*Recently published pages 2020

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Always new stuff

A Message to all WordPress users about blackmail

The worlds biggest con’ trick

Where are the Victims?

Science is Toxic

Nikola Tesla Secrets for Everybody

Murder by Lockdown


Bohm Bombs Quantum

The History of Electrical Theory

Glossary of electrical research

Wilhelm Reich’s ‘Contact With Space’

Conifers and the coal question

Physics Fraud How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud?

The theory of Anti-Relativity By Eric Dollard

Bill Beaty on transformers

Tesla, Heavyside, Maxwell, Steinmetz Agree

Virus and the tail of Venus

When the lights go out

Cold Electricity

Nikola Tesla “Fragments of Olympian Gossip”

Chemtrails – Geoengineering

Curious Phenomena in Venezuala

New vaccines will permanently alter your DNA

Telluric Currents – The Universal Current

Electricity: Things college won’t tell you

Conspiracy Theory

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