“Eric Dollard is crazy”?

Eric Dollard

[cadxx: I would like to mention in passing, that when a theory becomes “above criticism” it is no longer a science, it has become a religion, an act of faith – hence the rant that “Eric is crazy”.  By an acolyte of the misinformed as if from the pulpit of academia. I would also like to point out to Dollard’s critics that the true nature of electricity was known to Oliver Heaviside, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, JJ Thomson, Nikola Tesla, James Clerk Maxwell and Walter Russell over a hundred years ago. Unfortunately very little of this knowledge is taught in education today. As a result knowledge of electricity in modern science and engineering is a pathetic mess. Anyone who disagrees needs to do so by referring to and improving on the works of the pioneers named above.]

The following is from Eric Dollar’s official -Energetic Forum


Eric Dollard answers his detractor below

The educated and by default misinformed sceptic has a rant:

“Eric Dollard is crazy.”

The video in question:
Click: Part 1 of 6: Eric Dollard Tesla Longitudinal wave Energy SBARC Ham Radio with Chris Carson

“Please for the love of God don’t try to duplicate any of this work. You will get yourself killed. These guys are quacks and they have no idea what the hell they are talking about.

Some highlights from the above video:

1) There was no mysterious current between the two close circuits, all it was was Faraday’s Law and this perfectly well understood. That guy Eric Dollard has no idea what the hell he is talking about. This phenonema moves at the speed of light and he is too stupid to realize it is 200 years old.

[Ed Note: This same debunking scam was used on February 20, 1880 by representatives of the Royal Society including William Spottiswoode then president of the Society. When Hughes demonstrated his technology Stokes was convinced the phenomenon Hughes was demonstrating was merely electromagnetic induction, not a type of transmission through the air. As a result the trusting Hughes gave-up his experiments delaying wireless transmissions for a decade.]
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Edward_Hughes#Probable_pre-Hertz_radio_wave_detection

2) Magnetic forces can’t point in the direction of the propagation, this would contradict one of the fundamental laws of E.M. and would also invalidate all of Tesla’s work on motors. These guys are too stupid to realize it.

3) D.C. current does not have a “scalar frequency” it has no frequency. Frequency by definition implies oscillation.
[Ed Note: I’ve had a look at this one and come to the conclusion that electricity is an electromagnetic  wave and a wave must have a frequency or it’s not a wave. Science admits that the electron has a frequency – although it will not tell us what it is. We have an electromagnetic spectrum that does not include electricity. See my page on the subject.]

4) He has no idea what a square wave is practically.

5) You do not **** around with equipment like they are doing.

6) He doesn’t know what displacement current means.

7) Coils function as inductors not capacitors.

[Ed Note: There is capacitance between the windings]

8) He doesn’t understand anything about basic circuit theory.

9) For the love of God you do not **** around with thousand of amps if you’re not in a professional laboratory.

10) Circuits loops are not named after radiation.

11) He is just playing around with his equipment. There is no way any of this is statistically valid meaning on top of not understanding the theory, experiment, etc he has no idea whether his data is just due to random variation.

[Ed Note: See my page “Electron Gone” for an insight into academic theory.]

12) His “longitudinal current” is most likely noise from this big cathode.

13) He doesn’t have enough equipment to measure the speed of the wave. Meaning he thinks he is measuring the speed of the wave but he is too dumb to realize he isn’t.

[Ed Note: How was the first wave measured?]

14) He doesn’t understand what an inverse is. The basic things he was saying about capacitors, inverses, etc were all wrong. This guy has had no formal training, at all.

[Ed Note: Formal training is the problem.]

15) They have no idea how to demonstrate a longitudinal wave. THIS IS VERY IMPORANT: That longitudinal wave they claim is moving at unlimited speed is actually moving much slower than the speed of light.

16) Nerves to do not communicate with each other with longitudinal radiation, they do so with current.

17) The aether was not banned. Sometimes reputable scientists still talk about it but most have abandoned it since it allowed us to drastically simplify theory and led us to relativity theory. These guys have no idea of the history of this things.

18) Jesus Christ, transformers are completely understood by using Faraday’s Law. Good god the stupidity is just overwhelming.

19) You do not need a toroid in between the loops to cause a current in the other loop. Air is more than enough. This is simply Faraday’s Law, they are actually confusing this with radiation and think this is mysterious?

[Not mysterious, Tesla did it over a hundred years ago.]

20) FLUX LINES DON’T HAVE TO TOUCH THE WIRE AS LONG AS THEY ARE CONTAINED WITHIN A CLOSE AREA! Good God, have these guys never even taken a course in E.M. This stuff was understood in the 19th century.

[And now it’s not]

21) Electrostatics mean no moving charge. They are actually talking about an entirely different phenomena without realizing it.

These guys are not electrical engineers they are stupid electricians and its completely obvious. My minor is in electrical engineering and there is no way you could ever complete an introductory class in E.M in a reputable university and believe any of the stuff these guys are staying.

[Appeal to authority – a minor logical fallacy]

In short, please don’t try to duplicate these wacko’s work. They are lucky they haven’t killed themselves yet; you may not be so lucky. Please go to a reputable source if you want to learn about capacitors, inductor, current, etc.

These guys are conspiracy theorists on top of it all, like 9/11 types. Did you see there crazy diatribe at the end how they were claiming Einstein was persecuted since he believed in the Aether. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ALL OF EINSTEINS WORK WAS ABOUT DISPROVING THE AETHER. This flew in the face of everyone and he was actually not widely believed early on because of it. In other words, they are claiming Einstein was persecuted for believing in a theory that he was the one that disproved in face of the convention that believe in it.

[If in doubt revert to conspiracy theory]

My favorite quote: 15 minute exposure and I found I was getting a 100% mutation in radish seeds.


As one more small point, there is no way he is producing the radiation he is claiming at that frequency because if he was he would already be blind.

Here’s a big point: Can any of you explain what a longitudinal wave is in terms of vector calculus? If not, you have no credibility because you don’t even understand what a E.M wave is mathematically.

[An EM WAVE with a frequency? see page]

You call these waves Magneto-Dielectric, can you please tell me: In a dielectric, what is the difference between H and B and explain the occasional difference in conventions between these defitions.”

This is a rant of someone suffering from panic and cognitive dissonance – conflicting teaching methods thanks to a confused education system and a deliberate dumbing down.

Someone on the forum has used an old Dollard reply that serves the purpose:

Eric Dollard replies:

There are some very serious misconceptions in the world of Electrical Engineering today. (The writings of Oliver Heaviside and Proteus Steinmetz gravely warned about this…) Let us start with the YouTube MIT Physics Demo video that Armagdn03 posted a link to on 11-10-2009 on page 2 of this thread. This is a good demonstration for several reasons.

1.) Glass is a dielectric which can store electrical energy within its physical form. This should be common knowledge and not a surprise to anyone today…

2.) That this simple fact and reality “blows some people’s minds” clearly illustrates that it’s just all gone way, way, too far… The Einsteinian Lie has succeeded in instilling a mind virus in most everyone and also in confusing Main Stream “Scientists”, who today waste billions of dollars of funding each year, only to chase their own tails in a canonic sequence.

Chris Carson Built the Rotary Electrostatic Converter. His design was based entirely on my electrical theory and math. It was designed to demonstrate and validate the concept of Synchronous Parameter Variation and the Four Quadrant Theory of Electricity. The device worked well. It had to spin up to around 10,000 RPM. This unit took Chris months to complete; to get all of the parts together, and to get it perfectly balanced and operational. Chris determined that it was starting to exhibit the effects of synthesis of electrical energy from the electrostatic field. This is a result of the variation of capacitance (C in Farrads) with respect to time (T in seconds) which results in a negative conductance G (in Siemens). Hence the generation of electric energy. Then, dis-informants, whom I refer to as the “Montauk Crowd” swooped in on him after he completed this device, and he was never the same again, – he died of Brain Cancer a year or two later…

There was also the Rotary Electromagnetic Converter, constructed by Michael Knots and Peter Lindemann with the help of Chris Carson. This unit exhibited the property of materializing and dematerializing electric energy without regard for the Law of Conservation of Energy. This is another example of synchronous parameter variation. In this case inductance (L in Henrys) time (T in seconds) gave rise to positive resistance (R in Ohms), hence the unaccounted for destruction of electric energy. It must be just as illegal to destroy energy as it is to create it – don’t you think? E is NOT equal to MC squared. There is no Matter to Energy equivalency – this is: The Great White Lie…

(Where is the video that was made of this device being tested with my Navy electrical switchboard instrumentation anyway????)

I have a device, built for the Army Air Corps during World War 2, A/N number PP-18/AR Power Converter, which self-sustains the electrical system in my car. It uses the same theory of operation as Chris’s device but involves a different mechanical implementation utilizing a vibrator, several capacitors and 12V and 24V batteries that are connected in parallel through the device, rendering them as one.

I had a young student from Korea visit me a few years back. He had no problem understanding the basic concept of producing an energy synthesizing apparatus, because his mind was uncontaminated by all of the Bedini/Bearden falsehoods. The term Scalar Wave is an oxymoron, as scalar is part of the propagation constant that is NOT A WAVE! (Idiots!)

Most are clueless about the importance of the Variation of Inductance and Capacitance with respect to time – and synchronous parameter variations. Read chapter 21 (XXI) titled REACTION MACHINES in Charles Proteus Steinmetz’s book titled “Alternating Current Phenomena”. There is also a Russian paper (brought to me by the Korean student as a gift) titled: “UBER DIE ERREGUNG VON ELETRISCHEN SCHWINGUNGEN DURCH PARAMETERAENDERUNG” von L. Mandelstam und N. Papalexi, published in 1934 in: J. ZEITSCHRIFT FUR (umlaut on the U – as should also be on the first U in the title of the paper) TECHNISCHE PHYSIK Band IV, Heft 1, that continues with what Steinmetz teaches in his books, and takes it all the way (Title translation: Concerning the Excitation of Electrical Waves Through Parameter Changes). In one picture in the paper, there appears to be a brightly glowing incandescent lamp connected to a network, with no apparent connection to a power source. It appears to be an Alexanderson type Mag. Amp. operating in a self oscillation mode. (Alexanderson Patent # 1,328,797 Jan. 20, 1920): Even though my copy of the paper is in Russian, the equations speak for themselves and echo the work of Steinmetz and Alexanderson. Ernst Alexanderson emigrated to America because of Steinmetz’s book, – he was determined to work with Steinmetz after studying it. Steinmetz was forced to reverse many of his equations in later books and was severely criticized by physicist Michael Pupin of Columbia University for not using Maxwell’s ideas and instead developing a methodology that was actually useful and practical for engineers. (Read, “Steinmetz, Engineer and Socialist” written by Ronald R. Kline.) Here it was said that General Electric gave Steinmetz permission to create Electricity from the square root of minus one…

Note: [Magnetic amplifier (mag amp). Magnetic amplifiers were important as modulation and control amplifiers in the early development of voice transmission by radio. A magnetic amplifier was used as voice modulator for a 2 kilowatt Alexanderson alternator, and magnetic amplifiers were used in the keying circuits of large high-frequency alternators used for radio communications. Magnetic amplifiers were also used to regulate the speed of Alexanderson alternators to maintain the accuracy of the transmitted radio frequency (see also US patent No. 1,206,643).
Patent number: US1,328,797 ]

I personally created so much Electricity from the square root of minus one out of the compressor plant’s synchronous machines at the Richmond Ship-yard that I was working in at the time (which also housed one of my laboratories) that it tripped the reverse power relays of the Richmond substation and shut off all power to the City of Richmond. For that to have happened, means that the City of Richmond was producing more power than it was consuming, hence the reverse power relays tripped and shut the city down. PG & E trucks were there almost immediately. Shortly thereafter, I presented my Four Quadrant Theory to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. executives and engineers on behalf of the lease holder of the shipyard and they became my friends (however they would not allow the shipyard meter to turn backwards). So much for Corporate Suppression… In actuality PG & E would love to have energy sustaining devices connected to their power grid. Profits would soar and pollution would drop. Such devices tend to operate above 500 kva and are not scalable into smaller devices, and therefore are only appropriate for substations. In West Marin, the Tocaloma PG & E substation on the Ignacio/Olema 66 kv line, has only one line for both the input and output. It represents the vestige of such devices, – an installation that has been in operation for at least 70 years. Today, probably no one in PG& E, even knows how it all works. (Don’t expect the lights to stay on for too much longer… today, engineers have been replaced by lawyers and safety has been replaced by insurance. It’s a LET-IT-BURN policy…)
At the time, the Bolinas RCA-Marconi Station, through corporate encouragement by RCA and Bell Telephone, gave me free run of that site to set up one of my laboratories. My plan was to produce a system utilizing no rotating machinery but only static devices, such as coils and condensers in an Alexanderson configuration to possibly power the town of Bolinas and at least provide PG & E with all of their reactive power needs. The network experiments would consume no energy to operate and therefore cost nothing. The plan was to use the electrical substation on-site to connect to PG & E’s grid, giving power to them for free, in exchange for being able to use the 12kv power line for my experiments. Everything of importance including engineering records and notes as well the equipment at the Bolinas RCA-Marconi Station was destroyed by State of California Environmentalists through Jerry Brown (former California Governor) and the environmental politician Burr Henneman, this in conjunction with The National Park Service. The NPS is an EMBEDDED FOREIGN ORGANIZATION within the United States Government. Massive quantities of polychlorinated biphenyls and mercury were released into the environment by environmentalists in their endeavor to destroy the Station as quickly as possible. (See the link already posted by phi1.62 on 01-21-2009 on page 2 of this thread) The same group destroyed my Civil Defense Facility in the town of Bolinas which was on the property of Nashama Franklin. The same property was embezzled afterwards from Ms. Franklin by the same crowd that embezzled the Reynolds funding.

Also in Bolinas, U.S. Coast Guard Communication Station NMC worked with me on certain problems they were having and their re-utilization of the RCA site. This enviro-group went to NMC and warned them of the consequences of doing business with Eric Dollard. Today NMC cannot even be heard in Half Moon Bay 50 miles away, if they are on the air at all. (Who needs Bin Laden?) Who doesn’t like Tesla then? Is it the government? (no). Is it the environmentalists? (you got it) They call themselves Commonweal. Altman link

As far as inventing the log periodic: it was invented by Raymond H. Du Hammel, I believe, as an Air Force Project and the University of California Berkeley was where most of the work was done. Check patent number: 2,985,879, it is a fascinating design.

Frequency Independent Antennas

On the other hand, I did invent the Log Periodic Multiple Wave Oscillator based on the initial Lakhovsky patent. I got rid of all the bull and added a Golden Ratio Log Periodic antenna which was etched out of a double sided printed circuit board and then Gold plated which was widely sold and probably still is, for which I did and do not receive a dime. It seems to have some sort of radionic effect even without power being applied.

Individuals in the guise of Borderland Sciences embezzled $50,000, money that R. Joshua Reynolds had provided me with to continue my research. At the “Last Supper” where Joshua invited everyone for dinner, (everyone that he had funded with millions of dollars that is) he cut off funding for Andrea Puharich et al (the Soviet Scalar Conspirators) and pronounced that I had done more on USDA food stamps than any one else that he had funded. Needless to say, I made no friends at the dinner table that night… The Voodoo was hideous…

Andrija Puharich: Water Decomposition by AC Electrolysis
US Patent #4,394,230 ~ Method & Apparatus for Splitting Water Molecules


Am I concerned about the CIA, the NSA or any other alphabet soup organizations’ supposed suppression or retribution?… No! Common swine that’s who I am concerned about. An example of this is a situation that I encountered in Montana. A group in Missoula (which was later found out to be a group of international criminals) showed up to “HELP ME” and in trade I would help them extract gold from spent tailings utilizing Tesla methodologies. They helped me alright, by entrapping me, assaulting me and stealing my classic Celica and threatened to kill me if I were to do anything about it. They strong armed their way into my Desert laboratory to steal all related equipment. The property owner of the desert lab died shortly thereafter, within weeks of Chris Carson’s death. Friends of yours Peter?

As is well known, I was the last engineer involved with getting the Integratron operational. My efforts were thwarted and ruined, not by the Men in Black, but rather by the Woman in White. Today the Integratron is a Goddess worship temple…

So in light of all the above, why should Eric Dollard involve himself in the useless or criminal behavior of others. There are those who wish to republish my earlier writings and to make this information freely available to everyone. Unfortunately, much of it has already gone to the dump. I have no interest in teaching anyone about Tesla except under the department of the Navy or the likes thereof. The door is shut!

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