Venusian Weapon of Scientific Slaying

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I stumbled on the following published letter during a hard-drive cleanup. Note that NASA scientist James Hansen was a student of Carl Sagan.

Velikovsky’s Martyrdom 


(First published in Atlantis Rising, Letters section, No 32, March/April, 2002).


John Kettler notes that Carl Sagan led the rigged 1974 AAAS meeting in San Francisco (Symposium on Velikovsky’s Challenge to Science) which was designed to bury Velikovsky’s claims once and for all.


What was Sagan’s interest in Velikovsky? 


Empirical science gathers facts, proposes theories that explain the facts and uses the theories to predict additional

facts. Finding a predicted fact verifies the theory which then itself becomes a scientific fact that can be used as a basis for additional theories.


 Velikovsky, using historical records, theorized that Venus was a late addition to the solar system. The predictive fact he used as possible verification of his theory was the…

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