Telluric Currents – The Universal Current

Telluric Currents – The Universal Current – Cold Electricity

This page is a record of evidence collected on the nature of telluric energy, magnetic and non-magnetic electric currents, for my own interest in the subject and for others to use as they wish.

Telluric currents have nothing to do with man-made currents in the Earth, they were detected and used before there were any man-made currents in the Earth. Any reference to man-made currents as being telluric currents is wrong. Telluric currents have properties not found in domestic or battery electricity.

Telluric and magnetic

The map of telluric currents worldwide does not match or align with magnetic maps or gravitational maps. I started to wonder about the connection with my Electron Gone experiment as telluric currents flow in all directions throughout the Earth. Do telluric currents have a magnetic field?

                                        Telluric Currents Earth Map

Telluric Currents and Magnetic Field don’t match.

*world Magnetic Field
*World Magnetic Field


Eric Dollard is researching telluric currents, an early warning system for the early detection of earthquakes. The whole thing can be read at the link below:

Eric P Dollard

(b)… This system is non electro-magnetic in its basic configuration. It is more an electro-static configuration. This results from the telluric waves having a non electro-magnetic character. The basic and compound telluric systems presented can be considered an advancement upon prior work of Nikola Tesla (1900) and Ernst Alexanderson (1919). In addition the systems presented can be considered improvements upon any existing methodologies or apparatus involving the reception of natural telluric impulses, communications or broadcasting systems utilizing electric wave propagation within the interior of the earth.
Read it all here:

“Wireless Transmission Systems Are Limited To The Speed Of Light, But Only If The Signals Are Electromagnetic In Nature. Tesla And Alexanderson Engineered Wireless Transmission Systems With No Such Limitations That Were Fully Operational By 1917… Thereby Disproving Einstein’s Relativity Before It Was Even Generally Believed By The Scientific Community!”
Eric P Dollard

Eric Dollard
“In West Marin, the Tocaloma PG & E substation on the Ignacio/Olema 66 kv line, has only one line for both the input and output. It represents the vestige of such devices, – an installation that has been in operation for at least 70 years. Today, probably no one in PG& E, even knows how it all works. (Don’t expect the lights to stay on for too much longer… today, engineers have been replaced by lawyers and safety has been replaced by insurance. It’s a LET-IT-BURN policy…)”

Message online from Yry:
Dr. Puthoff obtained a U.S. Patent on a non electromagnetic communication system that
cannot be shielded, Puthoff’s U.S. Patent (5,845,220). The system has been built and
tested “as part of a classified project.”

Similarly, Raymond C. Gelinas received U.S. Patent 4,429,288. The importance of
this/ese invention(s) is that it is a non-electromagnetic communication system and
cannot be shielded.

The patent says: Communication method and apparatus with signals comprising scalar and vector potentials without electromagnetic fields.
Inventor Harold E. Puthoff
Date of Patent: Dec. 1, 1998

Wiki as would be expected disputes all this because it’s taboo to physics: “Puthoff and EarthTech were granted a US Patent 5,845,220 in 1998 after five years delay. The claims were disputed that information could be transmitted through a distance using a modulated potential with no electric or magnetic field components. The case is used for educational purposes in patent law as an example of a valid patent where “The lesson of the Puthoff patent is that in a world where both types of patents are more and more common, even a competent examiner may fail to distinguish innovation from pseudoscience.”

Wiki tells us: “The claims were disputed that information could be transmitted through a distance using a modulated potential with no electric or magnetic field components.”
“a modulated potential with no electric or magnetic field components” is not what is claimed, just an electric field without a magnetic field which is perfectly possible as proven on my Electron Gone page.

As I’ve repeated on many occasions, scientific research into the nature of electricity ended or was deliberately stopped some hundred or more years ago. This was applied to science, teaching, publishing and all media leading to the utter confusion and ignorance of the subject today, it’s called dumbing-down, applied to all education since the onset of the industrial revolution. The idea being that we only needed enough learning to keep the mills turning – it’s never been changed because the mill owners have never changed.

In the case of telluric electricity it was scientifically debunked in the 1840s/1850s. I’ve no idea how this happened but I’m sure it did, at a time when there were no electrical utilities and very few knew anything about electricity. Today it’s all but gone, misunderstood by scientists and engineers alike. In fact telluric is regarded by science as a taboo subject, the free energy source whose name shall not be spoken.
See my page on the electric telegraph for more on this.

What are Electrons – do they even exist outside of mathematics?

The subject of electricity, telluric, geomantic, universal energy is highly diverse covering so much ground that it would need a large book to cover it all. What I will do is give snapshots of various areas of interest. In the early days as now there were those who would attempt to rationalise it in terms of mainstream theory. An early attempt was the introduction of the electron that turned-out to be disastrous for engineering and at the same time a triumph for the introduction of particle physics. Such was the turmoil that Albert Einstein having used Maxwell’s equations to construct his relativity theories said he would like to abandon electricity theory and introduce a whole new direction to the science. This didn’t happen and we have what we have today.

The ancients knew about the energies of the Earth and it was they who logically discovered the universal aether and awarded it’s attributes; without some kind of aether, physics is impossible.

The electron, we are told was “invented/discovered” by J J Thomson who didn’t believe it himself. He managed, according to mainstream sources, ” to discover electronics” whilst already having ALL the basics of the electronic technology we have today at his disposal! There is something radically wrong with the previous two sentences that many should know is wrong but fail to notice. We have all ever-since been so enchanted by the idea of the electron that a current cannot be spoken of without referring to it. And yet Wiki admits that the electron moves at millimetres per hour. How can it power a city at millimetres per hour?

Wiki and “speed of electricity” (confusion): When a DC voltage is applied, the electron drift velocity will increase in speed proportionally to the strength of the electric field. The drift velocity is on the order of millimeters per hour. AC voltages cause no net movement.

The reader will note the Wiki contradiction “electron drift velocity will increase in speed proportionally to the strength of the electric field” and ” AC voltages cause no net movement”  while DC travels at “millimeters per hour”. In other words it barely moves at all. Wiki changes this page and even it’s title on a regular basis but always comes back to the unavoidable conclusion that electrons don’t move through conductors and current in the electric field on the surface of the conductor is a completely independent process.
Having made that clear, how can it be said that electronics depends on the electron? I can think of no electronic process or invention that required the existence of the electron in order to function.

Back to Telluric
There are different kinds of electricity including the type we get from domestic supplies AC and batteries DC, pulsed DC, telluric, radiant (cold electricity) and static (motionless charges), one researcher (see below) said he had identified almost two hundred. Apart from the few who are actually involved in telluric research, no one knows anything about this. There is no universal terminology and again this causes confusion even among researchers who know what they have seen but don’t know how to describe it:

Quote- the late researcher John Bedini
“That is where the magic is, The spike is the key to the Dirac Sea that is where the negative energy pops out of, chase the spike. When I first started publishing  my work in the 1970 on different systems that did show the strange effects that we all seek to use as free energy, I made it very public. After a conference  at the Tesla convention  in 1984 where I did get up on stage and discuss the little box I held in my hand, along with Jim Watson who did give the demonstration of My machine, which is now his machine. 

There were only two differences. The machine was publicly disclosed in a little booklet. One man was bound to be told that if he ever discussed exactly how the machine worked, his whole family would be killed, but gained $2.5 million. The other man was pushed by agents to the wall by two big brutes at gun point and told you will buy gasoline the rest of your life. I was the latter.
http:// www.chenier misc/ battery%20p oppers.htm

cold electrictyRadiant or cold electricity confusion
John Bedini said to Oxford University mathematical physicist Dr Dave Clements, when he has asked him: What is Radiant energy?
“I do that by my coils, my switching circuits. That’s how I generate radiant energy. I’m only concerned with a sharp transient, in the spike, as far as the radiant goes. As far as the negative energy goes, the negative energy comes from the battery. Once I generate this sharp transient, and charge the battery, it’s a negative effect to the battery, because there’s no heat in the battery.
“It seems to be like an ocean wave, or a gravitational wave. It seems to ride in on a some form of gravity wave. where it’s up and down, up and down, sometimes it comes in stronger and sometimes a lot lighter.
It does change, this wave does change, during say a full moon, some of these motors have been known, during the full moon, to speed up just a little bit, and go a little bit faster in the night and a little bit slower during the day.”

Nikola Tesla called it a disruption (of current, sudden impulse, switching) he used pulsed DC for the experiments. The impulse opens a gate to environmental energy – stirring the aether. This is the same disruption that blows-up or cooks the transformers that provide our power supply. The blame is attached to anything but the true cause. A gate is opened to the aether and energy comes rushing in.

Note: The problem here is obviously academic science and the education derived from it. Using the problem to solve the problem is not going to work.

Edwin Gray

Edwin Gray

Edwin V. Gray of Van Nuys California. In WW II Gray learned radar during his tour in the U.S. Navy, having previously attended advanced engineering school in the Army until discovered to be under age 15 and discharged. After the war, by 1958 he had learned to perform what he called “splitting the positive pole”, using “cold electrical energy” (his name for negative EM energy) as well as the normal positive electrical energy. His first motor was operating by 1961. Preparing to put units into production, in 1974 the Los Angeles District Attorney confiscated all Gray’s records and prototypes. To escape bogus charges, Gray later pleaded guilty to two minor infractions and was released. His prototypes were never returned. After several mishaps, moves, and more prototypes, Gray died in Nevada under mysterious circumstances in April 1989. We quote directly from Lindemann.
This is what Tesla did, splitting the current.

An Introduction to the ‘Mysteries of Ground Radio’
by Gerry Vassilatos
Eric Dollard and Gerry Vassilatos are reliable sources of information on this subject.

Gerry Vassilatos

Telluric telegraph and telephones

A few extracts from the page:
As none of these researchers actually measured the elusive “ground current”, many engaged an imaginative freeplay in the artistic description of the same. Several patent drawings reveal a curiously geomantic flair, the meandering “return currents” flowing over land and stream to their terminals. Here we find remarkable evidence that these inventors were in fact engaging in a form of geomantic vision, describing an entirely different and more agile energy species than electrical current (Farmer, Ader, Frow). Toward the peak successful operation of telegraph and telephone systems, the proper placement of terminal plates was an absolute requirement. As this art demanded special ability, the first telegraph linesmen used the methods familiar to dowsers. The very placement of ground plates, poles, and junction boxes was, for these linesmen, completely predicated on the strong presence of upwelling energies from the earth. Empirical evidence proved these methods superior to “resistance surveying” in the placement of station plates and other components…

…Besides the obvious geomantic incursions, those which influenced the decisions of workmen and designers, the energetic presence made itself known in several other ways. Power literally appeared “from the ground” in many stations, a condition which Alfred Vail reported (1839). He found it necessary to progressively remove batteries from the first long-distance telegraph line, reporting this remarkable manifestation of energy to his elder partner, Samuel Morse. Lines operated on an energy which exceeded the battery supply, and ground-connective communications systems were especially prone to bizarre energy manifestations…

…It was clear to linesmen and operators that the signal energy could not possibly be maintained over such long ground and water conduction paths without amplification. Some external agency was somehow augmenting and modifying the applied signal impulses…

…These specially placed telegraph and telephone lines operated for years without batteries at all. Station operators took this phenomenon for granted. Despite the “long dead and corroded Edison Cells”, telegraph station operators continued the powerful exchange of “fat blue and sparking” signals for decades (Lehr)…

Earth batteries
…Those who doubt these facts may attempt the simplest of experiments. Place two identical copper rods into the ground however distant your skepticism demands. The ground can be dry. Connect a galvanometer to each rod by means of thin wire. An anomalous positive reading results. This simple fact illustrates the concepts taught by Nathan Stubblefield, who stated that earth batteries do not generate electricity: they intercept and receive ground flowing telluric currents. If you wish to find strong telluric currents by this means, place one of your two ground rods into a tree root. The galvanometer should be wired close to this base. The other rod is wired and can be placed in sequentially different spots. Readings can literally “pin” the meter, holding it there for weeks…

Mysterious signals
…The mystifying appearance of fragmentary sentences and geometric patterns was continually observed in idle Chemical Telegraph receivers, a phenomenon which has been discussed in a former treatise (Vril Compendium Vol. 3). Perceptive investigators clearly perceived that incursions of geomantic energy were dynamically modifying and augmenting every ground application of electrical energy. Such anomalous energy manifestations, which often revealed a perplexing time-periodicity, found no plausible explanation among the theoreticians.
I recommend reading all of this here:

The Universal Current Luigi Giovani Valerio Rota
Luigi Gino Valerio Rota was born on July 1, 1886 at Lu Monferrato province from Alessandria in Italy. He made studies of physics in Turin at the beginning of the 19th century, and settled in Marseilles before joining England where he was between 1917 and 1921 the first foreigner working in the research laboratories of the British Admiralty. It is at that time that he was invested in work on the microwaves which allowed the discovery and the development of the first radars.

Rota spent the rest of his life experimenting with telluric earth energies producing inventions that were surprisingly similar to those of Nikola Tesla. It’s not generally known but Tesla worked with telluric energies to power his Wardenclyffe Tower. “A friend from Europe came across an old notebook by a fellow named ROTA; it apparently involved highly novel research into what (is an) alchemical term () ‘telluric currents’…these are earth currents that are claimed to be able to precipitate under the right conditions into various elements, notably dumping into sites we find as mines….the legends say old Europena families, notably German, would deplete a gold mine, then seal it up for 100 years….when they opened it back up the gold would be restored because of the telluric current precipitation. E=MC^ doesn’t mean this precipitation has to happen instantly, with nature it could well take many, many years….here is part of the post;

Rota discovered that the earth harboured currents. Towards the end of his life, he discovered some 191 different currents. He also stated that metals were formed by these currents. Copper for instance was a mixture of four different currents. Rota buried huge (as he called them) `blocs’ in the earth, consisting of amalgams of different metals, sometimes even a hundred different metals or so. With these, he claimed to be able to use these earth currents for the production of energies!

Now the person who told me all this, once even actually dug out such a bloc from a depth of six metres. He also told me that Rota’s son was still living somewhere with all of Rota’s machines still in existence! He didn’t tell me what was in the note book though (I didn’t ask). I remember stumbling across Rota in a 1972 pamphlet by Egerton Sykes on Keely. Very short reference there: `L.G.V. Rota, an Italian scientist living at Valence, France before 1939. Had a system of magnetic currents induced by joining plates of various metals and materials together, some of which are still in existence.’

Unusual properties of telegraph lines using telluric energy
“Presott quotes an experimenter (Matteucci) who measured resistance of earth vs distance. He found that current (for a fixed voltage) decreased with distance initially, but when the distance reached 60-100 yds the current stopped decreasing and for longer distances began to increase! At a distance of ten miles or more it is found that the resistance of the earth return is small compared with the resistance of the wire.

The drop in resistance is due to a rise in telluric voltage, otherwise it’s necessary to explain how the Earth resistance drops? “The vast array of energetic anomalies of early telegraphic and telephonic systems caused the empirical engineers of the mid-1800s to lean favorably toward the non-electric earth-energy theories of Fr. Athanasus Kirchner, because his theories could explain and qualify the observed anomalies, while normal electrical theory could not. Kirchner, in his turn, had developed his expressions from the philosophers and alchemists of the Victorian Age, when science was devoid of dogma, and numerous parallel earth-energy events were collectively then called “electricity”.

The earth energies observed by the engineers of telegraphy and telephony in the mid-1800s behaved exactly like the powerfully surging earth currents described by Kirchner. The engineers observed earth power so enormous it could not be attributed to electrostatic accumulations nor to the weak electrical strains induced in ground systems by auroral discharges. These currents were fiery and potent.

Indeed, the “Telluric Energy” of Kirchner far exceeded the frail power of mere electrical currents, as large as that power might be considered to be, by some. Kirchner’s writings brought about an inference that, contained in these energies, were the awesome secrets of the processes of Creation, the Power by which the real world was both constantly generated, and sustained.”

Ground Radio

GROUND Radio is a subject which has remained on the periphery of engineering discussions for decades. It has maintained its elusive and mysterious poise because of fundamental anomalies observed when its methods are utilized, anomalies which manifest when signals are both transmitted and received directly through the ground. The inability to adequately address the associated anomalies has produced a remarkable impasse among conventional engineers. Many highly qualified such persons are quite sure that the Ground Radio phenomenon is adequately explained through classic theoretical propagation models. Experimental findings however, have brought to our attention several anomalous features of this form of Radio propagation.

Only an extensive and deliberated exploration of Ground Radio will prove our several discoveries in the art. Rudimentary and inexpensive in requirement, experiments with Ground Radio provide an endless source of anomalies. Experimental investigations of these methods may begin with as little equipment as a shortwave receiver, a copper pipe, and a length of wire. The rest remains in the strangely lost art of interpretation. The accurate interpretation of the findings derived through such experimentation requires familiarity with the pertinent bibliography. We hope that the reader is encouraged to duplicate and surpass these methods, as those who do so will not be without their due reward. The discovery of new and unfamiliar phenomena can be yours…when you take the first step. Dr. Nikola Tesla directed the construction of a massive radiating structure on the northshore of Long Island. His previous years of experience taught him the secrets concerning radiant energy and its effective propagation through the air and space (1892 to 1900). Understanding the means by which radiant energy may be more effectively beamed down through the ground, Dr. Tesla established the magnificent Wardenclyffe Station (1901). Tesla intended Wardenclyffe to be the first of a series, stations for the subterranean beam transmission of radiant energy. Propagation of very large diameter radiant energy beams had been found more effective for given power purposes, when conducted through solid rock. Tesla found that the earth was transparent to these penetrating straightline beams, and planned the use of deeply imbedded ground terminals in order to direct and launch his special radiant energy.

Dr. Tesla took special pains to establish the extensive underground conducting system in order “to get a grip of the earth”. This most complex construction operation, necessarily executed long before the great tower was erected, took place below the Power Broadcast Station. Tesla stated that this was the most difficult part of his construction operation at Wardenclyffe, the drilling of long iron pipes having first been driven down to more than 300 feet into the foundation rock. At a depth of 120 feet, Tesla excavated several radiating shafts, long hallways whose internal walls were covered with pitch and surrounded with iron pipeworks. These shafts extended outward at this horizontal depth for several hundred feet in all directions, a formidable ground projector. Beneath the central chambers of this Magnifying Transmitter, the deeply embedded terminals actually formed the primary beaming structure; a bizarre conception which was literally rediscovered in legal documents.

Prior to the 1950s/60s all domestic radios had an antena connection and an earth connection. It was realised by some that the radio would work with an earth connection alone. I’ve actually tried this with a TV in a poor signal area and it worked. We have lost a huge amount of knowledge by listening to “experts”.

The Digging Dog

15 thoughts on “Telluric Currents – The Universal Current

  1. Very, very nice instructive article, thank you cadxx!

    ” The electron moves at millimetres per hour. How can it power a city at millimetres per hour? ”
    ” Electrons don’t move through conductors and current in the electric field is a completely
    independent process.”

    ==> I wasn’t aware of these fundamental characteristics above:

    ==> although:
    ” The current Quantum Theory is unable to say if the essence of an electron is a particle or
    a wave, the theory can only say that an elementary particle is consistently inconsistent! ”
    Source: “Update on Kansas Evolution Debate, Science or Fiction, Alternative Theories of Matter”,
    June 15, 2005

    ==> although:
    ” Electric Fields and Magnetic fields are caused by… FIELDS. There are no particles anywhere,
    because they are continuous fields.
    Magnetism is caused by the movement of charges, like electrons.
    This movement causes a change in the electrical field, but it has some delay.
    And this delay in the field is exactly the magnetic field.
    The direction of the field is maintained, to conserve momentum.
    That is how simple it is.”
    by Zyxzevn » Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:43 pm

    ==> although:
    ” Scalar waves vs Transverse waves:
    “It’s a very subtle point, but the difference is a transverse wave operates using the principles
    of light and heat, and the longitudinal “wave” operates using the principles of pressure and
    sound.” by ‘junglelord’ ” Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:07 pm

    ==> although:
    ” Dr. Puthoff obtained a U.S. Patent on a nonelectromagnetic communication system that
    cannot be shielded, Puthoff’s U.S. Patent (5,845,220). The system has been built and
    tested “as part of a classified project.”
    Similarly, Raymond C. Gelinas received U.S. Patent 4,429,288. The importance of
    this/ese invention(s) is that it is a non-electromagnetic communication system and
    cannot be shielded.”


    – The telluric map is a nice discovery of yours, more so when you sided it against
    Earth’s magnetic map.

    – Question: Could the stronger magnetic pole of Antarctica be associated at all with tellurism?

    – MSM supposedly found gravitational waves some 2 years ago:
    Everyone gobbled up that news without ever asking the most basic common sense question, ie.
    Well, then tell us about the length of the wavelength of this wave??…

    Cheers, Yry


    1. Hi Yry nice to hear from you again. I had a message from you some weeks ago and then it disappeared from the list?
      There was some controversy about my “Electron Gone” page when I said that the electric current in the crossed wires had no magnetic field. This is the same as telluric current that also has no magnetic field.
      The electricity from the mains and from batteries is a mixture of dielectric and magnetic fields.
      As for Antarctica… I don’t know.
      You need to watch Ken Wheeler (Theoria Apophasis? website) YouTube for gravity. He says it’s an anti-field. Everything is electric in some way or other.
      As for Puthoff’s none electromagnetic communication, that’s what Tesla was doing a hundred years ago. See Eric P Dollard.
      Your longitudinal “wave” operates using the principles of pressure and
      sound” is right – no different to sound. There was a guy who experimented with this but I can’t think of his name. I’ll do a page on him sometime.
      Take care


      1. – Thanks for the tip on K Wheeler, so he’s at it again!
        – As for the message disappearing on the list: .. I don’t know. Maybe you’re referring
        to my comment addressed to you on malagabay about dumbing down policies.
        – Here’s a link on a refreshing thought approach about egypt’s pyramids and how ulterior
        concealed know hows have affected us all till today. We should have known… by Fermi Krasniqi, ca 2 1/2 hours long and amazing.

        – While browsing your book/pdf page I noted at ==> 404 not found!

        Cheers, Yry


    1. Yry
      I included your note on Puthoff in the page above. It seems the lamestream were not happy about his patent. Wiki has even misquoted on the subject. There is a German academic who does the same thing as Puthoff seems to have done. Can’t remember his name. I’ll check it out if you want. He sells DIY construction kits to universities.
      BTW send the link to the English version of the video above, I don’t speak French.


  2. Loved your article.

    But how do you react to those modern people, who says followings:
    1. Tesla don’t know basics of physics.
    2. Tesla don’t understand electricity.
    3. Tesla’s works comprises of more sci-fi than reality.
    4. Tesla was a 19th century experimenter who believed in defunct aether. We know more about electricity that Tesla.
    So what would be your response to these aforementioned statements ?


    1. Hi Sonali
      My answers to your questions are as follows:
      1. Physicists don’t know basics of physics. They have manipulated what they call nature to suit their own mathematical theories. This is why there is nothing in the shops that has been derived from the past hundred years of physics.
      2. Physicists don’t understand electricity because they snubbed the pioneer geniuses of the past by removing the aether. Electricity is a hybrid of aether and without it they don’t have a clue. There has been no research into the true nature of electricity for a hundred years or more.
      3. Tesla’s works are still with us and still used on a daily basis.
      4. All of today’s electrical technology is a miniaturised rework of what was achieved in the 19th and 20th centuries – nothing is new and much of it is thanks to Tesla. All of that technology was based upon the aether theory, accepted by academia until the 1930s. Yes, it took that long to educate the scientific community in the ways of Einstein and complete disaster. Physics has done nothing useful for mankind since that date.


  3. Hello cadxx,

    I’ve compiled these historical excerpts for you to enjoy as they
    match your views. Thanks for your reply elsewhere a few days ago.
    Take good care, Yry.


    … And on August 11, 1942 Actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil
    received a patent for a frequency-hopping spread spectrum communication system
    that later became the basis for modern technologies in wireless telephones and Wi-Fi.

    The vacuum of space, generally perceived to be an empty void, is in fact, full of
    a random flux of predominantly longitudinal electromagnetic waves that theoretically
    may include all frequencies ranging up to the incredibly high Planck frequency at
    1044 cycles/sec with a wave length of 10-35 m.
    Very little is presently known of the EM spectrum above cosmic rays at 1022 Hz,
    implying that virtually nothing is known about the vast range of the spectrum.

    Popular Science News Jan.1891. Vol. XXV, N°1, p.5.
    “The idea that electricity flows through a wire somewhat as water flows through a pipe is
    likeky to pass away, as reasons appear for believing that the energy is not transmitted by
    the wire at all, but by the surrounding Ether.
    In some experiments by Professor J. J. Thomson, the velocity of electric disturbances
    along the same wire surrounded by air was nearly double the velocity along the same
    wire surrounded by sulphur, and the velocity of the discharge through a vacuum tube
    50 feet long was comparable with that of light.
    The conclusion is that the conductor (wire) merely guides the discharge impelled
    through the Ether.”


  4. Hello cadxx,

    – Fascinating this development from D Hine!

    – Regarding WordPress behaviour on your site just today, homepage access
    begins by “this site cannot be reached” and then some 30sec later one
    eventually gains access.

    And then if you want access to your other pages (like this one) it takes an
    average of 2 mn after several apparitions of “this site cannot be reached”.

    – All these tech sites NEVER display their PHYSICAL address, yet they all
    have one in the end. It should be interesting to send them a proper paper
    letter in a paper envelope and requesting a physical reply over these
    current annoyances with their in-ink signature.
    In fact Physical Addresses and CEO names should long have been mandatory.

    – Keep it up and take care, Yry


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