Arctic Meltdown 1817


I doubt the climate change scientists will show you this one, so read it and weep.

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“A considerable change of climate, inexplicable at present to us, must have taken place in the Circumpolar Regions, by which the severity of the cold that has for centuries past enclosed the seas in the high northern latitudes in an impenetrable barrier of ice has been, during the last two years, greatly abated . . . 2000 square leagues of ice with which the Greenland Seas between the latitudes of 74o and 80o N have been hitherto covered, has in the last two years, entirely disappeared . . . The floods, which have the whole summer inundated all those parts of Germany where rivers have their sources in snowy mountains, afford ample proof that new sources of warmth have been opened . . .”

Extracts from a letter by the President of the Royal Society to the British Admiralty, recommending they send a ship to the Arctic to investigate the dramatic ice reduction — in 1817. (Ref; Royal Society, London. Nov. 20, 1817. Minutes of Council, Vol. 8. pp.149-153.)

3 thoughts on “Arctic Meltdown 1817

  1. Which seems also to linked to the Dalton Minimum, The Carrington event, and the New Madrid Earthquakes in the US. That period also seems to tie into the various mud-flood interpretations published on the internet. Which makes me wonder whether or not the Earth tilted slightly to its present alignment during the Maunder Minimum and forced the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar, It was a time of very active cometary observations.


  2. How about areas of increasing salinity in the seas by dynamic, varying global currents causing retreat of large ice masses as the salinity increases?


    1. I don’t know much about salinity. What I do know is that there have been past periods if melting around the poles. Melting sea ice does not cause sea level rise as it displaces its own weight in water. CO2 does not cause climate change it’s to do with the sun. We seem to be heading for a Maunder Minimum (the sun) and that means colder.
      This is interesting: Wiki: “The Maunder Minimum occurred with a much longer period of lower-than-average European temperatures which is likely to have been primarily caused by volcanic activity.”
      Wiki is referring here to CO2 as being the ’cause’ of lowering temperatures. Isn’t that strange? The sun determines climate not atmospheric gasses.


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