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steampunkA HISTORY OF SCIENCE-MYTH AND TECHNOLOGY with one or two other interesting things added.


The subject of these blogs is mainly concerned with the connection between science and technology and its history, something that has fascinated me most of my reading life. Subjects rarely written about critically because no one seems to care about the origins of technology, they are sure they already know…’science did it’?. A more accurate statement would be that science grew out of technology, but even this is not completely accurate. Much information contained here will be new to those who have been taught a standard education and a  completely different version. Don’t worry about it, it’s all well referenced.

William Crookes Maltese Cross tubes 1879 The electron was first suggested by J.J. Thomson (No it was not) in 1897, a discovery made using a Crookes Tube. http://www.crtsite.com/page7.html

The true history is not altogether hidden but scattered and sometimes hard to find, but it is there. The reader will also find that there was, a now mostly concealed and unacknowledged golden age of electronic technology innovation that ended in the 1930’s roughly coinciding with academic consensus and acceptance of the electron theory, the then new particle physics and the theories of Albert Einstein.

After this date all genuine electrical research and new discovery ended. I realise that this may seem to be a contradiction but what we call electronics was thriving well before the discovery of the electron, before particle physics and decades before quantum mechanics. In fact the electron could not have been discovered without a deep understanding of electronics. Any ‘new’ technology that has appeared since the 1930’s can commonly be traced back to a much earlier date. Everything “new” we have today is a miniaturised remix of pre-existing, pre 1930’s, old technology. This is what I’ve researched, collected, collated and referenced, a true-as-is-possible history of science and technology. My hope is that it will be a help for those who want to expand their awareness, give themselves a more enlightened knowledge on this subject. You will not get this stuff in college.

Many a reader must have already come across some of the items discussed here and found them mildly interesting, it’s only when they are presented together as a whole narrative that a pattern emerges. There has been an orchestrated plan to suppress or delay certain knowledge, science and technology, of this I now have no doubt. I encourage readers to form their own opinion.remix

The bottom line is about education and those who decide how much education we get and its contents – yes, there are those who do just that. These are the same people who have revised and corrupted history and led us down a road to nowhere. There is a guiding hand behind all science, technological development and education that is not the work of a democratic government. The control is provided by banks, multinational companies, the church and a veritable oligarchy who ensure that dirty power sources, polluting transport and yesterdays technology are retained and supported if they make them money. This also accounts for the trickle of old technology, presented as new, that fills some of these pages. Science is highly political and most scientists do what they are told to do or they lose their jobs. Science is not concerned with technology and technology is not the science of modern academic scientists.


Question the things you have been told are obvious by science, education and the mainstream media,
question everything.

Question more the things you have been told are from the highest authority.

If it’s science ask even more questions

Question the scientists as they tell lies to keep their jobs.

Question the skeptics, they are a little crazy.

This site is not affiliated or in any way connected with religious or any other organisations, be they creationist or otherwise. The author strongly denies the appellation ‘creationist’ as used by evolutionists, scientists and sceptical scientism. The author does not support any extremist views, be they religious, scientific, atheist or sceptical; I am not religious, not atheist. In fact I find it difficult to point to any real differences between religious fundamentalists and skeptics as they both share the same mindless dogmatic authoritarian stance. The statement ‘ I don’t want to believe’ is much more biased than ‘I want to believe but’. The true meaning of scepticism has been corrupted and now means dogmatism. Scepticism is a disease of the mind driven by ignorance. (sceptic UK – skeptic US)

question_moreWhilst a very visible war is being fought by militant religious extremists, a covert and largely unnoticed conflict is being waged by extremist pseudo-sceptics for power, control and oppression of our minds – there is very little opposition because scepticism is mistakenly labeled “Science” and science makes everyone feel smart.

Don’t be fooled: the wheel has come off the science bus and as a result academic science is quite easily debunked and can easily be shown to be in error. It’s not moving, it’s not going anywhere and it’s time for something new. The iron age has passed and it’s now time to discard authoritarian Victorian values, an evolution or better a complete rewrite of the whole of the scientific mind-set is well-over-due. Debunk the debunkers!

Let every human reclaim their most basic human birthright: to be allowed to think forfree_thinking themselves, something many of them don’t even know they have lost.

Common sense is the same as logic and education is designed to take it away.

Free thinking is becoming a lost art.
Don’t let it become extinct.
Start a revolution, start thinking for yourself.

Before entering these pages, a message to all institutionalised scientists, to all of those who allow themselves to be institutionalised by scientists, to all extreme closed minded skeptics and to all the other quasi-medieval monks. Don’t bother to read these pages, it’s not for you. Here be Dragons!

dumbing_education“Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.” – George Orwell, 1984

Science = Indoctrination so wake-up

Contrary to popular belief, scientific education does not require any intelligent thought, it’s about “remembering” what science taught you. It’s this remembering that makes you feel smart – even if you’re not. Abandon quoting from dead men’s brains and start anew with your own ideas.

Article 19 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights says:
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”
The Internet has more or less delivered this right, and using a VPN may be the simplest way to preserve it. There are those who would take it away.

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