is a veritable treasure trove of geoengineering information.

Chemtrails – US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails
By William Thomas
© 2001 William Thomas
Covert Climate Control?
Under the banner of some top-secret scientific agenda, the US military continues to weave chemical-laden contrails in the skies, causing health problems for unprotected people on the ground.

Chemtrails have been closely linked with the HAARP project. Searching for a PDF copy of “Angels Dont Play This HAARP” by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning a recommended insight. I got the following message:
Web Page Blocked!
The page cannot be displayed. Please contact the administrator for additional information.

But read all about it here: The Military’s Pandora’s Box by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning

Playing power-games with Tesla technology whilst considering the pathetic electrical knowledge possessed by physics today is more than likely to lead to catastrophe.

The Digging Dog

5 thoughts on “Chemtrails – Geoengineering

  1. Can blackbody radiation be explained using Maxwell’s equations? Planck’s equation is the most accepted theory for explanation for blackbody radiation.


    1. First Time Ever Seen: Secret of Light: 140 Year old mystery solved! Crookes Radiometer

      Max Planck Solves the Ultraviolet Catastrophe for Blackbody Radiation | Doc Physics

      The answer you want is in here. It’s about frequency and capacitance not temperature.
      my editors doing strange things!
      So I would think this can be derived from Maxwell.
      I’m not good at math so I do everything from logic.


      1. Thanks for the reply.

        The Wheeler’s video has no explanation regarding planck’s law which was my question.

        But the Doc Schuster’s video which you shared has no mention of capacitance and EM theory explanation. He supports Quantum Mechanics.

        Blackbody phenomena are used in radio astronomy to detect temperature of stars, sun etc by using it’s radiation spectrum.

        Is it a pseudoscience? Or any better electric explanation.


      2. If a quanta is anything at all it has to be the individual compression and expansion of light waves in the aether medium, like luminous sound waves. Photons don’t exist.
        I did a page on this ‘Electron Frequency’
        and there was no sign of anyone using or even knowing the natural frequency of radio waves or the electron. So it would be interesting to know what Planck was measuring because there is nothing else? If you know let me know. Propagation through aether is just aether, not measurable as no one has detected the aether.


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