GEET dynamic fuel-exhaust recycling device

The GEET is a dynamic fuel-exhaust recycling device that can be fitted to an engine, between the air intake and the exhaust.
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Note: Ignore the writing in red at the bottom of the full-size drawing at Rex Research.

Interview with the inventor of GEET Fuel Processor, Paul Pantone. Paul tells how he has been wrongfully imprisoned and tortured for three years in the Utah State Hospital. He is a victim of civil right’s violations legal criminality and medical mal-practice and sabotage. He tells about his experience trying to gain his freedom from the Utah Justice System. Paul’s situation must be heard in a federal court in order for him to get his freedom.
Video here

There is something distinctly absurd here when we have climate doomsters screaming about CO2 global warming when the answer technology has been around for a hundred years (see other pages on this site). The following old but very interesting video gives a limited insight into some of the numerous ways in which clean energy can be produced and the debunking strategies of the scientists :
It Runs On Water Stanley Meyer (1995)

Wiki: Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell
Meyer’s claims were never independently verified, and in an Ohio court in 1996 he was found guilty of “gross and egregious fraud”.
In the video above we see that his claims were verified.

Paul Pantone inventor of the GEET fuel processing device died sometime in 2015. His name no longer appears in Wiki although a highly sceptical WikiTalk page is available.
Wiki promotes extreme scepticism and proud of it and like all sceptics tends to bend the truth when it does not go in their way. GEET is a very simple device and anyone with access to a welder and a lathe is able to build one in a couple of hours. My advice to all windbags and sceptics is to build one before they make claims about something they know nothing about. If everyone was a sceptic we would all be living in caves.

“The process has been studied and confirmed by Brigham Young University. The GEET process is taught in some college courses in Europe, where they take this much more seriously.” — Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan (Aug. 6, 2009)

The problem is that those who make money and derive personal power from the sale of oil and petrol and their shareholders are not going to give it all up without a fight. Additionally we have the military-industrial complex, the biggest polluters on the planet, who are not going to give-up making money from wars. The doom-mongers would do well by diverting their attention away from politicians who take orders to the real culprits who give them. These are likely to be the same people who provide funding for science. We live in a most corrupt world.

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